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Compatibility Cancer and Scorpio

Compatibility Cancer The Cancer and Scorpio; what a pair! These two are soul mates. A love match made in heaven. The Cancer woman feeds Scorpios’ needs with happy home giving, emotional tenderness, and matching sense of humor. The Scorpio gives his tender Cancer the stable relationship she is craving for. Scorpio bonds with Cancer on a level that no other sign in the Zodiac can. Cancer sees his emotions and reads his feelings in Scorpio’s eyes. He can feel her frustration and sense when she is moody, this kicks in his feelings to make her happy. The two share a spiritual link that is not understood by many. From across the room he can see what she is thinking and the Cancer female can feel her man’s love and safety even if he is across the room.

Compatibility Scorpio Both Cancer and Scorpio find a happy family the meaning of success. They both strive for children, safety, and beauty in their homes and work hard to achieve it. Cancer will always remain close to home and will work hard to make Scorpio relax when he comes through the door. Both understand the emotional feelings that come with their signs and they also understand how to make each other feel better when everything seems to be spiraling out of control.

Cancer and Scorpio will share long evenings sipping wine in front of the fireplace, hours of romantic movies, and time feeding each other sensual foods. Walking along the beach, swinging on the porch, and going for Sunday rides are activities that both enjoy. Cancer and Scorpio enjoy it even more with the company of the other. These two signs are a love match made in heaven!

8 thoughts on “Compatibility Cancer and Scorpio

  1. I have been involve with a scorpio since I was In diapers. We always knew that we had feelings for each other but never did anything about it. why? Because we are close family friends and if the relationship were to go wrong we would still have to see each other and we wouldn’t want to make things awkward between our families. He is sweet, loving and charismatic which I love about him. I was always curious to know how we would be as a couple. I also feel that he has lots of secrets that he would never share with me. At times I feel like he only liked me for my body cause he would stare at me for long amounts of time.

  2. Okay, all of this is true in the compatibility, but let me explain the dark side. I am a Cancer woman with an ex-fiance who is a Scorp and an ex-best friend who is also one. These men are secretive liars. They will come across to you with the most true, honest looking face, but you will find out their lie later on in life & it will be HUGE. One you never imagined from that innocent, sexy, face. They cannot tell the truth and don’t flinch in not doing so too much either. Why? They are SELFISH all the way & they also have father issues. They hate their fathers who lacked emotional love towards them and I bet you that will be a heart pincher question, which they will deny any deep hurt for. They really deep down don’t care about anyone else but themselves —- well actually they are usually still on that journey….learning how to love themselves in a truthful way, because daddy didn’t love them enough. The Scorp man is spiritually lost and will usually end up alone even at 50. He’s had many admirers because he has that sexual allure which he plays off in his shy side, alone energy — which really is the fetch for the kill in getting you. They will end up your best friend and when you ditch them when you have enough balls to, it will hurt painfully, like it did me, but you will have no choice to, because you will realize that they have a scorp spiderweb cycle, that they’ve caught you in. For Cancer women, it can destroy us emotionally in a scarring way for a lifetime, if you don’t leave them in time. I really would advise any Cancer women to keep away from them in general. Deceitful all the way they are — and also they are very hard & have a dangerous temper when you unfortunately see it. When it comes to it and they will not flinch in taking from you in any way. It is a shame and I think it would only work if Scorp men would allow Cancer women to get inside of them, but that is the problem. He doesn’t allow that to happen because he wants to keep his lost soul a secret too. Good luck with this guy!!!! Too much anger and heart brokenness at papa, which he won’t release.

    • Ouch, is all I can say. One, based of two individual scorpion males you already build a very strong stereotype and doomed all males Scorpio. Based of your experience it could be very true but not all male Scorpio are like that. Yes it’s true, we all can be selfish and have secrets that we don’t want any to know. But don’t we all? Everyone has a different past that builds them to be who they are and not everyone has daddy issues. I can’t speak for all male Scorpio but I for one loves my friends and significant other enough to tell the truth as well give instead of take. And yes I can agree that I am pretty extreme when it comes to moods and behaviors but once I become aware of what the hell I am doing I can change the way I am feeling or at least lessen the extremes. Hopefully this gives you a different perception of is male scorpios.

    • It’s very unfortunate you had to experience this. I am Scorpio and I’m at a point in my life where I’ve just taken a real keen interest in dating. I’m the kind that’s very shy and scared of putting my feelings out in the open, up until recently, when after gaining a little more confidence in my personality, I’ve become a little more brazen. In my college, I loved and admired a girl but really didn’t have the nerve to say how much I felt about her because I was nervous. Becoming more brave in dating, I’ve come across some girls I really like and I made myself vulnerable in letting them know. Somehow they seem to be playing games which doesn’t fly well for me. The sad part is that I know they really like me. When I lose interest, because I really want you to put your heart into it as I do, they then become interested. At the moment when I say how I feel, I really feel that way with no form of deceit whatsoever. Then I leave and then they become interested. Later on, I forsee them saying I was dishonest. I always clear my conscience because I poured out my heart and they took it for granted.

    • Obviously you didn’t kiss and make up with your Scorpio because if you did, a Scorpio will turn your brains into mush, your heart into gooey, and your body into uncontrollable spasm.

      It sounds to me both you and your Scorpio are still unevolved, and have not reached your natural equilibriums.

      The Cancer woman and the Scorpio man have a calming effect on each other because they provide what each other needs intuitively. Both understand the underlying drivers of their partners and this provides them with insights on the “why and what” in order to allow them to come up with the “when and how” to support each other.

      This is the core of the Cancer woman and Scorpio man relationship which very few combinations can match.

      • Love your response scorps are awesome and I am Cancerian have been married to one been in love with one best friends for twenty years and now going out with one wouldn’t have it any other way. Pure synchronicity perfect love match…

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