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What is my personal Numerology Number? What is my Tarot birth card? Whats my Chinese astrology sign? What is my western astrology sign?

Find out your western astrological sign, your Chinese astrology sign, your Tarot Birth card, and your Numerology number, all in one place. Enter your name, date of birth, and email address in the form and click on submit. The Personal Report Calculator will tell you what your western astrology sign, your Chinese astrology sign, your Tarot birth cards, and your Numerology number is.

2 thoughts on “Personal Report Calculator

  1. hi im a scorpion woman and i have met this pisces girl. i have known this lesbian femme pisces october 6. it started like this. ive seen her staring at me and me myself cant stop staring at her too during our frnd’s bday. that night when i went home i look at her fb but did not add yet so next morning i was shocked when i wake up because she added me. after that we talk, we see each other specially practicing her dance cause she’s a dancer. im 5yrs older than her. i love being with her. the way she stares at me and smile like an angel. pisces women are soft, angelic, passionate and romantic. i just love hugging her and i love how she leans her head to my shoulders, holding hands. it feels so different when im with her. i feel true love. genuine. but unlucky she blocked me in social sites specially fb cause she went back to her ex gf which is libra. ive never felt like this before this feeling of love which u can say it is true. as of now, i will still wait for her to come back to me i know she will come back and i will wait for her. she’s the one i want to marry. i believe the scorpio and pisces compatibility. 🙂

    • I know how ya feel girl! I fell in love with this scorpio guy name Luis and we met because our friend hooked us up. We started as friends. But I found out he had broke up with his ex girlfriend which was a aquarius. and there i knew i couldnt pass this chance up so i asked him out and btw he’s a scorpio and im a pisces and he’s a lifepath 7 and im a lifepath 5 so it was amazing the first half month then he broke up with me to go back with his gf ysabel. I was distraught. I loved him so much. So now im patiently waiting for him to come back and i know he’ll come back.(because aquarius and scorpio arent really compatible) and i dont think itll last with the libra and your ex she’ll come back dont worry but dont force her let her come back on her own. 🙂

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