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Compatibility Aquarius and Taurus

Compatibility Aquarius The Taurus and Aquarius relationship can be quite complicated and to be honest it really is not a love match unless you are talking about business. In that respect both Taurus and Aquarius strive to succeed and improve their lives with material objects.

Compatibility Taurus They both will work hard to make money, become successful in their careers, and build hardworking teams but that is end of their love match.
Taurus and Aquarius and incompatible astrological signs. At home the Taurus woman likes to be stable, entertain, and have the finer things in life. The Aquarius man tends to space out of the loop most of the time. He is a visionary who looks into the future and plans things he can do at later dates to improve his overall work and business. He does not like to stay at home, loves to travel, and spends his time finding exciting new things to try. The Aquarius man is very spontaneous and this usually is upsetting to the Taurus woman.

Sex can be a real turn off between these two signs. Taurus women look for love, devotion, and quiet romance. The Aquarius man wants excitement, passion, and different things all the time. He is quite prone to changing his mind constantly and looking for new things to replace what he already has, even if there is nothing wrong with what he owns. This unbalance leaves the Taurus feeling confused, unloved, and at times ashamed of her life. The compatibility between the Taurus and Aquarius is only successful in working relationships such as business but not in love and marriage.

15 thoughts on “Compatibility Aquarius and Taurus

  1. I’m dating an Aquarius man, am t f obvious. Someone please help me! We both feel so confused and fight mostly over stupid shit! I’m willing to adjust for him I love him do much please someone give me advise

  2. I am a Taurus woman in a 3 year relationship with my Aquarius man. Oh boy.. it was been a LOT of work with this one, but he’s the best boyfriend I have ever had. Has never cheated, & seems to only have an eye & room in his heart for me. We fought a lot the first 2 years due to lying & drug problems, but man oh man.. he has always been so good to me when we weren’t going through a lot of our own personal struggles. He is now sober & thinking more of a future together. He & I share a similar sense of humor, we like a lot of the same things, & even when we don’t share interests.. we love each other’s differences. I feel like he & I share a healthy balance. I like the way he teaches me not to be so serious or worry about the things I can control. He is my best friend & my lover. He was the one who took my virginity & we have been in love from the beginning. We don’t fight now.. we can mutually brush the silly things off & prove to each other the negative little things don’t matter, but the positive little things do. The sex isn’t even sex.. it’s making love. We both are very passionate, I’m a bit more romantic than he is, but he has a different approach to romance as I. I do admit he likes to be up & doing something & I feel comfortable being at home, but having him to show me the fun in the world spices up my life. My chilled out side shows him that it’s okay to relax once & awhile & take it easy. We both work hard for what we want & need. We value priority & we both have a love for being creative & musical. I believe if we get married & settle down together in the future.. it will be successful. We just have to work with the differences, respect for them, & value each other for who we both are. We are on the right track. It IS possible & takes a lot of work. If you’re not faithful or you’re a lazy lover, or expect way more than you give.. this probably isn’t the relationship for you. Otherwise, I think it can work. Both just have to want it. <3

  3. I have been involved with a Aquarius man for almost a year and in the beginning everything was cool we only had a lite conversation while at work then after small talk after few months we exchanged numbers . And we we’re attracted to each other but kept it basic finding out little things about each other. We haven’t been on a date and when we set up something it got canceled. I started having strong feelings for the Aquarius, not really knowing why maybe the attraction to his focus behavior on being successful & just how sexy he was to me, or just being comfortable around him… We quickly became sexual right off the jump staying over, I was loving the time we had together. I quickly got jealous and quickly had to check myself because that jealousy behavior and asking the Aquarius to many questions or making him feel like I’m pushy or demanding quickly pushed him away … We had are fights , we had weeks sometimes felt like months where we had backed away from each other but we always managed to get back together. Even with the leave me alone crap we said to each other. The Aquarius knows I had strong feelings for him & the complements I gave him and the hugs and kisses but he liked it at first and quickly decided no more of anything and only when he felt like it. Being a Taurus woman that was a hard thing being so sexual and being such a touchy person love making a man feel like a man … Idk with this guy he’s not ready for me & he always says he’s worth the wait but do I wanna wait !!!

    • I am a Taurus woman my husband of 18 years is an Aquarius. It can work ladies and gentleman. It wasn’t always easy but it was worth it. At the end of the day I valued his humor, his sense of adventure, and his sense of whimsy. The Aquarius reminded me that it does not always have to be so serious. I taught him to be a little more sensible when he got to adventurous. It is all about comprise. We learned each others language. It takes time. We both figured our love was something that many didn’t understand but to us it was worth fighting for.

    • He sounds like a gemini. Seems taurus women have to do a lot or suppress a lot of her personality to keep an Aquarius man. What sacrifices was he making for the relationship other than being himself? I’m a taurus woman born May 7th who is interested in an Aquarius man born January 20th and I’m hesitant to even go out with this guy after reading all these comments. I’m already seeing traits that I don’t like and feel like he may be a waste of time. Not to mention I just ended things with a Gemini and believe me they seem too similar. Don’t need another relationship from hell.

  4. Hi! I’ve read many comments out of each comment I can relate to a mere degree.. I am a t female my .bf is Aquarius. We met and attraction was instant with flutter words your beautiful, your handsome etc.. I didn’t think much of it really.. Every time I went to the pool or outside poof there’s the Aquarius. I finally waved him over and asked “wanna exchange numbers”? He asked me out hour later.. We became benefit friends… I had the time of my life spontaneous adventures, omg loved it.. I held him back left him alone didn’t message, i just did my thang.. Every night inseparable… The Aquarius can read me like an open book to a degree.. I kept us as friends drove him crazy, he talked a lot about feelings, he would say to his friends “meet my girl she is always trying to run away”. He holds my hand, cuddles, doesn’t like to much mystery, the Aquarius knows when i hold back.. He is fiery, dramatic, yet he expands my stubborn mind.. He forgives me quickly, yet he is quite possessive, and jealous.. I guess because i am older now If I feel jealously. Or angst I just say it and let it go.. I appreciate his take on everything, as he does mine.. I find I compromise more even when I am right, he likes validation, the Aquarius would rather be surrounded than alone, I spoil him careful if you the same cause he brings flowers.. my only real complaint is for him to make up his Damn mind when making decisions.. My Aquarius man says we are going to live together than bam plans changed he will tell me the plan change as if I already knew.. We are officially together. We started off rocky, heated, and at times exhausted emotionally. Yet we have a very strong bond… We need each other, we balance.. we just had to accept each other differences (easier said than done).

  5. Hello guys, I am a Taurus woman and currently dating an Aquarius man which I met online. At first we really shared a lot of things in common. We always Skype, message on Facebook, then he decided to visit me here in my country, and we spent time together for more than a week. I really felt our relationship is perfect as we acted like newly wed when we were together; not until he went back in his country. Since he left, he never Skype me and constantly have an excuses not to call me. He only sends me short messages once a day on Facebook. I’m starting to feel depressed coz i feel that the Aquarius is no longer interested with me. I missed the days that we are so much in love with each other. 🙁

  6. I agree with the analysis above. I’m in a current relationship with an Aquarius man and I’m a Taurus woman….wow, were we off to a great start. We could talk about anything, loved being around each, magnificent sex…but I can’t help but to sometimes feel like is it going to last. Lately, the Aquarius’ lack of ambition or “dreaming” has really pushed me over the top. As time wears on in our relationship, his interest has decreased and I just plain want to rethink things. I, the Taurus, like for things to be planned, realistic, etc. He, the Aquarius, often foresees many things, but never executes a plan to achieve such things. All in all, the love is beginning to fizzle because I really don’t like to dream and every man wants a woman that can dream with them. Sad, great guy, but my clock is starting to run out.

  7. I am a Taurus women and I recently started talking to an Aquarius man. I must admit I am still trying to feel him out. I could text him and not get a response for up to twenty min maybe not at all. This drives me insane, but I don’t show it and if I do I make a joke..but the Aquarius does acknowledge it when he calls… When we do talk over the phone our conversations are great. When we are together it is very comfortable, laid back and we still enjoy each other company… The sexual chemistry is great as well but like I said I am still kind of feeling him out. I, a Taurus, am very caring and nurturing in nature, I always had a cool, calm and collective personality. So I do have patience which I think the Aquarius appreciates. I am sure we have differences but as individuals we all do. I think this has the potential to go further if I don’t make him feel smothered or get overly possessive in which I rarely get that way unless given serious reasons. Understanding one’s personality is a great way to make something last and apparently the Aquarius is known for being a bad texter lol. Being as though I am 4 years older than him I think he has some things to learn, for example me being more experienced in relationships I can teach the Aquarius a few things. But he is really sweet, patient, caring and I am really digging him we shall see how this turns out….

  8. Well… There’s this Aquarius man and I’m a Taurus women. We had this connection. Like life with him felt real. We were getting closer and closer by the days. It started with me continuously reaching out to the Aquarius man like texting first or speaking first or asking for a hug first, but eventually he began to reach out to me. Long story short things were going great and it felt like at any moment it could become official. But that went down the drain. Believe it or not we literally just stopped talking to each other before Thanksgiving and haven’t really “talked” since. We both feel the same way as in if the Aquarius doesn’t talk to me I don’t talk to him… So therefore were not talking because I’m not breaking and clearly he doesn’t want to either. We’ve both been doing petty things to make each other jealous, we’ve caught each other starring at each other, ETCCC. But we won’t talk….. Thing is….. I really wanna talk to him! Email me with advice guys!

  9. I dated an Aquarius guy but he refused to tag it a relationship until we broke up (hadta force it outta his mouth). We were together for two years and did everything normal couples do. I got fed up cz it felt like a waste of time so I stopped visiting/the sex. When we broke up the Aquarius blamed me for not being there/giving him attention (funny). I met another Aquarius guy…he’s a hunk but a pervert (seems dat’s all he wants…no strings attached) and wants to have sex with me just because I’m Taurus…I’m so not ready for that but I like him….HELP!!!

  10. Im an aquarius man, and ive been dating a taurus woman for the past 2 months more than regularly. We honestly have had some silly fights that blew out of proportion. But we have always been able to communicate enough so that we are on the same page again. The sex has been fantastic and i love how our sense of humors mesh. All and all i came to a point in my life where i really want a person to need me, an want to spen a lot of time together. I appreciate the person she is and can put everything in perspective. Everytime we are away, we agree, its dumb we arent together. Thinking of a real long term commitment on this one…

  11. I have a complete different story readers. I currently date an Aquarius man & I’m a Taurus woman & honestly I enjoy every minute with him, we don’t argue or anything it was a instant chemistry from the start & still is. Our sex is off the chain never tiring or boring. I think we have a lot in common actually. He asked me yesterday what was my sign reluctantly I told him & I must admit he was disappointed to hear because his ex Is an Taurus & that didn’t go well. It was pretty much like the horoscope says, lol but we’re opposite I enjoy him. I think mostly because he’s older & I have changed a lot from my older ways. Before as a Taurus I was hell, I prayed for change for patience understanding etc & I have it, I think that’s y we get along. Accept a person for who they are, communicate, it’s a 2 player game even a set in ways Taurus can change… Don’t allow horoscopes to dictate ur life cuz it’s not always true. “Prime example”

  12. I’ve been dating an Aquarius guy for a week now , I. A full blown Taurus women and when I seen him we had an instant connection, we wound up spending the rest of the day together, went to the waterfront. I must say it was very cozy and I felt comfortable around him, just the other day he started kinda criticizing me about the way I’m so over expressive, he sees it as me being extra and controversial but I’m humbled my self just a tad bit, lmao I still had my matter of fact tone on because I won’t allow anyone to judge me when they don’t know me and haven’t taken the proper time to understand me but with some communication I was able to win him over to my side as well as offer him a little insight. Things are going smooth he calls me throughout the day, texts me, and expresses his feelings for me and this is new to me I haven’t been in relationship with someone in over three years, I thought I was sure to get bored with the Aquarius guy but surprisingly I haven’t, I actually wanna see what more there is to him. He’s constantly on my back about finding a job and getting over the tried and try but I don’t tell him how to run his life because I know and respect the fact that everyone is there own boss in life, with the choice of free will I just want him to respect my decisions as well as motivate me to achieve more bit not in a pushy kind of way. Here’s been staying with me since I met him and today he’s like his mother misses him so he’s gonna stay home. The old clingy, controlling , possessive, love seeking me was totally oblivious to this suggestion bit I’m trying to grow and understand that everyone needs space but I feel he’s out all day that’s all the space he needs. Well I’m just gonna continue to live in the moment and hope and pray for the best cause it is what it is. As a Taurus I can handle almost whatever comes my way and there’s nothing i won’t do to make my life beautiful. Good luck ladies

  13. I as a Taurus woman can only agree with what it says above. Taurus and Aquarius is absolutely no love match. I dated an Aquarius man for a little while, and I think we both knew from the start that this relationship is going nowhere! The Aquarius man was always busy with something, taking care of business, or whatever. It seemed like I wasn’t even there at some times. The Aquarius man didn’t like my female Taurus energy, I guess that’s what he meant when he told me I was too assertive. It was obvious from the start that Taurus and Aquarius is not very compatible. Maybe a Taurus man and an Aquarius woman would work out better, but in my case (Taurus woman and Aquarius man) – no way! 1 star dear Aquarius!

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