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Compatibility Cancer and Taurus

Compatibility Cancer Taurus and Cancer make a great compatibility love match. The two are both very possessive, especially the Cancer man. Both sexes are very materialistic, love the finer things in life, and are completely devoted to their mates. They crave strong attachments in love and sex and are willing to devote themselves completely to the other. They each have a need for total trust and attention from the other.

Compatibility Taurus Taurus love to hold hands, spend intimate moments by the fireplace, and kiss for a long time. Cancer men want to lavish this same affection on their female mates. They love to spend hours taking long walks, having picnics in the park, and treating their lovers to romantic evenings at home with no interruptions. The relationship between the two can be one that lasts forever as they both love to devote themselves completely and do not do well with infidelity and flirting.

The Taurus woman will always give her Cancer man her undivided attention and full devotion. She will make special dinners for him, buy him expensive gifts, and treat him to fancy vacations. He will in return offer her the stability and love that she craves. He will shower her with tokens of affection like jewelry, fine clothing, and expensive vehicles. He does this because these are the same kinds of things that he likes too. He will show her the attention, gifts, and love she wants as long as she remains as loyal to him as he is to her.

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  1. I am a cancer woman. A few months ago I reconnected with an old flame. A Taurus. The way we found one another was total kismet. Anyways we are free both divorced. Both of us have been hurt deeply by our exes and are cautious to open up plus he is living with a friend who he claims is purely platonic. Yea right. Other than that we get along well and I feel like we are compatible in every way. I can’t fully open up until he gets his own space and moves away from his platonic roommate.

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