Rabbit and Pig

Rabbit and Pig – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Rabbit The Rabbit and the Pig are one of the greatest love matches in Chinese astrological pairings. These two have a beautiful relationship that lasts a lifetime once they meet.

The woman Rabbit is very quiet and modest. She is not into all the frills and excess that some people put into life. Simple and quiet makes her happy. The male Pig is one who is honest and very optimistic. He makes friends easily and tends to fall asleep quickly. The Rabbit man is one who is talented and creative. He keeps to himself a lot and does not nag his partner. The Pig woman is very trusting, she can tend to be too naive at times. She is impulsive and hot-tempered but is very loyal and forgiving.

Chinese Compatibility Pig When dating, the Rabbit and the Pig are usually found spending time with a small group of family or close friends. They will have dinners, wine, and movies together. Jogging through the park or catching a few rays together is always a great time for the two. In the bedroom, the Rabbit and the Pig are breathtaking together. Their love and sexual intercourse is pure and loving. They spend hours kissing and holding each other.