Compatibility Aries and Virgo

Compatibility Aries Aries and Virgo:
The Aries and Virgo relationship is not always a good love match. Aries women are spontaneous and react quickly where the Virgo man likes to plan things and is a very methodical creature. He may or may not be able to get past these differences. The Aries woman has all the qualities that the Virgo man is looking for but he may not be able to handle her carefree attitude about life and love in general.

Compatibility Virgo The relationship between these two signs can be absolutely volatile if the Aries woman cannot work her dominating tendencies out. Aries women can tend to take things too far and can control the relationship to the point that they make the Virgo man want to leave her. She has to be accepting that the Virgo man is not as spontaneous as she is and that he is very methodical in life and in love relationships, and this shows in the bedroom as well. The Virgo man loves to plan trips and surprises for the Aries woman showering her with tokens of affection and well thought out surprises.

Aries and Virgos are compatible but they must work through their relationships figuring out their differences and working to make each other happy. Dating for a period of time will help them both decide if the relationship is worth pursuing. When the relationship works it does so splendidly and lasting for long time periods. Aries must not be so dominant that they control the relationship but they must also learn to share with the Virgo. Giving the Virgo ample time to make decisions is a key in love and sexual relationships, otherwise Aries will take over sexual domination completely in the bedroom.