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Compatibility Aquarius and Sagittarius Astrology

Compatibility Aquarius Compatibility Aquarius and Sagittarius: The Sagittarius woman is flirty, bold, open, and attractive to many people even if she does not ask for the attention. She is very friendly and never possessive. The Sagittarius woman will give her Aquarius lover freedom to himself and peach when he needs it without being demanding or smothering. The Aquarius man offers his Sagittarius beauty excitement and passion. They communicate very well and understand each other for the most part.

Compatibility Sagittarius Together the Sagittarius and the Aquarius spend time traveling, exploring, and seeking out new life experiences. They can be found bungee jumping, diving off a cliff, or flying over an active volcano. Sagittarius and Aquarius love artistic stimulation and have fun going out to parties at friends’ houses, nightclubs, and bars. These two astrological signs can be found partying until the wee hours of the morning, easily keeping up with the most energetic of the bunch.

In the bedroom, the Sagittarius and Aquarius are explosive. They fit together perfectly and create long hours of passionate love making. Together they will find new ways to explore and make love to their partner. Sagittarius and Aquarius will come up with new places, ways, and times to have sex. Thrill is part of their sex game with the Sagittarius female and Aquarius male. They will tease, entice, and pleasure the other for hours until they collapse both exhausted and spent. Creating pleasurable experiences and giving from heart, soul, mind, and body are all important in this relationship but it is not equal between the two. Sagittarius and Aquarius have a lopsided desire to please in these areas that has to be worked out if the two want to make their love relationship last forever, but overall Sagittarius and Aquarius are very compatible signs.

Compatibility Aquarius and Sagittarius

20 thoughts on “Compatibility Aquarius and Sagittarius Astrology

  1. Hello I am a Sagittarius women. And my man is An Aquarius. We have been together for 12 years. He is very intelligent and caring. I love my Aquarius man. NEVER TURN A AQUARIUS MAN AWAY.

  2. I’m a sag and I just met this aquarius guy. I didn’t expect to catch feelings so quick cause I love basking in attention from guys, I love the thrill of being chased but with him is different he makes me feel cherished and he is so amazed with me I love it! I don’t even enjoy the attention I get from guys anymore ever since I met him it just doesn’t feel right. He asked me out on wednesday in a very creative way he is so cool! I hope he’s the one if this works out I just might fall in love who knows and if that happens he might be my first. I’ll try and come back and update a couple months later.

  3. I have known my man for going on 15 years. We have always been friends, there is nothing and no one who has ever come between that. I love this man with my whole being and we have a beautiful thing together. He pushes me, makes me feel beautiful and he keeps me strong. I love to just listen to him talk, he is well spoken..that is sooo sexy to me.
    Not to mention the thrill in the bedroom that is always exciting never ending passion. He is truly the man of my dreams…now to get him to propose….

  4. Well what more can I say…..I am actually involved with my 2nd Aquarius man. I have to admit the chemistry in the bedroom is HELLAFIED(AWESOME)!I AM MARRIED TO A gemini but we’re seperated and my Aquarius MAN now that Im involved with is AN absolutely remarkable man…We met on a whim(over the phone) and even our phone conversation that day had us on the phone for a good bit of time, as if we knew each other forever….lol By him always working on and off the clock he gave me his cell number. Later on that day I sent him a pic of me just so he will be able to put a face to the voice…..we have been seeing each other since then. Our first date was OFF THE HOOK! We have TRULY FALLEN IN LOVE! Our chemistry is so beautiful. The description of a SAG WOMAN & AQUARIUS MAN is US to the tee! I already knew that we had the best ingredients for a lasting union and now we just have fun with what GOD has given us! EACHOTHER! Good luck ladies on your relationships with your Aquarius man…..Keep it going as long as you can!

  5. I’m a Sagittarius woman and have just met an Aquarius man, he knows all the tricks of the trade when it comes to sex, best sex Ive ever had in my life, just found out what I was missing out on until I met him , and I’m 55 years old. we seem to get on really good with each other, hes never boring.

  6. I am a Sag female. I met an Aquarius male in December of last year . He had a girlfriend so i kept pushing him away , but he kept chasing . I kept our conversations platonic & tried to give him relationship advice. I myself was involved with someone , (not in a relationship) and he gave me advice. We had wonderful , deep convos about any and everything . Def a good friend . On my birthday he gave me money for me and my friends to go out . After a month of talking we both were wrapped up into each other . On New Year’s Eve we HAD THE BEST SEX OF MY LIFE. Chemistry 11 out of 10 . Definitely rushed things but i don’t regret it . Sag’s are always up for an adventure . My Venus is in Scorpio , so i actually am a clingy sag. I pushed him away with my craziness . After all he did have a gf . But now he wants to come back into my life . Im gonna let him . Im young , and i only have one life to live . He is unhappy with his girl , and i am now in a relationship with the boy that i was involved with last year. I’m not so happy either . Its like they’re out best friends , got a bit of a history . But boring sex can ruin a relationship. Something so wrong feels so right. But they say the aqua & sag will have an un-normal relationship . This situation is definitely not the status quo . You can judge me but i don’t care . That man took me to ecstasy , took me to the moon and back ! I’ll never regret something that felt SOO good . Every sag woman needs to try an Aquarius man at least once !!!

    • Erica
      Im talking to a aquarius, this helps me know what lies ahead. It looks that this maybe a start of a fun journey ahead thank you.

  7. I’m an Aquarius girl and I’ve been dating a Sagittarius girl for almost a year. I remember last year we both didn’t talk much but we still dated we didn’t have sex not just yet but soon we will on my birthday of course anyways this year we both decided that we can work on the little minor mistakes. When we focused on the positive we both over looked the negative. In 2014 we both started to communicate much more and flirt more and flirt less with others around us. People should be known than not all Aquarius girls are the same and not all Sagittarius girls are the same. When I first met her there was already an instant connection.

  8. This is very interesting. I am a Sagittarius female and I find myself very attracted to Aquarius males. I do not know what it is but it’s something about them. As for me I am very independent person and do not like clingy partners what so ever. Like don’t call me I’ll call you type of girl. And reading how Aquarius are somewhat like that seems to be the ideal partner. Gotta go get me one lol. As for Aquarius females I do not get along with what so ever. One my female friends is an Aquarius and all we do is argue but I love her annoying *** lol

  9. I have never dated an Aquarius man, so this is an exciting insight on what I can look forward to. I’ve just met one and already we click. We’re both excited about our plans for our first date.
    Before reading this the Aquarius man already made an impression on me, not just thru physical attractions but on an intellectual level. Until now I thought this day would never come.
    Although keeping grounded and trying not to get carried away, I’m holding no expectations and just feed freely on the energy.

  10. I met an Aquarius male eight months ago and he is just divine to be with. From what I’ve read about him tells him to a t. Love being with him when can if he’s working to hard or traveling. We have experienced so much together in the short amount of time we have known each other. I pursued the Aquarius at first and got the ball going but it was him in the end that pursued me as he wanted more from me and still does. The Aquarius is an amazing guy and the Sagittarius just loves spending time with.

  11. As a Sag woman with an Aquarius male this describes us perfectly. We’ve known each other for almost 3 years but our 1 year relationship is coming in less than a week! From the get go we’ve connected like…..THAT. And even when our friendship or relationship has had it’s bumps, we’re able to fix it. Come back to each other and that spark is always there. I find him to be perfect. Sagittarius and Aquarius compliment each other very well.

  12. I have high hopes for me and my boyfriend, now! We have been friends for years and we immediately clicked the minute that we had met each other. He is pretty much a word for word Aquarius and same with myself. Our relationship is pretty much as described, never a dull moment and we are never bored with each other!!

  13. Aquarius and Sagittarius are not a very good match. I am an Aquarius girl and my ex boyfriend was a Sagittarius who constantly cheated on me, he even tried to hit on my sister. A typical Aquarius needs a serious boyfriend who is interested in a serious relationship, and not someone who just wants to screw around on her. The Sagittarius was very good looking though, but that probably made him screw around even more. The better the Sagittarius’ options are … The Sagittarius was a few years younger than me, so may this has to do with his age also, and he might slow down a little when he gets older. However, from my love experience with the Sagittarius man I can only say that Aquarius and Sagittarius are not a very good match. Somebody who knows astrology very well told me that Aquarius and Sagittarius are very compatible signs. Well, not in our case! I rate this relationship with 3 stars, and if wasn’t for the cheating it would prolly be 4 stars.

    • If you read carefully this article is about a Sagittarius woman and Aquarius man not a Aquarius woman and Sagittarius man. There is a difference. The Sagittarius man tends to be unfaithful while a Sagittarius woman is more faithful. The relationship between a Sagittarius woman and Aquarius man would definitely work as they’re both free spirits and complement each other

    • You can’t generalize all Sagittarians. A Sagittarius male can commit and can be loyal when he finally finds his match. I’m sorry about what happen to you but obviously, you’re not the one for him.
      The best relationship I have in my life is with a Sagittarius. Actually, I even have lots of female Sagittarius friends. As an Aquarius, I connect easily with a Sagittarius all the time and get along with them so well wherever I go. It still amazes me all the time. We always share the same enthusiasm, interests, love of independence, freedom, flirting, fun and we are both capable of being loyal to the right one. Remember it’s a case to case basis, it’s not general. I will rate this 4 stars because I never give perfect scores.

    • with you all being the reverse, its slightly differs..not much though..the male Sagittarius needs a strong confident lady and one whom allow him space and doesn’t try to change him..give him that he will give u his heart and be loyal ..if your win or complain a lot speak negative of self or others gossip etc..the Sagittarius male will pull away and lose interest and flirt with whom ever he fine attractive..i know this from experience ..although I’m a female Sagittarius myself ..i dated one Sagittarius man and lost him due to some of the things i mentioned above..and he did all the thing you mentioned above ,tried to get at my sister,my cousin and a associate..but as i grow and matured i met another male Sagittarius and i went about things differently the first time..We married for 8 years with 2 amazing children..and the Sagittarius made me feel like i ruled the world ..i strongly believe if he hadden past] we would still be blissfully happy in love..but now I’m remarried to the most amazing male Aquarius whom healed and stole my heart all at the same time. And he is like my very own jenie in a bottle granting my every wish and desire. he protects and watches over me fiercely. As if I’m more fragile than porcelain and will go medieval defending me ..i have never felt so cherished in my life.nor did i even imagine being blessed with 2 great men and 2 great amazing equally unique loves different and special on their own

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