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Compatibility Aries and Libra

Compatibility Aries Aries and Libra:
The Aries and Libra relationship works very well as the fire sign Aries mixes extremely well with the Libra air sign located in the opposite of the zodiac. The only problem is that the two must maintain spiritual connections throughout the relationship. This will keep the Aries fire sign from getting bored and feeling suffocated by the Libra’s attention and calm attitude. Libras are very compassionate and calm which is the complete opposite of the Aries fiery personality and explosive attitude. The two can seem almost opposites but they attract each other almost instantly upon meeting. Usually they make a connection on the first date.

Compatibility Libra Libras will most certainly play a peacemaking role in any relationship. They prefer to be calm and may even speak only in soft tones. Aries however will explode yelling, ranting, and raving all the while Libra sits quietly waiting for his turn to make a point. He will stay compassionate and kind to his fiery Aries but will allow her to express herself. The Libra will always look for ways to make happy, quiet, romantic outings where Aries searches for fun, exciting, and new ways to keep from being so bored.

The two work well in the bedroom as the Aries will dominate the relationship and the Libra will let his woman dominate him. He is impressed with her zest in bed and enjoys the passion she sparks in him. Libra men will give the Aries woman freedom to be herself, to explore, and to lead him in many new areas in sex. The Aries female will express herself in many ways trying out new things in the bedroom and leading the Libra male into them with her. This love and sex horoscope for the Aries and Libra combination is red hot and spicy!

18 thoughts on “Compatibility Aries and Libra

  1. I am a 23 year old aries girl dating a 27 year old libra guy. We’ve known each other since last year, and we’ve only gotten to become close friends about a month ago. I tell you, we have so much fun everytime we talk to each other and every time we tease each other. His presence just embraces me with comfort and security, and we constantly do sweet things for each other, and just joke around, and laugh like crazy, like there’s no one around. It’s funny how much i feel security despite all the oposing opinions from the comments. And i just hope you aries ladies find the right libra man for you because i would never be with anyone else than him. Love you all

  2. I am a 64 yr old Aries in love with a 60 yr old Libra. We have a good time in the bedroom but I notice that he is somewhat shocked by my eagerness to try new things there. It kinda seems like there is a role reversal, as I am the aggressor in the sack and he is more like a woman, wanting to take things slow and romantic, I am ready to “get down” anytime and quickies are something I like, not him. He is really a compassionate and kind guy, really humerous and really calming – I am anything but calm. Hoping for a long term relationship with him.

  3. I am an Aries who is with a Libra. He is so charming yet so superficial. He just told me he’s in love with me. I am in love too. He hasn’t flirted around me nor has he lied to me . I think we have a potential future together. I have the most fun with him. He definitely calms me down, he can tame this Aries well. Only time will tell. The sex is unexplainable…..Ladies you know what I mean.Ieeeee!!!!!

  4. I’m a 21 years old Libra and my girlfriend is an Aries, she’s also 21. I love her from last 2 years and she does too but she always has many crushes which is extremely irritating and the most intolerable point in her is that when she gets angry she can cheat on you. She has no sense of humor, she will get angry so easily if you taunt her facetiously. Yesterday she was in a good mood, she told me to slap her slowly with love, so I did it, she was smiling but later on she was thinking that I slapped her and that was disrespectful. She is now angry with me, she’s not recieving my call, she’s not replying to my texts and said that she hate me because I’m an ignorant because I’ve hit her. She’s too much emotional, egoist, and barbaric during romance even she kicks during romance and will scratch your face and arms. When I say I love you to her, she replies that I love my self too, she’s a damn narcissist. Now she’s angry with me and has told her friends that she has finished her relationship with me. I love her with zeal and zest but I wonder how would I make her trust me, she says that I’m not loyal to her but to her beauty. Yeah she’s fuckingly beautiful and attractive but now I’m in love with her soul. I love her to death and don’t want to lose her. Please somebody tell me how can I get her again and tackle with her anger.

    • You need to check her ir she will run all over u day an night my man is a libra an he is 38 an i am 31 and he dont curse at me he knows i have a temper so he deals with me like this if u want to be stupid thats on u iam trying to help u but if u cant listen then its over if u cant respect me its over u did some really foul things and youd better fix it asap or dont call me or text iam blocking u.

    • Am currently crushing for a Aries man, whom I hav had sum strange emotions for… ( I am a libra women) … And things jus seem really scary how we are compatible/ attracted to one another.. ( we work together and see each other only for 5 mins a day, but boy o boy….) chemistry snock up on me…. However I jus read your situation, trying to get sum insite on my own ARIES/LIBRA shenanigans …Her issue may not b w you, she may hav a sickness which they call bi- polar … Becus u only done what she asked u to do… U aren’t at fault, although u shouldn’t hav slap her.. Lmao— Mayb aggressive choke ( sensual sex) But dam.. SLAP??? Make appt w her and get her CHECKED…. ( and then see if u can’t still manage to love her…) nobody is PERFECT…..gud luck!

    • Don’t tell her, show her!! I’m an aries woman and I am in love with my libra man but somtimes my temper gets the best of me and he shuts down and I wind up feeling bad but with this ego I have really hard to say sorry. But after everything is said he finds it hard to show me and not tell just tell me that we are back on the same page….drives me crazy!! Do somthing she would not expect you to do and make sure to put that extra special libra sauce on top!! I hope it helps.

  5. I am a Aries woman in second decent. I am seventeen and the Libra man I am talking to is also seventeen. Decent unknown. I took interest into this Libra man without even realizing it. It feels like a deeper connection could spark when we simply make eye contact. Right now, YES. I am taking things slow. Just going with the flow of things because I think its very important to build on a relationship emotionally, Spiritually and mentally before physically. And its a nice peaceful time talking to this Libra guy, I have to admit. Just simply being around each other is sweet.

  6. I’m a 20 year old Aries, and I am dating a 26 year old Libra. In the beginning our relationship was strictly sex. We had went out a few times but we couldn’t stay out of the bedroom and still can’t. We’ve been dating for 7 months now. We’ve had our ups and downs. My feelings are growing for him and I can see his are growing as well. I’m going through my selfish, possessive stage right now. I think I’m ready to be in a committed relationship to him. I want him to myself, but what should I do?

  7. I am a 44 year old Aries woman and been dating a 53 year old Libra man (mostly online) for 6 months. He makes me feel so calm, so sexy and so safe. The Libra is just a really good kind man who seems to accept me when I am anxious or fiery and makes me feel so special. I haven’t come across little lies yet, although I have read about them on other sites, maybe that isn’t all of them.

  8. I understand…our age difference isn’t that far in age…I love my baby too. He has the “it” factor for me. I love his gentle soul…it soothes min and makes mine just as gentle. I love making love to him and I can feel that he loves making love to me… I call him Beauty because he is.


  10. am a 65 year old Libra woman, married but have a 61 year old Aries man, yesterday was my first time making love to this wonderful guy a commander in the navy our love making was awesome

  11. I am in a relationship with a 2nd decante Libra man. I’m 2nd decanate Aries. We’re both in our early 30s. I find him very charming, compassionate and very sexy. He definitely knows how to speak with people and is very ambitious. I have not found this with other Libra men. Usually, I get bored of them early on but this guy has got my attention. On the negative: The Libra man can be argumentative sometimes, moody and gossipy. I have caught him in small little lies and told him to cut it off. That’s really annoying to an Aries.

  12. Aries female with Libra male: The Libra man needs a little kick in the a** sometimes, but other than that we get along great! The only thing that bothers me about the Libra man is just that, he tends to be a little lazy. But the fiery attitude of an Aries has no problem dealing with that. In the bedroom we get along great. The Libra man is very sensitive in many ways, but the Libra’s manly side is also functioning very well in bed. I would rate the compatibility between an Aries female and a Libra male as very high. From my personal experience with a Libra man, this combination has the potential to work out very well. Definitely a love match! 5 stars.

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