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Compatibility Cancer and Pisces

Compatibility Cancer The relationship between a Cancer and a Pisces can be magical at some points. Going beyond true friendship, these two can have a happy and loving relationship if they put their hearts into it. Cancer is calm, patient, and sensitive. Pisces is emotional, helpful, and deeply caring. Cancer and Pisces are very compatible astrological signs.
The Cancer and Pisces can share a relationship that is lasting and loving if each commit completely to the other and realizes their differences. Cancer can help Pisces come out of her dream world and see the reality around her when she wants him to. He can also help her see how to obtain her dreams for real. The Pisces woman can teach her moody Cancer to let go a little and not always take control of the situation.

Compatibility Pisces The Cancer man likes to party and is the center of attention at parties when he is in the mood to attend. Staying home and having close friends and relatives is more his style. His Pisces woman mate is just the opposite; she tends to be more of a loner though she needs a man in her life. Pisces has to take time for her to reinvigorate and Cancer does not always understand the reasons for this.

In the bedroom, these two signs are magical together. The Pisces teaches Cancer to be sensual, feeling with the heart instead of the mind. Cancer tends to dominate in this area, leading Pisces into the abyss of sexual pleasure and romancing her for long hours. Cancer can lead her into exploring her Pisces sexuality and becoming more of a woman than she ever dreamed was possible. Cancer and Pisces make a great love match.

29 thoughts on “Compatibility Cancer and Pisces

  1. I am a pieces woman….Going to marry a cancer man…5 months have been passed since we first met for marry purpose as arranged my parents and just 2 months left for our marriage n he hadn’t contact me even for once…..I want to know him as he’s going to be my future partner..but he didn’t gave me time saying that he wants to study for some competitive exam…And what bothers me is a man is not interested in knowing her lady, he’s going to marry….

    I am very much confused as what to do in this situation of today’s arrange marriage system….And technologically advanced country….Where you can contact any person any time….And he’s showing me that he’s all time busy

    Plz advice me…

    • Hi,
      Cancers have a hard shell and it sounds like he retreated into it. You must be married now that the 2 months passed since your entry. I wish you all the best and I am sure you can help him to open up with your lovely self. I wish you both a happy, loving and ever lasting marriage!
      Your fellow Pisces friend:)

  2. I’m a Pisces woman. I saw my Cancer man in matrimony app. Initially he was little shrewd and later he proposed me. We have not met personally, due to the delay at his workplace. We are in love with each other, even though physically separated and not met each other. My Cancer man is always considerate about my safety. He writes lovely poems for me so that I easily forget my worry. A little jealous and possessive, but he will never hurt me. I have never met a man like him before. He is definitely special to me. As a Pisces lady, I’m spiritual and caring. He has always assured me that he will do his best to keep our relationship alive.

  3. I was in a relationship with a Cancer man for 4 years. As a sensitive fish, he was truly the most perfect fit my turbulent world. We split up 18monyhs ago and it’s been the hardest thing to deal with. Recently, we’ve started talking again, and although I am cautiously hesitant to dive back in, I am more in love with him today, than ever ❀️ Part 2, I’ve met another Cancer man online who has rocked my world in as little as 24 hours. I feel like I’ve known him all my life. i don’t know where either of these relationships will go. What I do know is that as a Pisces woman, I will spend the rest of my life with a Cancer man. The balance is heavenly.

  4. Cancer female. Met a Pisces male 21yrs ago. We were kids just having fun 1 summer then I moved to the west coast. Last week we reconnected bc the same friend that introduced us then saw him & told me that he had no ring. There are a lot of things from that summer that we both never forgot. I hadn’t thought to look up our compatibility until yesterday because he said something about how Pisces are. This is so dead in and definitely explains why we never forgot each other. Both recently divorced so not sure where this will go if anywhere, but if 21yrs of not communicating and then picking right back up even better now doesn’t prove the above I don’t know what will.
    Oh & YES in the bedroom is more fantabulous! Best ever!

  5. I am a Pisces female and I have never dated a Cancer male until now. He is four years my junior but I love how strong and manly he is and sensitive all at the same time. The first time I met him, something clicked in me and I knew that I wanted to get to know him better. He is a very shy Cancer though, but he chats with me every day via what’s app and we chat a lot, about everything basically. I know that he is still very young so I cannot expect too much from him. He also has a huge wall up because he is very insecure due to hurts from his past. I am feeling kind of nervous about that because I could take the chance and help him come out of that shell, but the fact that it may not work out worries me a lot.

    I want to help him let his guard down and open up to me emotionally but I know that it will take some time and I have to be patient with him and let him do it his way. I must say though that I am already falling in love with him. He says that he loves me too. Our sexual chemistry is extremely strong, even though we haven’t had sex yet! It would happen sooner than we both think! Cancer men are more than enough for us Pisces ladies πŸ™‚ Good luck to all the couples.

  6. I could really totally relate to all the comments here! I met a Pisces man online & I’m a Cancer woman. Can I just say we are so made for each other? He kept saying I am mirror image of himself but I never try to be, I’m just being myself, my sensual, seductive, passionate, delicate self. He made me want him more than I ever want anyone else, and I never felt this way before, and we’ve never even met! Its crazy! We are both so patient although it took us many months to decide on a meet up & it will be next year. I knew I would fall for him the very moment I saw him, I am falling for him now & he felt the same too. The only obstacles is the distance we have, we live in different continents. I could not imagine myself being with anyone other than him, we are always on the same wavelength and very in tuned with each others desires & wants. Yes its more spiritual & emotional & not about lust or solely physical attraction only. I just wish we live a lot closer, but the distance made us crave for each other even more. Once you found a Pisces man, keep him! πŸ˜‰

  7. Hi all,

    I am a Lady-Cancer fell in love with a handsome Piscean guy! We met online, I never fell for him immediately after adding up..but he attracts me a lot through his profound characteristics. His messages everyday, his way of putting words in those messages, all hinted somehow unknowingly and unintentionally he has the capacity to understand my nerves and me altogether. God made us meet beyond that online forum, probably he wanted us to experience the magic.We met and fell instantly for each other…It’s a long distance, cross-border relationship…there are insecurities, and difficulties in our relation, but he as a pisces so patient to mend my hurts and wounds and to fill me up with new hope every time..We don’t yet know what future holds for us..But till now whatever we experienced in this relation feels like heaven. There is something indescribable in this pair, which attracts and fix and secure this bond, even if after fighting.. It’s not lust, it’s not only sex, but something magical and spiritual…Whoever belongs to this pair, wish all of you best of luck for your love. πŸ™‚
    Cancer-Pisces wins.

  8. We’ve all heard that saying that one never forget their first true love. I am a Cancer man and my first love a Pisces and I have reconnected since over 30 years ago. We’re talking, Online mostly. We live in different states now, but somehow that didn’t prevent our paths crossing again. The Cancer/Pisces relationship is for real.

    • Very true. Since I am also in a long distance and cross border relation I can feel how your love works.. Carry on, best of luck.

  9. I am a pisces chick and have been with my cancer man for a little less than a year but I can easily say our relationship gets better and better with more and more time. He totally has my heart and I love him so freakin much. Our sex is unreal… literally magic. I feel like my soul is touched every time lol. He is also such a gentlemen, never too clingy, funny, so sweet, fxcking hot and has great style. He treats me so well and is so playful and caring. Omg I can never get enough of him. I’m still young so we’ll see where it goes but wow am I addicted to him <3

  10. My experience with Pisces is insane….When he touches me its a touch so deep it caresses my soul…When he kisses me I get sucked in and will follow after him hungrily for more…When we were first intimate I was a lil frustrated that he wasnt aggressive with sex….But he makes love to me so slowly and passionately it puts me in a trance…When we get it in it lasts for hours but never draining ..He just knows hows to please my body without me telling him what to do… But once its time to sleep I cant keep my hands off of him..N I think he knows its hard for me to keep my hands to myself so he will tease me and I just jump on him and kiss him til our lips are tingling from biting sucking and tugging…We sleep throughout the night locked into each others embrace and wake up the same….I love looking into his eyes cause I see everything…I feel his emotions and feelings through text and sometimes I tell him but I dont want to tell him to much and scare him off the onlt things is does he feel this same connection about me…I say he does but I know he will tell me otherwise….Ive never been so intuitively sensitive with another..He is Pisces Male I am Cancer Female

    • I am a cancer and he is my pisces. I remember the moment I first saw him. Instant attraction. I loved how he drew me out of my shell and how he continues to to do that. I remember his eyes. How he felt me and how i felt him. I don’t want anymore boundaries I’m working on it so I will love him completely. things aren’t always perfect but being in his arms is perfect and waking up like that.

  11. I’m a cancer woman and when I first met my pisces man, it was online. But the attraction wasn’t just by his photos its was his way of expressing himself through his words and how he communicated with me. It was as if I was talking to a mirrored image of myself. We spent that entire night on the Phone for 6 six hours and even agreed to met up the next day. Being a bundled mess of nerves, I was sweating out of palms, heart hammering in my chest but the moment I saw him it was as if the world was at a standstill. HE greeted me with a hug and an anticipated kiss that completely blew my mind. I couldn’t breathe, and my skin felt alive and very warm.That night was filled with giggles, kisses, touching and overall growing an unbreakable bond. It hasn’t been a full 24 hours apart but I already crave to be near him as he does for me. Our connection is beyond physical, its emotional and spiritual and I can’t wait to see what the future has in stored for us.

  12. I am a Cancer woman and over this past year, have fallen so deeply and passionately in love with a Pieces man. He’s so different from any man I’ve ever met. He’s the most kind hearted person I’ve met in my 20 years of life. He’s taken care of me so much, there’s not enough time in the world to repay him. Now, the sex! It’s so passionate, it’s indescribable. How gentle and caring he is! Oh Lordy. He’s definitely got me head over heels. I honestly feel he’s my soul mate! I believe Cancer and Pieces are a complete match, heart to heart, mind to mind, body to body, and soul to soul. I believe it’s love!

  13. I am a Pisces woman and I am 21, I’ve never been in a relationship before. I’ve liked guys here and there but that’s it. There is a guy who is a Cancer and he doesn’t really know me, I know him and a lot about him because he is from a wealthy family and in the society is well known. The Cancer is so out of my league. But I saw him and honestly I just felt like I could die. It was like love at first sight. I then found out he was a cancer and just from looking at him I could tell what kind of a person he is. From looking at him and listening to what people have said about him I have fallen for the Cancer. He doesn’t even know me. I am crazy I know! But I just don’t understand what’s wrong with me. I feel like my soul is calling out to his soul. It’s so crazy. I honestly believe we are meant for each other. But not right now. I’m not sure how I feel but I know there is something about him that attracts me. I cannot stop thinking about the Cancer. There’s just a connection that I feel. And I know once I eventually meet him we will click. He noes my family but we haven’t met. It’s crazy. I hope we end up together. I want my cancer soul mate like ll of you guys!!!!

  14. I am a Pisces women and my boyfriend is a Cancer man. We are just both in synch! The Cancer man puts up with my insecurities and helps me look past them and I help him get on his feet when he’s moody. We love to say “We’re perfect for each other” because our relationship is perfect! We may have our ups and downs but in the end we overcome the obstacles and love again. Now the sex is great. It’s a beautiful thing. For us it’s not just “sex” it’s a meeting of two souls. It’s just so amazing. I’ve never felt anything like it! I am so in love with my Cancer and so is he.

  15. I’ve just had a whirlwind romance with a traveling Cancer man and I’ve never felt anything like this before. He’s gone back to his homeland now, and I’m probably not going to see him ever again, and it tears me apart. The compatibility was electric and the sex was absolutely phenomenal. The short time we spent together swept me off my feet and the brief affair was the best of my life.
    If I don’t find this Cancer again, I sincerely hope I find another Cancer man to spend the rest of my days with.

    • Where was your cancer from? I am dating two cancers. One that I just met that im trying to figure out and the other that I’ve known for 10 years and have been intimate with recently.. And all I have to say is yesssssss hunny!

  16. Have never met one…I mean, what the hell? Just Leo Leo Leo. Why?
    But I find these stories very sweet. Good luck to all of you.

  17. I am a female Pisces and have always known how compatible I was supposed to be with a Cancer man, but of course met everyone else BUT! A Cancer man! Until now…I’ve been engaged twice and have never really ever felt settled in a relationship… When I met my Cancer man recently, I don’t even know how to describe it. An hour into meeting him it felt like a cold winters night curled up on a snugly blanket by the fire listening to wood crackle and I could imagine him sitting behind with his legs wrapped around me.. It just keeps getting better.. It’s so unheard of in my life, I’m so used to running away or pushing away.. Now I’ve never wanted to be closer. I feel safe, adored protected loved, god it’s so so so heavenly.. Lol I’m such a Pisces!! But! He’s such a cancer!:):)

  18. I am a Pisces woman dating a Cancer man. We have been dating for a month now and I think I’m in love. Omg…he does something to me. I am either in to you or I’m not and he totally has me. I haven’t told the Cancer all of this but I did mention that I was starting to fall…he says he has that effect…lol. But overall I really care about him and can see this growing into a great relationship. The Cancer man is very affectionate and it brings it out in me…I love it too.

  19. The love of my life I met 4 yrs ago who is now my fiancΓ© is a Pisces male & I am a Cancer woman. I have never met someone with more patience towards me and who is more loving, kind and generous. The Pisces male may not be that way with others but with me he just “blooms”. The Pisces male also causes me to bloom in that I have never been particularly needy or “cuddly” yet he brings out those traits in me. I have never been more happy in a relationship regardless of our little ups and downs. Yes nothing is perfect but like we like to say “we are perfect for each other” πŸ™‚ Cant wait to spend the rest of our lives together! One last thing-I bet someone is wondering about the sex lol. I can assure you that he, it, us together is magical &that is no exception. It is addictive,the absolute most amazing and hands down the best I’ve ever had in my life. But here’s the thing- its not merely some physical thing! It’s like a melting of souls, an expression of true love and that’s the main reason why it is so incredible. Blessings to all here &hope that you will find something just as beautiful πŸ™‚

  20. I am a Pisces woman. Before I met my Cancer man I was very unhappy and misunderstood. But now after 4 years of love I can claim, with most certainty that he is love of my life…Of course it’s not always perfect …my depressions, the Cancer’s mood swings…but love always wins πŸ˜‰

  21. That is so true. Me and my Cancer love don’t have sex, but when we kiss or hug we both feel this kind of magic and I love it. He actually told me he was in love me and I him. But he has cheated on me before and that was kinda traumatizing cause I didn’t know what I did so wrong. But we are together now and I’m not letting him go

  22. I’m a Pisces and the love of my life is my Cancer man. We have been in a relationship for 5 years. I could never see myself with anyone else ..and it’s really true that our signs speak without words … It’s so beatiful… I love you Big Daddy

  23. As a Cancer woman I have to say my fling with the Pisces man was very romantic, loving, sensual and sexual. I just got the feeling the Pisces man understands me. He didn’t seem to have a problem listening to my flaws and my problems, and trust me, there are quite a few πŸ™‚ – Anyhow… if there weren’t those significant other reasons involved, I would probably still be with the Pisces man. I think Cancer and Pisces are a great love match. At least in my case it was. The Pisces just always seemed to be there when I need him. Cancer misses Pisces! – Call me!!!

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