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Compatibility Aquarius and Libra

Compatibility Aquarius The Libra woman and the Aquarius man are a wonderful pair; they are almost perfect for each other. They have a lot of common personality traits such as being socialists, have a lot of energy, and cannot stand to have other people tell them how to live. The Libra woman is smart and knows what she wants in life and out of life. She is very spontaneous and witty. This is part of what attracts the male Aquarius to her. The Libra woman is also very organized.

Compatibility Libra The Aquarius man loves to help others and feels a sense of compassion to those who are suffering in some way. The Aquarius is always thinking of new ways to make products better or designing new inventions. They both share a love of people and helping their community.

In the bedroom, the Libra and the Aquarius are perfect. They can feel what the other needs and respond quickly. Libra and Aquarius are likely to experiment and become more intimate than most couples which suits these two very well. They will play for hours entering into many forms of foreplay and sexual games. After hours, their sexual union takes them to a blissful climax where the two connect on the closest level they can achieve. Libra and Aquarius are not very emotional people and can at times be a little detached but they both understand this about the other. Because they are both the same way they do not get upset if the other seems to drift away. Libra and Aquarius two are a very compatible astrological combination and make a great love match.

44 thoughts on “Compatibility Aquarius and Libra

  1. I’m a Libra woman who married an Aquarian man. It was instant and just worked. Yes, he was a workaholic, but I respect that and it made me proud of him. The “faults” are simply all people handle things differently, and in a successful adult relationship you work together as individual humans respecting what each needs. When stressed, he would seem distant. I gave him space, so he would always let me know it wasn’t an issue with me. An hour of quiet was all he needed. If I knew his need and pushed, it wouldn’t work. I need to talk when upset, so he was there when I needed that. It is being there for unique needs of the other, not expecting them to approach life and need what we do ourselves. We made us a priority, and passion never waned. Our marriage was successful, almost 25 years and 5 children, until he passed away far too young.

    • My heart goes out to you!
      I am deeply touched by your beautiful story. I’m literally in tears as I reply.
      I’m an Aquarian guy, in love with the most beautiful Libran lady in my eyes.. I’ve told her how I feel and that I’ve secretly been in love with her since high school. She was so sweet after I’d made a gentle move on her one evening, saying that she’s deeply touched, but needs time and space to focus on herself. With total respect, I reassured that our friendship is of far more importance to me. We carried on as we were for a while after that move. Initially it would have seemed I wanted her for the night, but I took 5 and as I looked into my own eyes in the bathroom mirror, I knew I had to tell her my exact thoughts and feelings without sweeping what had happened under the carpet. I walked back in to the kitchen and in my serious but calm voice I said I needed to know for my own clarity if she would ever find me attractive. Could she ever see me as anything other more than just a friend? Completely taken by surprise, she asked me to repeat.. After I explained my feelings and my vision of is, she wrapped her arms around me and thanked me for telling her. She was glad to know how serious about her I am. She wants us to hang out more, which we have.. And though it’s only been a week after the fact, we both feel happy with how our “friendship”is developing.

      We share so much in common. She comes and watches me sing at open mic night. Waits for me as we leave an event or social gathering if I’m stuck talking with friends.. She has told me things she has only ever told her very close girlfriends. Even Joked that I could consider myself one of the girls now lol.
      When we said goodbye, I told her I’m going in for a hug now, she said “oh yeah we do that now”. I responded with “That’s what friends do, right?” She threw her arms around me with the biggest smile.. I’m so tall that I literally lifted her off the floor..

      Oh I apologise for going on..
      But reading post touched me so deeply. My only hope is that I can have and share the same love with her, as you and you beloved husband also shared.

      If there is any advice you might have for me, I’d be so grateful!

  2. I’ve been off and on talking/dating my aqua guy. From the very first time I seen him I just knew. He is so smart and different. I love his mind his style and confidence. We get into the most pointless arguments and find ourselves laughing about it afterwards, never taking ourselves seriously. I’m a little concerned be because I confessed something to him that may have broke his heart or made him view me a little differently. He says he forgives me, however ever since that day he’s just been a little distant and cold. I do love him, i’m deeply in love with this guy that I’m a little scared lol. Any Aqua men out there that may have some advice on dealing with Aquarius men born Feb12th.

    • I am a libra woman who just ended a relationship with my Aquarius man. Maybe it has something to do with age but a lot of comments up here from the Libra women are a bit embarrassing. First off we had what I thought was a love at first sight type of relationship as well I truly considered him the one. What I liked he liked, we agreed on almost everything from politics to health to morals etc…until after a year of dating exactly a week after his birthday and me surprising him with a Broadway show and dinner did he confess to having more kids than he originally told me about. He said that he didn’t want to be judged and wanted me to love him for him. Although pissed as heck what could I do….by this time I had fallen deeply in love with him so I tried to make it work and that’s where it all went down hill. He has this strange relationship with his children’s mother that is too comfortable and I was not used to that. i.e loaning him money for bills, he stays at her house when he visits the kids (she lives out of state), says they are best friends that would have not been a problem if he hadn’t told me that she tried to destroy him in the beginning of our relationship. Flash forward 6 months it has been nothing but MIA , alcoholism, more lying till I finally just gave up. now funny thing he wants to act like he left me because he was unhappy and we didn’t communicate well. That’s fine no love lost as I told him but I did love him enough to be his friend. He is acting as if he has moved on and doesn’t even want to be friends. Ok cool! I wish you well. Libra women for the most part we are very strong, successful, powerful women. An libra’s know we are the heart breakers not the ones to get our hearts broke. It is true that we have many admirers that we can pick up the phone and call if we need a distraction with a dinner or movie date. So I say to you his loss! I don’t have time for games. I am always direct and straight forward so take me or leave me but I won’t be disrespected. Libra on the market looking for new Aquarius.

    • it sounds like you hurt and disappointed him…and he was stunned that he misjudged you. He is mad at himself for letting you in, and is drifting off…you will have to work hard to bring him back…if you slept with someone? you have no chance…

    • Well I was born February 1, and I was saying that if you confessed and affair or something once you break the trust with an Aquarius he’s always going to be wondering if you were doing it again, and unfortunately spiraled for me but that was with a Pisces woman and she continue that behavior

  3. My Aquarius husband touches my heart like I’ve never thought possible. He is warm and kind and always makes everything better. At times he is like talking with an alien but most of the time he is on top of everyone’s feelings. He kisses my Mom on the head, he gets along with everyone, he has one hell of a temper which is triggered by injustice, I can kiss him out of it most of the time, he is very deep. He excepts all of my weird ways, I love all of his, I was a lonely Libra woman for most of my life before he came along, and the way we clung to each other even the night we met was beyond my imagination, the first encounter clicked something in both of us, he and I are soul mates, I’ve had feelings for other Aquarius men, but he is “the one” We’ve been together for 6 years now and it seems like I’ve never not known him. He tells me that I make him feel home, to hear him talk about his past makes me laugh, he never gave marriage any thought, but right away after we met he was all about our relationship, I can’t put it all into words, we just are together, body mind soul, which is funny because we were both born premature, he was meant to be a Pisces and I a Scorpio, so I guess our deep love for each other goes beyond our sun signs and into our almost signs, weird but amazing. I would not change a single thing.

      • That’s so beautiful, though Scorpio and Pisces would make good soul mates too..But I do believe the baby chooses its birth chart between incarnations and is far wiser than the doctors and frequently their predictions are wrong…I’m an Aquarian that was ‘supposed’ to be a Capricorn!
        Due Jan 14th Born Feb 1st

  4. My relationship with my Aquarius seems a little bit too good to be true. The way we met was sentimental : my aunt needed a jump and he went above & beyond his way to be of assistance to us. That really touched me also he was very competent and resourceful.

    It took him time to woo me over cuz I was a little ambivalent and indifferent.

    My Aquarius proposed to me after our first date and remained steadfast unshakable and unmovable regarding his feelings for me since day one.

    An Aquarius does not have a problem whatsoever with committing to the right girl. If they are not committing it’s because they know there’s something more compatible out there.

    He makes me laugh he’s very tender. For some reason I helped him start a business within 3 months that he wanted to start for the past 10 years.

  5. I am a libra, from the moment i first saw my Aquarius man i fell in love. his perfect. It has been almost three years i met him even though we are not dating, too many details in the middle. I justa want to share some of the things he has said to me in the past months after coming back looking for me while he was in a relationship. “AND YOU ARE SO SPECIALLLL, I WANT YOU TO KONW THAT” – “(…)I FEEL WE ARE NOT PEOPLE WHO ONLY DESIRE EACH OTHER, I AM TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE, A CONECTION” – “IT’S MORE THAN THAT, IT’S YOUR VOICE, THE WAY YOU MAKE ME LAUGH, OUR CODES” – “I THINK YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST, YOU MAKE ME LAUGH SO BAD, I LOVE YOUR ‘OUT OF THE BOX’ THINKING, I LOVE OUR SKIN” – “I LOVE YOU”
    He recently broke up, and he told me it was meant for me to know of it.
    We saw a week after that and when kissing goodbye he said “bye little grasshopper, have a beautiful day” (thats a line of a kun fu film, and it’s said by the master to his aprenticce.) I have been doing research in that kind of relationship, and its bound of trust, loyalty and comittment. so i can say now it’s time to wait. Let him be and i hope we are getting closer and closer. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, SO MUCH, I don’t think he has any idea. <3

  6. I am a very Secure Libra Woman with a Great Career, am 39, recently divorced. I started dating an Aquarius Man, First date there were Sparks, a reasonable amount of communication. I told him I wanted to wait for a while before we got intimate, he seemed to respect that, second date, things got hot and heavy, i felt like he pushed me into Sex, but hey, I went for it and it was “Magical”….
    Things got really weird after that, he was playing hot and cold with me.
    We kept texting mostly, he then said he was falling hard for me and all these wonderful things, even told me he Loved me.
    Then he went 3 days with no communication what so ever. On the third day I sent him a text saying that we had different definition of “Playing Games” I wished him well and said that we were not compatible as a couple at the present time.
    Go Figure, next day he replies asking if we can start over, I said I had to think about it, he says he wanted make it work, blah, blah, blah…..
    I am totally confused, I feel like this man just like playing with my Libra Scale, I had perfect Harmony and balance, he comes and dips it off balance, then I say no more and I felt at balance again, then there he is dipping it again.
    Can someone tell me what the heck is going on? I am honestly scared of letting my guard down and getting hurt. I HATE these Games, have no time for it, this is High School crap.

    • I’m a Aquarius male. Never ever have sex without a foundation of a relationship. It mixes up a lot of thoughts about the situation. An some regrets . An we don’t date for sex we date for the opposite things. we are not looking for a physical relationship.

    • I’m a libra, and I just like to add my thoughts over your problem, As you see you are recently divorced like however It means to say your first marriage was a failure. Still your security depends much on your side and not his. Better move on and find someone who can be as secure are you are. And don’t take things too far early on dates, its a recipe for disaster. Just be calm and understand that aquarians or just any man on any signs, don’t like pressure. Men mean what they say and if he wants to start over with you he definitely means it. Or if you think that he’s a detriment on your precious balance scale. Let him go.

  7. I’m a Libra woman, I’ve been dating my Aquarius man for over a year now. As lame and cheesy as this sounds, I loved him the moment we kissed. I felt like I’ve kissed him millions of times before. Like I’ve known him for lifetimes. (Made for an amazingly awkward first kiss lol). He’s the total opposite of a workaholic though, and he’s very sure of what the Aquarius wants out of me and “us”. Above all, he’s my best friend. We do literally everything together – down to watching each other take shits. We are totally comfortable. Our conversations are always stimulating and intellectual. I genuinely admire and adore my Aquarius, and that’s the first time I can say that about any of my relationships. I am never annoyed and never bored. The sex is always amazing, and always extremely passionate. Libra women, appreciate your Aquarius man – chances are he thinks you’re the smartest, strongest, and sexiest woman alive.

    • I totally agree! I have been knowing my aquarius man for almost 2 years. We were cordial friends at first. We started talking more deeply about 3 months ago and we have the best chemistry ever. I’m always very comfortable around him and with him, I’m not one who let people in my head, but I totally trust him and we’re both open books to each other. We had sex for the very first time about a month ago, and OMG!!! It was so amazing and when he looks into my eyes it’s like I can see his soul.
      We’re not yet in a committed relationship, but I’m so in love with this man and he’s definitely becoming my best friend. He’s so wise and the intellects are definitely there. He supports me and everything. I’ve been in love with him since our first kiss as well. His lips are perfect. He do be hot and cold from time to time but I know so I get it. And by the 3rd day of no communication, he will definitely call or text or both, but he would end of letting me know what was what and then have a deep conversation. I know he wants me around and we motivate each other, but usually when he’s cold it’s because of his businesses. He has multiple businesses and had an accident that occurred on one job and it’s been having him stressed out on the paperwork side of things and dealing with the insurance companies. But he really has me by his side and I’m there for him, I try not to pressure him, and I just go with the flow. But I love the way he gets lost while looking into my eyes, it really turns me on!

  8. I’m a Lovely Libra woman dating an Aquarius Man. He is a flirter and so am I. When we are out guess who watching who he see me talking to someone he comes running getting in the conversation that I’m having with someone else. You just have to dance to their music. U mite feel like its catering it really is by then you have falling in love with him. That’s how you get the I LOVE YOU OUT OF THEM. TRUST ME HE REALLY MEANS IT.

  9. You guys all sound hopelessly in love. “We’re a perfect match BUT he’s this & this & this & then he did this & it was confusing BUT it doesn’t matter cuz we’re in love!” Sounds awful. I guess that’s what Libra women like? A roller-coaster of ups & downs to keep the soap opera going?

  10. Hello! I am a Libra woman… honestly I met my Aquarius man in a club lol we just clicked instantly… I really like him a lot but he is always busy in the beginning we were friends than he asked me out but now he is so distant, is this normal? N he always says I don’t have time for him lol.. but we are awesome when we are together and the Aquarius always tells me he likes me we not on the love level as yet.. please could someone help I don’t wanna waste my time:'(

    • Are you still with him? Did you wait? I’m having the same problem with this Aquarius guy I started seeing about 2 months ago.

  11. I’m a Libra woman married to an Aquarius man almost 25 yrs. I’m organized, he’s a workaholic, we have 6 children and the love life is still like when we were first married. We knew instantly we were meant to be, and we were right!

    • I have an Aquarius love interest but we only have known each other a few weeks. He laid it on hot and heavy after realizing that we had a lot in common. We spent a weekend together which was disastrous because we were intimate one night then his kids came over and had fun and we bonded, to getting food poisoning which made the Aquarius man so sick to embarrassment! When we parted ways I told him I was disappointed with how things turned out and he didn’t take it well…..The Aquarius apologized on the way to train and i expressed sorry for insensitivity to his illness…and he said it was fine I wasn’t insensitive….to fast forward he blocked me from FB and won’t answer texts! I am a Libra and we had a strong intellectual connection and physical attraction and the Aquarius is 12 years older and a divorcee with kids and I am 37 with no kids never married. The Aquarius wanted at one time to plan a future and on departure wanted to see me again….but I’ve been blocked and he hasn’t called… I am done with texts and calls…so confused???? I feel sad and heartbroken because I am in love with the Aquarius….any advice????

      • Libra you broke his heart. I am an Aquarius man and I know exactly how he feels. Everything he said to you was real and he felt so strong that your comment CRUSHED HIM. He is so embarrassed that his pride wont let u hurt him like that again. How dare u say that to him. He didn’t ask to be sick. His embarrassment level is at all time high and he wont let u make him feel like that ever again. If he comes back its because he wakes up yearning for you in the night and he cant fight his thoughts for u anymore. U DARE NOT question him when he returns about ANYTHING!! u want this man back it better be all smiles and baby don’t leave my life again I need you.

        • OMG That was the most AMAZING comment ever ^^^^^^^ *Tears of Joy* I hope you two are still together and thriving.

      • Gia:

        Why on earth would you say something so insensitive and dumb. I am have an Aquarius moon I would think if you are that selfish, and insensitive who needs you.

      • I am an Aquarius male and I can tell you that, you’re burnt. You hurt his feelings and he decided you weren’t worth being hurt. That wasn’t something he decided after you left either. The moment you said it he cut you off, you just didn’t realize it. Sorry best of luck.

  12. I’m a Libra lady and I was instantly attracted to my Aquarius man. Were always laughing and we say were best friends and lovers. He likes to down play our relationship but I know he loves me. He hates to talk about relationship stuff and needs lots of space 🙁 totally a workaholic. The Aquarius man loves to workout and is very friendly. Don’t ever ask him a question you might not want to know the answer to because he will tell you the truth. Good or bad. Like if he has been faithful in past relationships… ouch. Just try to live in the moment with him and enjoy your time together. The Aquarius will totally shut you down if you push him into a serious relationship. I have to keep it cool to keep him in my life. The Aquarius man doesn’t put up with any overly emotional or dramatic behavior. You can’t give him the idea your out messing around tho because he will think it’s for him to do the same. I feel like he really does like to know you love him and are loyal to him. Even if the Aquarius man acts like he doesn’t care he truly does. I feel like I never have enough time with him. I just love being with him I could honestly be with him 24/7 ha-ha he would probably freak after 48 hrs of me tho. Anyway were happy together as long as I don’t love on him to much which is not easy for me to do… 🙂 Good luck Libras!

    • If you don’t love on him too much. That sounds crazy if he truly loves and want you he should always show you. I am a Libra woman with a Aquarius man. I require certain things from any man that I date Aquarius or no Aquarius. I have leaned one thing from Aquarius men , if you let them always run the relationship they will run it right in the hole. Get a back bone and let him know what you want out of that relationship. You should able to talk about anything. My Aquarius man respects my opinions and he always want to know how I feel. That is because in the beginning I told he that is what I need in a relationship.

    • There is no way in the world I would tolerate that behavior. My Aquarius broadcasts his feelings for me across Facebook loudly and proudly. I think you may have more feelings for him than he does you. When I gave my Aquarius an ultimatum he proposed.

    • You sound pathetic girlfriend. You tolerate a man treating you with ambivalence! You Libras sound weak, needy and desperate, and once you have sex with a man he has nothing us to strive for. Women who have sex fast are considered whores not a lady we want to commit too. We think “She’s a whore” Men don’t want whores they want ladies. So ladies one thing you need to stop doing is acting like whores and keep your legs closed.

      • Oooh shut the hell up!!. Women don’t want a weak punk who cant handle a strong woman who is not afraid of her sexuality. Why don’t you go find yourself another weak man like yourself to be with. While strong women keep having sex with who they want to.. when they want to.

  13. I’ve dated an Aquarius man for about a year. But we were constantly on&off. He said that I was not like any woman he has ever dated 🙂 However the Aquarius man had a huge problem committing. But once it was all over and done w/he wanted me bk. But I couldn’t go bk to that. I like a guy who has his mind made up.

  14. Well as a Libra woman with tons of energy (maybe because my Chinese fire sign), being with an Aquarius man has been a whirlwind. I’ve never found a person who could keep up with me intellectually and physically until he magically appeared into my life! With our energy, it’s undeniable, total enigma, and respect for each other. He pushes my boundaries and I challenge him too, for us it’s been fun, refreshing and very romantic too! Looking forward to many more adventures and learning curves with him, how else do you grow if you don’t have someone to push you but to also be right by your side. <3

  15. I am dating an Aquarius guy for a month and its kinda ok. Well, i totally agree that my Aquarius guy is workaholic. He’s never late, and i am kinda who’s lazy I am a laid back chic. He plays for a soccer team, he’s sexy funny and crazy like me, its seems like were twins he’s also spontaneous. The fact that he’s popular he shows off a lot for his fans and i understand and always wait for him to come back to me. The Aquarius never made me feel insecure with other girls he likes to show off to people. But the thing is we never say ‘i love you’ til now. I am in fact happy and don’t want to commit unless i feel its real. We care for each other but we aren’t couples. I guess whatever we have is just something i will cherish one day. 😉

    • I want to find myself a Aquarians guy who is like that but I am afraid that he wouldn’t like my laid back quality either, lol.

  16. I used to be in a relationship with an Aquarius male for over 5 years. I am a Libra woman and I have to admit I’m a little on the lazy side, and an Aquarius is exactly the opposite. So for any Libra woman out there, or Libra sign in general, the Aquarius is a restless being, many Aquarians are workoholics. If you are a Libra who likes to take it easy, an Aquarius might not be the ideal partner for you. This was one thing that made our Libra and Aquarius relationship a little difficult, for sure. To Libra women out there, make sure your Aquarius man is not a workohlic who spends most of his time at work, unless that’s what you’re looking for, who knows 😉

      • Well I am a Libra and I have been in a wonderful relationship with an Aquarius and we are engaged.I can say that he is truly my best friend/Lover. The Aquarius treats me like no other man has. I can talk to him about anything and our love life is bomb.com. So I have found the right Aquarius for me.

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