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Compatibility Cancer and Leo

Compatibility Cancer The Cancer and Leo combination does not work out so well usually unless it involves sex. The two are wonderful in bed together with the Cancer woman adoring her lavish, lion male Leo. The Leo loves to show off for his mate letting her see his muscles, his flexibility, and his stamina in bed. She in return will give him her full, undivided attention and this serves his large ego well. They make passionate, sensual displays of love for each other. Sparks fly whenever they are close to each other. This is as far as it goes between them usually.

Compatibility Leo The Cancer woman is very sensitive. She can be very moody as well. She loves to stay at home, take care of her children, and make her husband happy. The Leo man tends to be more brash, self-centered, and loud. He can scare her, worry her, and make her feel unwanted. Between them, this type of relationship can carry on but feelings of rejection and hopelessness creep into Cancers’ mind and eventually mistrust and hurt break the two apart.

They will usually continue to have sex with each other because they can’t seem to ignore the physical passion when they get together but the marriage will be over. The Cancer cannot trust the Leo to give her the life and safety that she is craving and he cannot deal with her sensitive mood swings. The Cancer woman eventually smothers the Leo man if they stay together long enough. This creates harmful and resentful endings to their formerly friendly relationships most often.

41 thoughts on “Compatibility Cancer and Leo

  1. .. I am a cancer female and having a long distance relationship with my leo man for almost a year ..his from the europe country and im from asian country .. I’ve known him in a dating apps. but never been meet in personal. To have a long distance relationship with a leo man is not easy at first we have time each other he chat me every day , video calls or even voice message his too sweet, romantic even we’ve been apart he always tell me that im beautiful, I dont need to change because he loves me as the way I am.. his too funny and he like to sing in me.. but the time passing by he chat me once a week or twice a week and turns into once a month because his too busy in his work . I feel sad, confused , if he really loves me because I cared him much but he always tell me that I dont need to worry because he really loves me and he plan to visit me soon after finish my college and he want to meet me and my parents it will be next year Soon By God Grace and that made me feel Happy To have a long distance relationship with a leo man is not perfect but I learn to be patience, understand his ego even sometimes I feel give up but to have a leo man in my life is feels great because his too romantic and I truelly love him.

  2. .. I am a cancer female and having a long distance relationship with my leo man for almost a year ..his from the europe country and im from asian country .. I’ve known him in a dating apps. but never been meet in personal. To have a long distance relationship with a leo man is not easy at first we have time each other he chat me every day , video calls or even voice message his too sweet, romantic even we’ve been apart he always tell me that im beautiful, I dont need to change because he loves me as the way I am.. his too funny and he like to sing in me.. but the time passing by he chat me once a week or twice a week and turns into once a month because his too busy in his work . I feel sad, confused , if he really loves me because I cared him much but he always tell me that I dont need to worry because he really loves me and he plan to visit me soon after finish my college and he want to meet me and my parents it will be next year Soon By God Grace and that made me feel Happy To have a long distance relationship with a leo man is not perfect but I learn to be patience, understand his ego even sometimes I feel give up but to have a leo man is amazing because his too romantic and I truelly love him.

  3. I am a cancer and I was married to a Leo for 47 yrs! We had a very caring and loving marriage.We had problems but nothing bad enough to cause any major problems.We loved each other very much! He was a very sexual man when he was young but that started to slow down as he got older. He died Dec 13 ,2015. He died of cancer and had a 3 yr battle with it! I miss him so much! He treated me like a queen for years but he had a stroke in 2013 and completely changed him.His personality had change dramatically. He became very quiet and hardly ever smiled or laughed!So there was a huge attraction right from the start!

    • Real Life True-Lovers like Youu Both aare the genuine motivation to people like us who often stuggle uselessly with all kinds of silly-willy issues in our relationships. I truely appreciate your story and it actually strengthens my motives to become a better lover. As it really has to be a fact as you told that.. problems may take place.. but nothing big enough that souls have to break apart.
      We all should be clear about a thing that if we truely will ..our relationship to work.. ourselves should figure out solutions . Whereas who doesnt give a damn are the ones who are ready with excuses.

  4. So far I’ve know my leo man for about couple months we barley got in contacted with eachother again. He’s a really sweet,nice guy but for some reason he hasn’t made a move he said cause hes trying to be a gentlemen and doesn’t want to be all over me cause I’m not that kinda of girl but honestly I am lol.but he’s doesn’t know that should I tell him or take are time.I’m not in a rush on doing anything sexual .I just wanna be his gf and be there with hin

  5. Cancer woman successful 25 years with a leo man, my experiences are this; leo are protective, masculine, fun, complimentary, thoughtful. They ‘can’ be a dominating authority but can be tamed! They can be harsh but usually sincerely apologetic & with realization learn to be softer. They negative, even though assertive (which us cancer girls like), this can also flip around to where they start wanting and expecting YOU to give them all the attention as they get comfortable in the relationship. To the point the assertiveness leaves and subtly you find yourself making all the first moves to make anything happen and they relish in it still yet continue to wait on you to move to them just like a big headed lion sitting on his thrown ego full of ‘girl wants me’attutude! This can transfer to the bedroom. (Yuck) So just remember to not cater to your leo too much cancer girls or you will see this change once he’s secured the victory of declaring you as his.
    I do find leo of pure heart! That’s always a good thing. With a few hick ups, the majority of 25 years has been a great relationship with mutual respect, compassion and admiration for each others quslities.
    Cancer is moody and easily hurt, leo is egotistical but if you can get past those things, the two can really compliment each other.
    Past fire with a Sagittarius was hot but horrible in everyday life and devastating. I’ll take my leo (faults and all) any day over a sensitive, grudge holding, self absorbed sagitarious.
    Leo’s also can be quit giving and yes, very family oriented!

  6. I’m a cancer women who’s been involved on and off with a Leo man for almost 3 years. No exclusivity. We live in different states, about 2.5 hours away from each other. Here is the issue. After a while of getting to know him in the first year, I’ve developed feelings for him. I’ve told him this. He’s told me that I’m a great woman and sees my efforts, but the distance is the issue of why we are not together. I’ve put in so much effort and time into showing him how much I adore him. There were times I have gotten frustrated with him and left him alone. In between I have dated other men. I know that he’s dated other women as well. I was the one who always broke the silence. I seeked him out, we would talk out our differences and I would always find myself in his arms and his bed. This is our routine. It’s been almost 3 years and I’ve told him that I’m tired of going back and forth like this. His excuse as always is the distance. I’ve even considered moving closer. Now things seem to be ok for now. I see him every other week. I’ve met his son. This man holds a lot in. He never really talks about his family or his past. Barely talks about his kids, unless it involves his son whom I already met. I find myself always taking the initiative to get together. I have deep feelings for him and I think we are great together. I know this May be selfish but I want more with this man. I have two kids almost the same age as his, with similar interests. All college students. He’s family oriented just like I am. I want to be able to grow with this man and just make him happy, but at the same time I thing I’m wasting my time. It’s been 3 years I would have thought that maybe something more would have come out of us, but it hasn’t. I’m lost on what I should do.

    • I also am a Cancer female and as a mother…I say, you and your children deserve more. It’s easy to be in love with someone you only get to spend part of part time with but, think of the effect this will have on your children. I would not consider it wise to uproot your children and start over life unless it is something you considered doing anyway because, if things don’t work between he and you…it’s going to be that much more difficult to deal with. Three years is a lot of time to invest in getting to know someone but, the thing is…from what you have expressed it doesn’t seem like you know him well enough to expect more from him than what you already have been shown…if that is enough for you then….fine if not…perhaps you should look for love elsewhere…

  7. is it good match? Im dealing with a leo man currently and its good so far! He is nice, i think he is gentle, we never met in person yet.

  8. I think I’m falling for this Leo man that I’ve met online. I think he likes me too. Our conversation was really nice, and I like his attention, he is younger than me, its rare but i think i like him.

  9. I must say that I somewhat disagree with this. This pair could be catastrophic, however, conversely, it could be perfect harmony. I am a female Cancer that has been married to a Leo man for 8 years and it has been the best 8yrs of my life. We complement each other. I am the moon to his sun. The Leo is the fire to my water. We communicate very well and both share a deep love and affection for each other as well as family (which was a BIG thing for us). When we DO have conflict (which EVERY relationship will have, it’s inevitable) we just handle it like ADULTS. We use the communication tools given to us and we have enough respect and love for one another not to let it get out of hand. I think that every circumstance is different so don’t let articles such as this discourage you. It COULD work. Sometimes opposites DO attract. Even a battery takes a positive and a negative charge in order to work properly. IJS.

  10. I’m a Cancer female and I have the BIGGEST crush on a Leo male . OHMYGOSH that man is sooooo fine, but I’m scared of rejection. we have mutual friends and I’ve spoken to him a couple of time, but never anything more. its just something about the way the Leo looks at me when we do see each other like hes trying to tell me something. lol I don’t know. The Leo makes me nervous though. I want to like hint at him I’m kind of feeling him, but I don’t really know what to do. any suggestions??? Leo males how does a girl get you attention (the right way and positive attention) , lost cancer

    • I was in a similar situation as a Cancer woman. Just find a quiet moment with him and assert yourself he won’t put you on blast. If he’s not interest he’ll be nice about it. If he is then you’ve scored BIG

  11. I am a Cancer woman currently seeing a Leo male. The magnetism and chemistry is real. From my first encounter online with him to the first time we met shortly thereafter, I was fascinated. During our first meeting, I knew I was drawn to this guy in a unique way (in a way that I’ve always been romantically drawn to Leos in my life). On the fourth date (after just three weeks), we became physical. It’s physical and intellectual and emotional – the attraction. And boy is it an attraction. My goodness the passion. As a Cancer woman, the strength of the attraction is scary to me, and therefore I make an effort to keep my feelings realistic and in check. But after a month (part of which involved amazing sex), I had to finally let the Leo know that I’m not one for a casual sex (FWB) relationship, that it was over if that was all he wanted. See, the Cancer in me always feels a bit insecure, like the person doesn’t want me the way I want them. To my surprise, my Leo started crying and said that he himself was shocked by his reaction, that he had never met any woman who had had such an effect on him and that he connected with in such an easy, simple way. The Leo said, “Yes, we’ll be exclusive and give a relationship a try. Let’s take it one day at a time.” I am still flabbergasted because I didn’t expect his response (that Cancer insecurity runs deep), but this man makes me feel powerful and amazing and beautiful. Only Leo men (and women) have ever made me feel that way: like I can be everything and anything. They make me want to be my best. I think Leo and Cancer, once you get over the humps, are a great match. Who knows where our relationship will go, but I suspect it’ll be fun and filled with good moments.

    • Omg I have had the exact same experience. Well written! I find that Leo’s keep surprising cancers, that they are everything they say that they are. They have their own pace of course. Slow and steady.

  12. I met a Leo male via dating app 9 months ago. We soon began talking via text. I felt like we would text ALL day. He would even hit me with that “good morning beautiful” text every now & then. I would mention meeting quite a bit after we got to know one another. Physically I was SO attracted to him. The Leo male finally 3 months later decided to come down & meet me. We ended up hooking up that night. The chemistry & sexual tension was crazy. So… It happened. BEST SEX EVER. I was hooked. The Leo lives about an hour away & he would come stay at my place one night every weekend & we’d hang out & have sex. I’m a Cancer so feelings started happening but anytime i brought up like wanting more it would go no where. We’ve been doing the weekend thing for about 6 months now & I’m quite sure I’m in love. After we started hooking up the texting all day stopped, the sweet things he would say at times stopped. When were together it’s the best feeling. It’s so easy with the Leo male! & like I said our sex is amazing. I would do any & everything I could for this guy. He’s legitimately perfect. Minus the fact that i don’t believe he sees me how I see him. Should I give up? Or is he just very hard headed?

    • I can relate to both of you. I’m a Leo male (with moon/mars in Cancer). I understand you loving the security that being with him brings you, almost a “princess/prince rescue” feeling perhaps. He may not see it that way. He might have charmed you just to get in bed, and then decided all he wanted was FWB/NSA. Painful, I’ve been there, and rejection of any form sucks. I wouldn’t give up, but he may be feeling smothered? Give him some time, things might work out 🙂 Good luck to you.

  13. A year ago I met a Leo man (27) who liked me immediately. Being a Cancer female I didn’t get him, or trust him; basically he came across as an eager cub, keen to show off and talk about sex. And while I knew he liked me, I was not ultimately attracted to his mind or appearance. Of course, I was more than happy to chat and flirt however, Leo’s are great at encouraging that response in anyone!
    Roughly six months later the Leo invited me along to a camping trip and I was suddenly deeply attracted to him. Where as a year ago I saw a young cub, now he seemed more powerful, relaxed, confident and sure of himself. I was turned on by his ability to bring a group out together, hiking in the wild.
    When Cancers get a crush, they tend to crush v. hard. From that point on, I struggled to keep my interest under wraps. We began to see more of each other in group situations, where he was always a gracious and generous host, never ever giving me any reason to think he still liked me. But he did.
    During a casual conversation we brought up a mutual love of rock climbing, and made a date to go together (as friends of course!). This is where we discovered how much we had in common. Immediately we began making plans to travel together, and to do different climbs. We even swapped TV shows and movies. I felt like it was a date, but he knew I had been seeing someone lately and wouldn’t let it be anything more than friends hanging out.
    One time after a girls night out, I found myself texted him, asking if I could come round and hang out. Our relationship as friends had been cemented in my mind and I didn’t find this inappropriate. Of course it was… a terrible idea too as we sat side by side watching a movie my desire to lay in his arms was extreme. Finally after 6 hours, the sun came up and we started chatting and playing around. With my backs of my legs against his bed, he stopped our wrestling and asked me exactly what I was doing there, especially since I was seeing someone. I felt ashamed and shocked. The Leo told me blankly that he liked me, had always liked me, but nothing further would happen. What a gentleman. I had been so attracted to him that I was blinded by it. Leos are so magnetic!
    Weeks went by and I ending it with the man I had been seeing, due to different interests. I went along to see a band with Leo and his friends, not sure if I should tell him about my recent single status. One by one his friends left and soon, Leo and I ended up in a club together. Earlier we had a frustrated conversation walking through the streets and I confessed that I had ended it with the other guy. Talk about letting the Lion out of the cage, immediately his warm grin teamed with large paw gripped my hand and I realized how out of my depth I was! As we danced I was almost embarrassed by how confident he was, but I could keep up. Which as a cancer, I think is the key to keep up with a LEO.
    When we finally kissed it was like being swept up by a tornado. We didn’t finish until we were in bed and he unleashed the full Leo upon me. I could spend all day describing it. I had never been so outperformed, so dominated, so swept up, so consumed. We spent all night ravishing each other, he left no corners unseen, untouched, or unlicked. I was almost embarrassed that I had let him have me so completely. But my concerns were forgotten in his warm embrace, which made me feel needed, loved, adored.

    We are dating now. I have to be strict with him otherwise we would never do anything but have sex. This is where Leo and Cancer are at their best. But it is a tricky relationship. I have had to study up on Leo’s so I know how to handle him. I have forced myself to be kind, forgiving and warm, when I have wanted to go silent and hide away. This Leo man has had an incredible effect on me. They like a pretty, clean girlfriend who can keep up with them. Immediately I began to be more feminine, ambitious and wanting to get my life together. I doubt we are REALLY right for each other, as their is a strange lack of trust (for no reason) between the two signs. But he is everything I have wanted and more in a man so I am giving it a chance. Cancer and Leo seem to move at their own pace, carefully sussing each other out. I know he is hiding his temper from me (very very well) and I am doing my best to seem unworried and happy even though it is against my cancer nature. In a way however this is good. Encouraging the best in each other. I think if we can work, he will positively effect my life forever.

  14. I’m with a Leo female , and I’m a Cancer female , today makes a month that we have been talking , we met online an plan on meeting in April , we live 4 hours away from each other , and I so can’t wait to meet her , the Leo has me head over hills . An in return she can’t stay away from me . Tried braking things off with the Leo and she wasn’t having that , that just turns me on even more lol I don’t think she’s going anywhere any time soon.

  15. Am a Leo man. I have been sexually involved with a Cancer woman for the last one year & its surely difficult to keep her out of my mind. We have an on & off relationship, due to the Cancer’s mood swings & partly due to her lack of trust 4 me. When we meet after a long hiatus, we insanitly hit it off, she gives her best: hottest sex ever. Surely, a Cancer woman rates high on the bed.

  16. I have been involved with a Leo man that I met online that I am soon planning to visit but our chemistry is out of this world. Very passionate and I know the sex will be equally so…lol…I feel the Leo man would like to propose marriage bcus he talks about it as well as a future together, so lets see what will happen. So far so good – Cancer woman

      • Hell YES !!! This is the right description ! I’m a Cancer women Who met a LION man at the Gym …We are both married …and can’t leave each other for a second …we start to train together, the Leo is now my personal trainer- He was a professional Hand Ball Player,and I’m the couch potato he takes care of ….and all that for free…We didn’t have sex together although the attraction between us is unbelievable!

  17. I am a Leo female and i recently met a Cancer male online an we hit it off the first time I talk to him on the phone and the Cancer was sweet loving caring person an easy to get along with the sex was amazing I love him for being such a go getter and that turns me on about the Cancer male but we into a disagreement an he was mad at me I could not stay away from him Cancer men turn me on.

  18. The funny part about that is I am a 23 year old male Leo and I am chasing an spontaneous 19 year old Cancer woman. Not in a million years what I think that I would be compatible with the Cancer so fast. We’ve been known each other for a few weeks but the chemistry seems like that we’ve been knowing each other for the past couple of years now. Its crazy because I can be myself around her and the Cancer comfortable as well. Now the funny part is that I caught feelings very fast but I didn’t say too much at first but the closer we got the more I decided to open up to the Cancer woman regardless of the situation. When I first told her how I felt, she kind of understood but yet used the excuse of not wanting to rush to avoid of telling me how she really felt. But the sex oh my gosh it’s phenomenal. It’s almost as if we were in space high off of the altitude from the stars. As time is going along I can see that the Cancer is finally coming along and finally showing the affection that I was looking for. With Cancers they are very very protective of their feelings in the sense of not telling you how they feel so easily. They are truly a crab, meaning they come off as this super macho unbreakable individual but when you really show that you care about them or show some type of interest they show their TRUE COLORS. Now I’m not saying that it is a waste of time trying to chase a Cancer but honestly it is a true test for a Leo to really want to chase something because we are very territorial when it comes to wanting something. But with that being said the chase will be very worth it. I feel like the Cancer completes the Leo. In the sense of making them want to be around the Cancer a lot. Who’s to say that we are going to last, who’s to say that we won’t, all that I know is I’m feeling the hell out of this Cancer girl and I’m happy that I did chase her because I feel like I possibly found the one but at the same time I’m not going to rush it I’m just going to play it day by day take it for what it is and just enjoy each others presence. I feel that with the Cancer once you open up to them and you show them how you truly feel without having to do too much after you honestly and compassionately express your feelings then the Cancer has no choice but to believe you and soon to be chasing you. It’s one of those days as a Leo you have to put your pride aside and just be real to yourself but at the same time be real to a Cancer and your cards will be played right. Oh did I forget to mention the sex is phenomenal lol? #TEAMLEO

  19. I am a Cancer women dating a Leo male we’ve been dating since July and he made it official in Sept I’m ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with this Leo man he makes me feel so completed he gives so many compliments and coming from dealing with a SAG for 5 years i feel like i wasted my time. My Leo gives me so much security and has open ears. The problem we have is that I lack trust and I’m afraid this will cause a lot of problems until that is built i really want to be with this Leo man i just need to open my heart i feel as though LEO are a good match for us Cancers despise their arrogance. He is very giving and family oriented something i truly admire.

  20. I’m a Cancer female who’s been casually dating a Leo male for 6 months. I have never dated someone like him before. I HATE arrogance, but this Leo of mine has this confidence that is just, (sigh). He is sensitive enough to handle my moodiness, the Leo man listens, and it makes me come out of my Cancer shell. In turn, I willingly cater to his Leo ego!! Also, there is this unexplainable attraction between us. Cancer female and Leo man seem to be a good balance for each other. He brings some excitement to my life, and I am his calm homebody who loves to please!

  21. I’m in a deep friendship with a Leo man, and I want to change it into a relationship, if not, at least something sexual. Every time I’m around him, I feel like I want my hands all over him, and we have been to some excellent private places. However, the Leo hasn’t made a move towards me and I fear I might have accidentally rejected him through a gesture even though I didn’t mean to at all. I don’t want to read too much into the signs, but I think he has feelings for me that he is just not showing. I crave his attention and I want to be with the Leo, but what show I do? Please help, Confused Cancer woman

  22. I met an older Leo man today. It was explosive! He seemed like everything I’ve been craving in a man. I just recently ended my year and a half long relationship with a Sagittarius man. We always argued and his bluntness and aggression will always leave a bruise on my heart, but today… I felt hope. I felt this connection with a 42 year old Leo man that I haven’t felt in years. He made me feel like a princess. Unloading complements and making me laugh. I talked to him for hours. He was so polite yet confident and strong spirited. I wanted to make love to his words but I’d only known him for a couple of hours by then. I found myself comfortable to talk about my confused emotions and uncertainties. But by the end of our conversation I felt the most certain about myself than I have about anything in a while. I almost felt loved by this complete stranger

  23. I am a 30 yr old Leo male who recently was with a beautiful Cancer woman. We dated for the last 4 months, but I’m so in love with her already. I know that it may seem fast, but it was love at first sight for the both of us. We have such a strong bond with each other. The Cancer woman knows how to make me laugh, sensitive, caring to me and I am the same to her as well. In the beginning, we would talk on the phone for hours and hours at a time. The sex is in one word: EXPLOSIVE!!!!… Recently, she told me that she could not be in a relationship with me anymore because she felt that she was not good enough for me. One of the problems I think that I’ve encountered is that it is a long-distance relationship and she is used to having a boyfriend with her all the time (She lives 1 and a half hour away from me).. I would go to visit her as much as I could.. I would even come pick her up and bring her down to where I live to spend time with me. I want to move forward because I know that is the right thing to do for myself, but as a Leo male can’t seem to shake her out of my mind.. I miss her so much and I know the Cancer female loves, misses me too. Any advice on how to handle this situation. Should I forget about her and give the next woman a chance or should I chase after her?? My heart needs some healing.

    • She wants to know you need her. Go get your cancer woman. She will be so happy and self assured if you chase her bc it shows that you really want her. Her insecurities are a reflection of not feeling needed by you and that means the world to know her man needs and loves her so much.

      32 yr old Cancer woman here by the way 🙂

    • Khalid… go get her! This “you’re too good for me” thing is a trop. I know, because I feel the same way about my Leo man oftentimes. Leo men are so emotional (secretly!), and we Cancers are so emotional too (we wear it on our sleeve). It’s true, we’re prone to insecurity. Just hold her in your arms and look into her eyes and tell her that you love her and believe in her. I don’t completely agree with the article. Yes, there is some truth there (fear, worry, etc). Leo is the pure masculine archetype, Cancer is the pure feminine archetype. The Sun and the Moon. You Leo men are so powerful, it’s thrilling! Yay! It can be a match made in heaven on so may levels, not just in bed but spiritually!


  24. I have been involved with a Cancer man sexually off and on for 14 years. I am a Leo/Virgo and all I can say is I can’t stay away from this man sexually. The way I feel when I’m with him is like no other. We tried a relationship before but I quickly asked to end it and continue our relationship as lovers/friends. Why because he was too moody and hard to read which made me feel un-assured. This guy is handsome, funny and is a man of business and I think that is what turns me on the most about him. There has been times I’ve sat back and watched him make business transactions and became completely turned on. He is admired by many women and his reputation is that he is a womanizer in our city. And many women have unpleasant things to say about him but I don’t understand we never had a disagreement. We could go a year or two without seeing each other but when we come together the love making is like we never left each others side. It is safe to say that I love this Cancer man do I think we will ever be together no but it is gonna take a special kind of man to keep me away from him. Because as long as he is unmarried I am his whenever he desires me.

  25. I am a Cancer female and I had an affair with a Leo male. I wouldn’t say it was a love relationship, it was more of a sexual relationship. The sex was great. We got together once or twice a month. The Leo male was married for the most part of our affair, so we had to keep it a secret. The affair between the Leo and me lasted for over 10 years. He kept telling me that he wanted to get a divorce, but that didn’t happen for along time. Once it did happen you would think that we got together as a couple, but no. The Leo man found someone else to be with, however, our affair continued for a few more years. It’s absolutely true what it says above, Cancer and Leo are prone to a sexual relationship, at least from my experience, and as far as sex goes, Leo and Cancer are very compatible. 4 stars!

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