Compatibility Aries and Libra

Compatibility Aries Aries and Libra:
The Aries and Libra relationship works very well as the fire sign Aries mixes extremely well with the Libra air sign located in the opposite of the zodiac. The only problem is that the two must maintain spiritual connections throughout the relationship. This will keep the Aries fire sign from getting bored and feeling suffocated by the Libra’s attention and calm attitude. Libras are very compassionate and calm which is the complete opposite of the Aries fiery personality and explosive attitude. The two can seem almost opposites but they attract each other almost instantly upon meeting. Usually they make a connection on the first date.

Compatibility Libra Libras will most certainly play a peacemaking role in any relationship. They prefer to be calm and may even speak only in soft tones. Aries however will explode yelling, ranting, and raving all the while Libra sits quietly waiting for his turn to make a point. He will stay compassionate and kind to his fiery Aries but will allow her to express herself. The Libra will always look for ways to make happy, quiet, romantic outings where Aries searches for fun, exciting, and new ways to keep from being so bored.

The two work well in the bedroom as the Aries will dominate the relationship and the Libra will let his woman dominate him. He is impressed with her zest in bed and enjoys the passion she sparks in him. Libra men will give the Aries woman freedom to be herself, to explore, and to lead him in many new areas in sex. The Aries female will express herself in many ways trying out new things in the bedroom and leading the Libra male into them with her. This love and sex horoscope for the Aries and Libra combination is red hot and spicy!