Compatibility Cancer and Leo

Compatibility Cancer The Cancer and Leo combination does not work out so well usually unless it involves sex. The two are wonderful in bed together with the Cancer woman adoring her lavish, lion male Leo. The Leo loves to show off for his mate letting her see his muscles, his flexibility, and his stamina in bed. She in return will give him her full, undivided attention and this serves his large ego well. They make passionate, sensual displays of love for each other. Sparks fly whenever they are close to each other. This is as far as it goes between them usually.

Compatibility Leo The Cancer woman is very sensitive. She can be very moody as well. She loves to stay at home, take care of her children, and make her husband happy. The Leo man tends to be more brash, self-centered, and loud. He can scare her, worry her, and make her feel unwanted. Between them, this type of relationship can carry on but feelings of rejection and hopelessness creep into Cancers’ mind and eventually mistrust and hurt break the two apart.

They will usually continue to have sex with each other because they can’t seem to ignore the physical passion when they get together but the marriage will be over. The Cancer cannot trust the Leo to give her the life and safety that she is craving and he cannot deal with her sensitive mood swings. The Cancer woman eventually smothers the Leo man if they stay together long enough. This creates harmful and resentful endings to their formerly friendly relationships most often.