Snake – Personality and Characteristics

Personality and Characteristics of the 12 Chinese Astrology Signs – Snake:

Personality and Characteristics of the Snake

The Snake -蛇

The Snake is the great seducer of the human race. The most popular and charming individuals are those born under this Chinese sign. Snakes are masters of interpersonal skills such as manners, speech and social etiquette. Never without a spotlight, the Snake is always has someone’s attention and public recognition.

Snakes are quick to make decisions and do so deliberately. They will think each decision through with great care and rely strongly on their gut feelings of others to form opinions. As intellectuals, Snake signs are often deep thinkers and philosophers, often humanitarian in some form.

Of course, the Chinese Snake is well known for deception. The Snake feels more than comfortable telling large and small lie alike. This may be to continue a personal perception that the Snake is thriving upon or to avoid any embarrassing situations.

The Female Snake

An intensely passionate lover, the female Snake will continue to show you affection, so long as you show them more. The Snake woman must be the center of attention at all times and even the slightest deviation from this can cause an instant breakdown in the relationship. She is well armed with sexual and sensual techniques to charm and soothe her lover as she sees fit.

The female Snake is quite full of wit and humor. She is more than capable of cutting down her foes verbally with her sharp tongue. The Snake woman is known for alluring beauty and always getter her way. Beware however, if she does not get what she wants, the Snake can become unhappy.

The Snake woman conveys no sense of modesty. She will flaunt her charms to any willing to watch. The female Snake prefers the safety, quiet of her own home, and will tend to gravitate there to rest from the stresses of life instead of a club or other social scene.

The Male Snake

The male Snake is known to be an excellent lover. He is very imaginative and thrives in any relationship where sexual needs are expressed frequently. Like their feminine counterparts, Snake males are extremely seductive. If however, the object of their seductions does not respond, the Snake man will have no use for them any longer.

While masculine, the Snake man is extremely sensitive and easily hurt by words, constantly in battle with others attitudes and impressions of them. Because he constantly strives to find peace with his environment, the male Snake is very reliant on others to make him happy.

Unlike the Chinese Tiger or Dragon signs, the Snake man will never attempt to impose himself on others. Instead, he seeks to charm them into siding with him. The male Snake is known to be tidy and loves cleanliness. His great downfall is he narcissism, as he places great emphasis on his appearance, carefully managing each and every detail of his daily wardrobe.