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Compatibility Aries and Cancer

Compatibility Aries Aries and Cancer:
The Aries mans’ tendencies to dominate can be suppressive to the Cancer woman at times. Aries men have a need to conquer and lead that is like a hunger. Aries are fiery and passionate where Cancers are more methodical and introverted. The Aries man seeks to dominate the entire relationship not just the sex life. The male is competitive and needs to win to feel whole. Life is never boring with an Aries male.

Compatibility Cancer The Aries man loves to spoil his lover with exciting ways to have meet, romance, and have sex. He spends money easily and is not afraid to spoil his significant other. It means discussions over money and budgets will be a prevalent argument between the two as Cancers approach is to save money and never spend it. Aries and Cancers can make a great relationship as long as they can work together. Being honest and open with each other will keep communication going. Sharing the responsibilities of the relationship will help them both move forward happily.

The Cancer woman can tend to be shy and introverted. She will offer the man undying loyalty and love in the relationship because they believe fully in the institution of marriage and being together forever. Although they can submit willingly to the Aries man, a Cancer woman does like to take the lead. They are capable and skilled at leading but prefer not to rock the love boat in tense situations. Cancer women need to learn how to accept the free-spirited personality of the Aries man and his need to dominate the relationship. The horoscope for these two is not necessarily a perfect love match since they are incompatible signs, but they can become an item if they both work hard in the relationship.

30 thoughts on “Compatibility Aries and Cancer

  1. Well im am aries. Been cheated by on cancerian girl. Which she lied. About everything. I gave my love. My heart. My life to her and she knows. I took all the responsibities .
    Never mind now i learned never ever trust people easily. Once i get to know she start dating someone. I date someone new. And i feel free.
    Again aries dont be too good . Some girls dont apperciate this kind of kindness. Be an asshole like others. Touch and go babe :)))

  2. Word of advice to Cancer women in a relationship with Aries men … don’t be too nice, stand up to them when required. Typical Aries men can be very opinionated and domineering if you let them be. Don’t let them get away with too much. Keep them in check from time to time. It can be a tremendous relationship, very rewarding and never dull.

  3. Well I’m a cancer woman . I’ve been in a relationship with an Aries man for almost a year now…. We have more good days than bad , he’s very possessive and controlling. Yet he makes me happy he doesn’t ask for much except loyalty and honesty. I’m a year and four months older than him. The age difference really isn’t a big deal accept it seems as though when in a argument he’s very stubborn and acts as though he doesn’t understand where I’m coming from. He’s very caring . He wakes me up almost every morning kissing me all over and tells me how much he loves me. An Aries man can and will definitely romance you into believing what ever he wants you to believe. His posessiveness is kind of overbarring at times but i love him. I know it seems as though I’m naming a lot of bad traits , but don’t be scared you will come to love them and understand them. Although at times I feel like leaving this union will turn out terribly because of how possessive and controlling he is , but honestly I don’t plan on ever leaving him , for he brings the light and happiness into my blunt and boring days!

  4. I’m a Cancer woman (June 25) with an Aries (April 6) I am 11 years younger then him and we work out perfect!!!! we bumped into each other at the dog park once a month for years and then started dating last year, We dated 2 months and i moved in and we have had 2 amazing vacations and his dog is good pals with my dog, I find the Aries man in this case is more clingy, He loves to show me off and be with me, and the Aries even wants to go with me to get something at the store or a coffee or whatever it may be, we are together 24/7 a lot of the time and we don’t fight about much ever, we laugh a lot, have tickling fights every few days, the Aries gets me whatever i want and protects me and spoils me , and i cook supper for him everyday and clean the house everyday, Its basically perfect for us!! i am the sensitive emotional mood swinging yet caring one and the Aries is very caring and loving to me but can be insensitive to other things which can irritate me, for example we went to to Mexico and i fed all the dogs in the country side and u could tell he judged or didn’t like me carrying dog for all day,or he can be the best mechanic with fire there is then if he sees someone broken down he doesn’t waste his own time to stop and help so he isn’t empathetic to things other then to me so that can bother me, its said that cancers females would be way more shy in bed then Aries males AND that is the opposite with us, I’m outgoing in bed and after sleeping together every night for a long time the Aries still could be more aggressive in my opinion once in while. he is very passionate not only in bed but 24/7 ebbing my back massaging me in grocery store line ups or on the couch , he is 41 and I’m 29 ( he looks 30 tho) and everyone thinks were the cutest couple. We have had a few fights and boy do i gotta hold it in after a while cause talking to him gets nowhere, the Aries makes every excuse as to why he may have done something to piss me off, AS far as Loyalty and trust go, i am 100% positive there wouldn’t be a chance in hell of him being unfaithful, he would never even text a woman or reply to one without telling me, if the aries man is 10 years older ten the cancer female i say go for it! if the Aries man is 20 something and the cancer is 30 something i couldn’t see it working, Aries are to wild for cancers before the age of 30, he use to be wild before i met him, he was more out with the boys a lot drinking , now his ready for a family so his where i am now but at my age he never would of been what i wanted,

  5. hi..’m a Cancer woman who’s with an Aries man now for a year and half.we met so fast .fall in love very quick..hes really outgoing..but i love it.since I’m silent not so shy..i just stay and observe .but this Aries guy always cheers me up and think of adventures where soon the two of us enjoy..i can see that were on great relationship but i caught the Aries cheating on me when he went away for his job..and I’m so hurt that i always break up with him.our relationship turns on and iff..now i have doubt if i will trust the Aries again or not..my love is not sure for him now..were still seeing each other but the affection abd my feelings change after what happened..after year i will see if hes really for me..for now I’m asking him space..
    good luck to me..

  6. Aries seems 2 good 2 b true. I am constantly scared im going to screw it up bc I have never felt like this ab anyone. Wow.

  7. I met this Aries guy three years ago. He actually pursued me for.. I don’t know elven, ten blocks following me with his car until he finally got his attention. We begun pretty soon:everything was in a rush:sex, falling in love, etc. Then, for no apparent reason the Aries stopped having sex with me. because – in his own words_ I was “too needy and not the kind of girl he thought or made him think I was”. Odd as it sounds, the Aries continued in touch with me. He dated another girl, I dated another guy but he was always there for whatever I could need. And I say:whatever. He supported me when my dad passed away, the Aries did little and big things for me. We didn’t have sex for a year and a half. I mean:he’s an Aries, he’s supposed to “move on as fast as possible”. Anyways, nine months ago, he started to get closer:phone calls, more texts and finally the Aries invited me to his place just like before, and acted as if time had never passed. He’s different now and I’m different too. Happy, smiling, willing to share. I have to admit I never stopped loving him. Never, but there aren’t any words now. Just incredible, awesome , passionate sex and companionship.

  8. I think my Aries guy is marriage material and I’ve never thought this way before about another man. I am taking things a bit slow but I just wanna make sure I don’t mess anything up because everything is so great between us. I feel like God stunt him directly to me. Hopefully, a few months from now I’ll have even better news

  9. I like the valuable information you supply on your articles. I will bookmark your blog and test again here regularly. I’m rather certain I will learn lots of new stuff proper here! Good luck for all Aries and Cancer people!

  10. I’m a Cancer woman and have been with my Aries Man for over 10 years now. Aries never sit still. They are always planning for something whether you want it or not. The don’t understand emotions like other signs. They get irritated as soon as they think they don’t understand you and will make you feel like your wasting your breath when you need to speak out. Remember, your never right! I’ve learned to eat my opinions and pretend I’m ok with all he does. The Aries man has hurt me deeply in regards to my family and looks down on anyone with flaws. As if he’s perfect. In the beginning it was nice and I felt protected but now it’s over baring. I still can’t understand how we made it on 10 years especially when we are 11 years apart in age. I’m not sure how I feel about this love match. It was great the first 4 years after that too much hurtful words and comment and opinions have made me emotionally raw. When outsiders wonder how you even date you start to realize that others can not understand how I signed up for the treatment I get. I would recommend dating another sign. My own Mother is an Aries and I can see that there are common traits. However, my mom is way more emotionally aware than his closed off selfish selfish selfish self!!!

  11. I am a Cancer woman with an Aries man. Its been four months and I am so in love with him. The Aries man was adamant from day 1 that I’m marriage material and he wanted to b with me. I took him as a joke and never put much thought n to it. One day we were talking about something with dating and I asked him how many other girls was he talking to. The Aries told me none. He was so serious about it, I felt like it was true. I wasn’t use to loyalty while just dating so that’s when I began looking at him more seriously. We had many disagreements at first. I was ready to quit talking to the Aries man. What drew me me in was the fact he never gave up on me no matter how many disagreements we would have, he still wanted to b with me. We began getting use to each other and started falling hard equally. The Aries man is quite protective and possessive lol. He does want complete dominance. That bothered me at first because I felt like he was trying to control me and have me do what he wanted me to do. Once the Aries backed down and let me get comfortable with him I willingly gave up my control to him. He does want to marry me and I’m hoping it’ll last. I never ever ever thought id love an Aries but.wow I do

    • As an Aries male 46,maybe my age but I will tell you how we see women.We like the chase but we strive for the affection of a woman.When I feel my partner has given her true self in our relationship,hold on.We spend time looking you over and studing you for who you are and what true love you have.I can speak only for myself as an Aries male,once we see your true hearts desire,loyal,heart felt,sincere.you will have the most loyal companion you will ever have.As far as looking at another woman in any way other than friends no deal,we are your forever 125 percent.Make us feel on top of the world and you will be treated like the princess you are.If I were you spend time with your partner tell then how you feel,you may not think it helps but it will.We soak everything in very deeply.Just like Canerian women we have more compassion and love than what you think.Head strong and firey but our love for honesty slows us down to listen to your every thought.Hoped this helped you.Give us your true heart and will give you he world………..

  12. Hey πŸ™‚ Well isn’t this just a smile and a half. I have just recently met this Aries man who I have fallen for whole-heartedly. He is definitely strong willed, happy to do what it takes to make me happy and to see me smiling. My Aries man is so adamant to spoil me and to make me feel like the ‘princess’ that I am he says. He is even driving 3 hours on Monday night after work to come see me & I’m taking him to a lookout blindfolded to see his facial expression of surprise, as the Aries has never been able to experience this place before. We have spoken for hours on the phone these past 2 days and have really hit it off! Here’s to hoping Monday night goes perfect! πŸ™‚ I am an outgoing and spontaneous Cancer who loves taking control and leading the way but I love the chase too. I want the Aries to want me as much as we have been speaking about. He really has snagged a string in my heart! I’m so nervous but excited at the same time. I don’t want to disappoint the Aries or hurt him let alone him do that to me! πŸ™‚ fingers crossed this Aries man catches this Cancers heart <3

    • Im an Aries male 46,yes take the reigns but not to tight,well 55 percent of the time but let us lead to.We love strong women,not overbearing ones.You will never disappoint the Aries for we love a strong and loving partner.You are on your way to taking our hearts.Give him a chase every now and then,we just love never being able to have everything at our fingertips.Your awesome and have us figured out so fast.

  13. I am a Cancer starting to date an Aries I meet four years ago. Since he meet me he fell in love with me and has been determined to marry me. I have always made him chase me after he acts harsh in heated conversations. I used to stop contact for a couple months, because I was so hurt by his comments. Now after four years of talking on and off, I have learned to recognize his patterns. I understand he can say hurtful things when his upset, but its just part of the Aries personality. That doesn’t mean the Aries man doesn’t have feelings for me, it’s just part of his personality. Not taking him so seriously when upset has helped me forgive him when being insensitive to my feelings. Another thing I used dislike about the Aries man was his need to lead every decision in our relationship. I felt ignored and manipulated, yet once I know how the Aries feels about me I take this leading role of his as a way to feel protected and cared for. As time goes on you learn to take his cold and leader traits in a less sensitive approach.

    • Thank you for this…i needed this right now because when he is frustrated he does lash out and it really hurts my c feelings and he never listens or thinks he is wrong in his opinion

  14. I am a Cancer woman who has been dating an Aries man for over three months now and we have so much fun together. I have never dated someone like him who is so outgoing and constantly on the go so it’s very new to me but I love it, most of the time. Although I am a very outgoing Cancer, I am mostly a homebody so his constant activities can get tiresome but I usually just go with it because I always end up having a blast once he gets me out. My sensitive Cancer side is usually in control but it’s more out since being with an Aries, I find myself often feeling more insecure then I usually do with him because of his bold, unfiltered, outgoing personality. The Aries man thrives off of being the center of attention and usually leaves be standing behind him while receiving it and that often hurts me and makes me feel non significant to the Aries man. How do I deal with this, or will I ever be able to deal with it? The way he treats me when we’re alone is often far different then how he acts when we’re out and about. The Aries man tells me constantly that I’m his whole work and he loves me more then ever but his actions don’t always back up his words. I know it’s just his personality and I don’t know in the long term if my sensitive Cancer can handle it. I’m crazy about the Aries man and want to see where this will lead but sometimes I wonder if I should get out before I end up hurt.

    • Funny I am in the exact same situation. Been knowing my Aries for 26 years. He’s chased me for the last 15 with off and on encounters. As long as they can keep chasing you and your willing to go out with them you’ve got him. We can be clingy so don’t call him all the time let him call you. They like excitement not routine. Because the Aries was so outgoing in the past I always figured I would never be the only woman so I kept him at a distance in order to protect my heart. The Aries man is very affectionate and a great listener. Now we are very much in love.

    • I’m going threw the same thing you are,I’m going out with an Aries man and I’m a Cancer. In the beginning he was so attentive to me but then all of a sudden he stopped talking to me i had no calls from him no messages. and i wanted to contact the Aries man but my alter ego wouldn’t let me but finally i decided to contact him because i really like him. he told me that he wants me to contact him too, the Aries doesn’t want to be the only one contacting me. Besides that his really busy with his job is very demanding and i understand that but there’s always time to talk to that person that you like. and he does not do that, the Aries tells me he is going to try to be more attentive to me but like you said he doesn’t back up his words with actions and I’m so confused about this that I’m at a breaking point that i don’t know what to do anymore i really like the Aries, i feel like we have a potential relationship but he has to put in the effort to not only me. any advice it would really help thanks.

      • If he is working making money will often come before phone calls. Just sit back and when you don’t call he will wonder whats going on and the pursuit will be on again because he does not want to lose you.

  15. I am a Cancer woman in love with a Aries man and we started out in love but we are learning each other ways and I am learning how to give the Aries man space and its working out great I love him each and each and everyday I hope we last for a very long time

  16. I am a Cancer woman and have been on 3 dates with an Aries man. As I have always heard, the Aries sign like a chase. I am a typical Cancer woman although not as clingy. I take things slow and he likes to move fast. He is very sweet, passionate and understanding, handsome and a take charge kind of guy. We have an immense attraction to one another. He says he likes me a lot and I also like the Aries a lot. I’m going to take my time with this one because we have amazing chemistry and I don’t want to spoil it. I am very excited to see where this goes πŸ™‚

  17. I’m a Cancer woman meeting an Aries man on Saturday. After reading these articles I’m confident we’ll hit it off. I’m a typical Cancer in my sensitivity but not in my personality. I’m very outgoing and not at all shy. If he’s the life of the party like I’ve read, then he’s the man of my dreams. A sensual passionate lover can only find happiness in that of a partner as we are both described to be. I’m in no way clingy, I firmly believe in space from each other; so I’m excited to see where this goes. I love attention and an entertaining man. He’s not hard on the eyes either. Wish me luck!

  18. Well I’m a cancer girl and I have just met an Aries man with a complete sweet heart and words, and I just felt I could really trust him even from the very first meeting, it’s strange cause I don’t usually trust people quickly! The Aries man gave me some promises and I really have no doubt if he’s gonna do them or not cause I really trust him. Also he seem to be very honest and open-minded and is willing to be and to do whatever just to please me! I think I like him and I like his personality, and I hope we make a great couple someday and maybe get married.. who knows πŸ™‚

  19. Well i am a Cancer woman dating an Aries man. And i must say its quite interesting i like him even got love for him, but i just dont wana move to fast. Well at least i hope i’m not i like him a lot. He tells me i’m his everything and all an he does not want another female only me because i please him right love him and makes him feel great. I hate he never keeps his words sometimes but he usually makes up for it. I do be a little jealous sometimes but i have to understand i’m flirtatious as well ill just never do anything to hurt him in any way he always reminds if we break up i could never be with no one else cause he wont let it happen period! I think he trueley loves me.

  20. I am a Cancer girl, and I really like an Aries guy. I went out with him for a year prior to my renewed affections, and it was honestly the best relationship I’ve had so far. We are going out on a date. Well, today, if he doesn’t need to be home, and I’m a little worried. After all, I’ve been with him before, and he dropped my flat for another girl. But that was four years ago, so I’m not really sure what to think. He is so sweet and says he’ll help me forget all the other guys who have broken my heart.
    If I trust him again, will I get hurt? He was crying when he broke up with me, but of course, like the Cancer I am, I tend to over think and fret about it sometimes.
    I’ve learned to give Aries people space (one of my best friend is an Aries) and to not be so clingy. It feel so unnatural sometimes but I know it will be good in the long run, even if things don’t work out for me and him.
    I’ve heard so many things that make me say, we could never work, or wow, we’d make a great pair. I know if your sun signs aren’t compatible it means you’ll break each other into bits, it depends on family, and whether you have things in common. But to me at least, it doesn’t have something to do with it.
    I’d like to say we’re compatible, but with all these mixed answers and articles, I’m not sure. I guess I’ll just have to throw my worries away for today, and hope for the best!

  21. I still dunno where we will end up with my aries guy friend who i just met on facebook. I can really say he is a dominate type and i am too hard headed in a few things. It always depends on my mood or if i like it. I want to know him more and so excited to meet him in person. But our working schedules cant meet that. He is so sweet, he always checking on me. Specially now that i have these problems in life that i need to face. He always there putting me on his priorities but we are both sad coz everytime we planned to meet things doesnt allowed us to be with each other. I so can say i feel something special about this guy. I hope we are.. Dont want to assume. How will i know if he likes me?

  22. Im a cancer women now seeing a aries man ..he I would say is more like a cancer sweet shy everything I am and more I would say if you care for someone go for it you only live once so why not you may just find true love!

  23. Hi , I am Robert an early aries [march 27] with 4 signs in cancer and 4 signs in pisces, and moon in libra. I now live in wales, but born in USA. I just broke up 2 months ago with leo, who only took me for granted over the years and my money. Since around June 25, 2013 an gorgeous woman from New jersey walked into my life and she is a cancer, who also is a nurse too. While i also work mainly with woman with cancer sign, for an Mental health Charity. It feels for me and Susan as if we know eachother for years, while its now only a week. I already told her, i will do any sacrifice to make it work,. aswell i dont mind to give up a few things, as i want her around me 24/7 if i get my way. I do look for home and domestic bliss to be honest. We now planning for her to come over and i may come back home later to the US, We’re plus mines 10 plus years in difference of age, but i have always stayed eternal young like an wingless Peter Pan haha, but she dont mind she said. For me her Bliss and Happiness are gonna be my main goal, as i know when she is happy she will rub it off on me. Soo for me its gonna be a win-win situation bcos of this. Aswell i told her whenever she wants to talk she can get me away from what i am doing. And i will sit around the table, or sitting on the couch and listen whats on her heart and soul…. I told her for me showing her 24/7 my love, affection and care gonna be my daily objective. She said she likes to cuddle so i also told her that too will our daily ritual too. As i want to feel completely loved and cared for. As i need her love and affection even more soo. I also like to give her daily a rose as my affection, and once a month things like lingerie and or perfum, as my token fo my undying affection and love for her till end of times. She is my inner and outer universe and my alpha and omega.

    For now take care.
    Robert xx

  24. As a Cancer woman being with an Aries male for 3 years now I have to say that we are a very compatible couple. I am a typical Cancer and more on the quiet side, I wouldn’t say shy, but definitely not as outgoing as the Aries man. He’s usually the center of the party and entertains all kinds of people, where I find it hard to start a chat with a stranger. Even at parties and after a couple of drinks, I still find it hard to talk to strangers. This is one reason why I like being with an Aries, he is the total opposite. This makes it easier for me to meet new people and not just stand in the corner and watch other people having fun. Through my Aries man I at least come across like I’m kinda popular. He on the other hand finds the security in me that he is looking for. In some situations his dominating nature can be a bit of a turn-off, but I rather have the man to be the leader than the other way around. This is why I think that Aries and Cancer can make a great couple. This is for sure the best relationship that I have been in so far in my life. 5 stars Aries! πŸ™‚

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