Aries – Personality and Characteristics

Personality and Characteristics of the 12 Astrological Signs – Aries:

Personality and Characteristics of AriesAries is the first sign in the zodiac. As a fire sign, it often gives a person born under the sign of the ram a bold, strong-headed disposition. Aries are ambitious and may be a little accident-prone when they are children. They are often drawn to take risks and usually have an interest in sports. They make natural leaders and can be quite impulsive. Aries often fall in love at first sight. They are generally honest to the point of bluntness in relationships and all other realms of their lives. Most Aries are extroverts. Aries are not afraid to travel in unknown territory. They are usually fearless and don’t mind taking charge.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, the god of war in Roman mythology. It is a cardinal sign, and is where the Sun is exalted (manifests itself in the best possible way) in the zodiac. This gives people born under this sign initiative and direction. Aries are born pioneers. They don’t mind being the first to do anything.

Both male and female Aries are often attracted to management, surgery, and the military for occupations. They work the best when they are in charge, or independently of others. They can be a valued member of a team, but have to be given free rein.

Women born under the sign of Aries can be surprisingly feminine. They are the people that start fashion trends rather than follow them. Aries women are often impulse buyers, but they rarely have second thoughts about their purchases. When it comes to clothes, the Aries woman is often attracted to sporty apparel in the color red.

In love, the Aries woman is often the initiator. If her passion is not returned, she will soon lose interest in a relationship. It is important to gain and keep her trust, or she will cut the strings. She is very prone to short engagements after her mind is set on marriage. The Aries female strives for an equal relationship, and she will never lose her innate independence in love. She likes novelty and experimentation.

She is attracted to men with fast sport cars, and often owns one herself. She can accumulate many speeding tickets. Being a fire sign herself, she is most compatible with men born under the sign of Leo and Sagittarius. Another Aries is fine, although two rams will butt heads often. Conflict is common with the Aries woman, but is usually easily resolved.

Aries men often date multiple women until they decide to settle down. Until he suddenly decides that she’s “the one”, he’ll often bounce from one woman to the next, and pride himself on being unattached and unaccountable to anyone other than himself. He is usually up front about this, and tends never to lie about his feelings. The Aries man makes a good father but he will tend to push both his sons and his daughters into competitive sports. Like females born under this zodiac sign, everything is all or nothing when it comes to all facets of their life.

Aries Personality and Characteristics

Sign: The Ram
Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling Planet: Mars

Positive Personality Traits: Adventurous, Energetic, Pioneering, Courageous, Enthusiastic, Confident, Dynamic, Quick-Witted

Negative Personality Traits: Selfish, Quick-Tempered, Impulsive, Impatient, Foolhardy, Daredevil Mentality

Lucky Numbers:
1, 10 ,19, 28, 37, 46, 55

Most Compatible Signs: Gemini Leo Sagittarius Aquarius

Keywords: Assertive, forthright, determined
Polarity: Positive
Duality or Gender: Masculine
Body Area: Head
Countries: England, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, Syria
Cities: Naples, Florence, Brunswick (England)
Stone: Diamond
Color: Red
Similarity to Chinese Sign: The Dragon