What is Numerology

Numerology embraces the philosophy that numbers have magical meaning and strongly influence people’s lives. This study of numbers, including the day, month and year an individual is born and/or an individuals name, emphasizes how these numbers influence a person’s life path. People who practice numerology use it to discover how the meanings of numbers illuminate information about an individual’s skills, personality, future, and other life experiences like dating and relationships.

Numerology Numbers and Meanings

In numerology, the single date of the most importance is the birth date. The life path, also known as the birth path, is the sum of an individual’s birth date. This calculation represents who the person is at the moment of birth, and it identifies the attributes with which the individual will face life. The life path number is the most important number ascribed to an individual as it describes the nature of the life journey.

The Meaning of Numerology Numbers

Numerology: The Life Path Number

To calculate one’s life path number, a person would add the month, day, and year of his or her birth. A total is reached, and the number is then reduced to a single digit. This calculation is the individual’s birth path or life path number.

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Numerology Compatibility

The more you know about the meanings of numerology numbers, the easier it will be to determine who your best partners are going to be. Some personalities are easier to get along with than others. You may have to work at any date you have because of your birth path meanings. This is not to say that you will be single for the rest of your life, but it is worth knowing when you go on a date so that you understand what some of your negative traits are so that you can be mindful of them.