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Compatibility Aquarius and Aries

Compatibility Aquarius Aquarius and Aries:
The Aries and Aquarius compatibility is a good love match. The fiery Aries and affectionate Aquarius are a great match in the bedroom and in their love lives. They both have a great sense of adventure and love to travel. They are also both very passionate in their jobs and in their relationships. This combination works great for both sexes because they never get bored and easily suit each other’s needs.

Compatibility Aries The Aquarius man tends to help ground the fiery Aries who is impulsive and spontaneous to say the least. He keeps her headed on the right paths and her heart in the right places when she becomes confused and forgets her way. She provides the fun and excitement and he keeps her level headed so she does not get carried away with herself. This is easy for the Aries woman to do.

In the bedroom Aries woman and Aquarius man are very well matched. Although he does not let her dominate him the Aquarius man is very able to read her feelings and tend to her emotional needs when she allows herself to think about emotions and romance. He will allow her to indulge in romantic fantasies as this is one of his favorite things as well. Both signs are very independent and allow each other freedom to explore each other through sexual positions and situations. Aries and Aquarius are very liberal in their sexual exploration and are very compatible signs.

2 thoughts on “Compatibility Aquarius and Aries

  1. i am aquarius and my bf is aries..he love me alot i love him too. But time and again in a small things also we quarrel, even we fight..what to do for this?

  2. Many years ago I dated this Aries man who I totally fell in love with. It seemed like we had so much in common and I felt very comfortable around him. I am an Aquarius woman and I certainly have my faults, but with the Aries it seemed like everything was perfect and those faults didn’t matter at all. Unfortunately I moved to a different state and over time we lost contact. The last thing I heart about the Aries man was that he got married. I wonder what astrological sign his wife is. Anyways … me and the Aries man got along great and I wish we dated for longer. From my personal experience Aquarius and Aries are a very compatible pair and a great love match. Two thumbs up and 5 stars for this signs compatibility.

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