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Dragon and Rabbit

Dragon and Rabbit – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Dragon Chinese astrology has known over a long period of time that the Rabbit and Dragon zodiac signs are a hard pair to match up. These two can make a relationship work but it takes a lot of patience and time; a lot of people are not willing to invest the effort that this relationship requires.

The woman Rabbit is very timid and quiet. She has sensitive feelings and prefers to stay at home. The male Dragon is very lively and conceited. He can be very impatient and has huge mood swings. The Rabbit man is very soft spoken and creative. He is not one for causing a stir and tries to avoid conflict if at all possible. The female Dragon is a leader and a perfectionist. She can tend to be arrogant and will never give all of herself to her mate.

Chinese Compatibility Rabbit When dating, the Rabbit and Dragon can be having great parties at home, attending community functions, and touring museums even. They both love art and understand the importance of having a good working reputation. In the bedroom, the Rabbit and Dragon are just as mixed a pair as in the everyday world. Rabbit men and women are very sensual and passionate creatures. Dragon men and women are very active, physical, and romantic. They actually prefer sensitivity and fiery romance and passionate lovemaking. This is where the Rabbit and the Dragon make a great couple.

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3 thoughts on “Dragon and Rabbit

  1. I as a dragon woman enjoy the company of my rabbit man. With a mix of both air zodiac signs and personality we have a good match. He maybe reserved and shy at times but he is still sociable and friendly amongst friends. Sensitive can be a good things at times to help soothe a dragon’s ‘mood swings’. We both have shared interests and hobbies which helps keeps things fresh.
    Plus the saying “breed like rabbits” isn’t a saying for nothing!

    Rating: 5
  2. As a Dragon woman I expect my man to be a “real man” if you know what I mean. the Rabbit man was a bit to shy and quiet for my taste. He was a very nice person, intelligent and polite, but he was just too soft. A Dragon is more outgoing and sociable and therefore my relationship with the Rabbit did not work out well. I just got turned off by his aloofness. Some women might like the sensitive quiet type of man, but a Dragon woman certainly needs a stronger man than the Rabbit. As far as our adventures in the bedroom go, the Rabbit was better than expected, but still, from my point of view Dragon and Rabbit is not a very compatible pairing.

    Rating: 2

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