Justice and The High Priestess vs. Death and The Emperor

Tarot Compatibility Meter

Provided that these two birth card pairs should meet in love and romance, the compatibility of these birth cards may likely come heavily into play.

Fierce and unrelenting, “Justice and The High Priestess” is determined to uphold and live by nothing other than the pure and immaculate truth. Guided by this virtue, “Justice and The High Priestess” embraces this duty with great purpose and intent. In addition, held to the same standards, those around “Justice and The High Priestess” are also imposed with this unyielding responsibility.

Taking this philosophy to heart, this steadfast value, as a matter of fact, holds especially true in regards to love, romance, and relationships. As such, it is with vigor that this birth card may scrutinize intently, any whom it would consider worthy of such a privilege and honor.

On the flipside, “Death and The Emperor” handles love and romance with similar directness and duty. Answering to none other but itself, “Death and The Emperor” generally negates the opinion of others, in lieu of its own cunning and superior decision-making capabilities. In regards to love and romance, this may of course put a potential couple at odds with one another. Reading relationships with stern authority, the compatibility of “Justice and The High Priestess” with the inflexibility and controlling nature of “Death and The Emperor,” may end up pushing the compatibility meter all the way up to caution.

True, both uphold certain expectations of order. Yet, individually the realization of this notion can vary between them. With this, the long term merit of such a proposed relationship may ultimately rest and depend upon the interpreted meanings each “Death and The Emperor” and “Justice and The High Priestess” hold to be true of perfection and order. Either way, destined to the outcome of influential greatness or perhaps just relegated to pass as but a frivolous fling, “Death and The Emperor” along with “Justice and The High Priestess” may make for an interesting birth card and relationship combination of potential love, romance, and power.

Death and The Emperor

Tarot Compatibility The EmperorTarot Compatibility DeathFearless and dependable, “Death and The Emperor” is a tarot birth card pair which, without abandon, represents that which is contemporary and eventually to become.

Abiding by no readily understood rules, Death exists with unknown certainty, seemingly freelance in his actions. By this, Death upholds the necessary functions of his duties without consequences and with an inherent authority. Extremely intimate and absolute in his intentions, love and romance for this birth card may otherwise be halted by an imposition of fear and intimidation.

Reading in the opposite direction, The Emperor birth card capitalizes upon the organization of that which already exists. Establishing order in this realm, his authoritative responsibility is that of an inflexible tyrant. Formal and controlling in his objective, The Emperor may find difficulty in entering love, romance, or a relationship which is not in some manner forced or contrived.

Thus, by the tarot deck, these tarot birth cards encompass both a system of anarchy and of order. In this manner, following a controlled, but constantly changing process, “Death and The Emperor” discover meaning and compatibility by the management and ultimate renewal of life.

Justice and The High Priestess

Tarot Compatibility The High PriestessTarot Compatibility JusticeBold and simultaneously becoming, the tarot birth cards of “Justice and The High Priestess” reveal an admiration for all that is perfect and true.

On one side, Justice sits for the fastidious upholding of truth, and uses his analytical prowess and determination to do so. Strong and clear in expectations, Justice shall guard this ideal with the utmost integrity. Reading as uncompromising, relationships and romance for Justice would likely require vigorous examination before given further consideration.

On the other side, silently smug and determinant, The High Priestess birth card appears righteous and with an air of omniscience, quite content. For The High Priestess, possessing an innate pompousness, her projection of self-realization may prove arrogant to others. Consequently, she may initially be perceived as cold and unapproachable to acts of love and romance.

Combined, having much in common, these birth cards even from tarot deck to spread, display several visual similarities. Adorned with crown and robe, both, appear stately and majestic while seated, yet notably confrontational in gesture and demeanor. Always seeking the truth, it is with this apparent attitude that they journey to reach life’s pinnacle of perfection.