Compatibility Aquarius and Taurus

Compatibility Aquarius The Taurus and Aquarius relationship can be quite complicated and to be honest it really is not a love match unless you are talking about business. In that respect both Taurus and Aquarius strive to succeed and improve their lives with material objects.

Compatibility Taurus They both will work hard to make money, become successful in their careers, and build hardworking teams but that is end of their love match.
Taurus and Aquarius and incompatible astrological signs. At home the Taurus woman likes to be stable, entertain, and have the finer things in life. The Aquarius man tends to space out of the loop most of the time. He is a visionary who looks into the future and plans things he can do at later dates to improve his overall work and business. He does not like to stay at home, loves to travel, and spends his time finding exciting new things to try. The Aquarius man is very spontaneous and this usually is upsetting to the Taurus woman.

Sex can be a real turn off between these two signs. Taurus women look for love, devotion, and quiet romance. The Aquarius man wants excitement, passion, and different things all the time. He is quite prone to changing his mind constantly and looking for new things to replace what he already has, even if there is nothing wrong with what he owns. This unbalance leaves the Taurus feeling confused, unloved, and at times ashamed of her life. The compatibility between the Taurus and Aquarius is only successful in working relationships such as business but not in love and marriage.