Strength – Tarot Card Meanings

The Meanings of the 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards – Strength:

Tarot Card Meaning - Strength

Introduction to Strength

Strength is Key 8 of the Major Arcana in Tarot decks. Strength is perhaps the most fortunate card of the Major Arcana deck and usually affects all of the cards that appear with it in a Tarot reading. Strength is ruled by the zodiac sign of Leo.

Strength is often depicted in Tarot cards online showing a woman and a lion on the card. The woman has her hands in the lion’s mouth, showing her lack of fear. In many online Tarot decks, she is dressed plainly or in a white robe to denote purity. Roses are in her hair and at her waist, symbolizing the invincible marriage of desires and spiritual strength. The lion appears on the Tarot card as a symbol of strength and as the lion of the zodiac sign of Leo, the ruler of Strength is the planet Sun.

The Strength card has the meaning of the triumph of the spirit over the material. Strength represents those who work with animals, athletes and other people of conviction, Often this Tarot card suggests the meanings of both physical and inner strength. Opportunity and power used wisely are other meanings implied by the Strength card. Strength is one of the birth cards for those born under the zodiac sign of Leo and makes for a secondary birth card for those with the birth card of Key 17 as well.

Strength Upright

Strength upright has no negative meanings and positively affects all of the other cards of the deck in Tarot readings. Strength is a card of moral force and of action. When the Strength card appears in Major Arcana Tarot readings before or after the Sun card, the positive aspects of Strength are multiplied. If the Sun card is in its reversed position, this meaning will be weakened. Strength gives the ability to overcome the negative cards of a Tarot deck. When it appears with the Devil card, freedom is able to be attain through sheer willpower along. If the Devil card is also reversed in a Tarot spread near the Strength card, success will be obtained in every sphere of life.

Strength near the Chariot card or the Wheel of Fortune card in Tarot spreads mean purposeful journey is on the horizon. When Strength appears before Judgment card in Major Arcana Tarot readings, great moral character is indicated. If Strength is after the Tower card in a Major Arcana Tarot spread, an event will have surprisingly positive consequences and will be faced with much courage.

Strength Reversed (RX)

Strength reversed often means an illness or a physical setback combined with temporary weakness. Shyness, low self-esteem, depression can be indicated when the Strength card appears reversed in most Tarot readings. This suggests a need to come to terms with one’s inner demons in order to be truly free.

If the reversed Strength (rx) card precedes the Emperor or the Empress card in a Major Arcana Tarot spread, medical advice should be sought after and taken. If the Emperor or the Empress card precedes the revered Strength (rx) card in a Tarot spread, bullying by an authority figure is taking its toll, but only if birth cards. If the reversed Strength (rx) card follows the Sun card, the meaning is retreat will be needed before recuperation. If the Star card precedes the reversed Strength (rx) card, the meaning is the illness is mostly emotionally-based and will be cured through positive thinking, but if the Star upright follows Strength reversed, the illness will be particularly short-lived.

The appearance of the Hanged Man card before the reversed Strength (rx) card may indicate a long hospital stay, while the appearance of the Chariot card before or following Strength (rx) means the illness will leave quickly as it came.

Strength in Regards to Love, Sex and Relationships

Strength has the meaning of a strong bond in relationship and sexual matters. The appearance of the Strength card in a love or sex Tarot reading indicates a patient approach with regards to romantic and sexual relationships. The relationship will often slow down and develop a natural rhythm when the Strength card appears in a Tarot reading. Strength gives confidence and fortitude to any sexual union.