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Compatibility Capricorn and Pisces

Compatibility Capricorn The match between the Capricorn and the Pisces seems unlikely at first until they spend some time together. After a while, the Capricorn and the Pisces find that their differences complement the other well.

Compatibility Pisces The Capricorn woman has a very detail-oriented life. She is very organized, likes to stick to a schedule, and prefers to entertain small groups of family and friends at home. The Capricorn woman does not go out much to socialize and has a long list of goals and objectives that she is working on achieving. She is very capable of achieving them as well because she is so prepared for everything that comes up. The Pisces man is often spaced out creating ideas and plans that never get carried through. He is sensitive, caring, and tries to keep peach among everyone. The Pisces man is not very organized and can seem a bit overwhelmed at times. He needs time alone to meditate and soak everything in.

In the bedroom, the Capricorn and Pisces are a perfect love match. The Capricorn female can get the Pisces male to focus and put words to his sexual fantasies. The Capricorn woman then plans and calculates ways to please the Pisces man and make his dreams come true. They spend hours upon hours of foreplay, role playing, and games before having passionate, romantic sex. The Pisces male offers his beautiful Capricorn lover an imagination without bounds. He will dream up every possible way of entertaining her, wooing her, and making love to her. Their union will always be blissful and complete. A Capricorn and Pisces relationship will have an emotional undertone and be long and lingering.

Rating: 4

13 thoughts on “Compatibility Capricorn and Pisces

  1. I’m a Capricorn woman with a Pisces man. We met for the first time over 10 years ago. It was a strong attraction from the start. I believe it was I who indirectly anticipated the union. Anywho, do to our current circumstances we were on and off again. Now we are back on 10 yrs in he having a 4yr old son and i another son age 9. This time we have consummated the relationship and is going study. I do love him and find our sexual preferences and episodes are AMAZING, FANTASTIC, AWESOME ETC….. out personalities are similar and we both have much to offer the relationship. i am pleased with our union. Thank Heavens for Pisces.

  2. Hi I’m a Capricorn β™‘female I meet my Pisces β™“ my freshman year in college. At the time when we first met I was in a 4 year relationship with my high school sweetheart, our relationship wasn’t at its best, but I fought for us until our very end, but any who I met my Pisces as he and a friend was roaming through an all girls dorm trying to check out all the new freshman girls. He came across my room, but I did not want a random guy who I did not know enter my room. He liked that about me, down the road he told me from that day on he wanted me even though he knew I had a boyfriend. He tried his hardest to get me all to himself, so he created a focus group with all of his friends on campus and he thought I could be a good benefit for the group. And we had meetings that were mandatory after his track practice and my dance practices. That first meeting I thought of him being mean and rude to one girl, didn’t know they were talking, but even after that night I felt in my heart that it was something more to him. We hosted our first party everything went well until he asked me to dance with him, I was so nervous, but he had the perfect and was so handsome, but I couldn’t. After the party the β™“, a friend of ours and I went to her room and gave me a foot massage and stared in my eye’s, that’s where we connected for the first time. After that day, weeks later I broke up with my boyfriend and the time I spent with the β™“ was amazing we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, he had the softest touch and when we kiss its like the world stops, together we we’re like 2 addictive souls. When we would argue, it would be so bad, but the sex would be so amazing and full of bliss. But that was 2 years ago after a very bad break up and hidden secrets that he kept from me.

    The two years we we’re dating he cheated on me three times in a different state and with a girl I went to school with who smiled in my face. Every time we would break up is for him to do his cheating and then he would come back to me, but I didn’t have a clue, but for the last two years he has tried to show me how sorry he is, but a part of me don’t believe him at times and the other half I do. Now he wants me back, two weeks ago I visited him and its been a whole two years later. When he touched i felt like he never touched me before, but things went back to normal when we started to make love for hours, then I felt asleep in his arms it felt good to be back, but my heart still felt some type of way.

    When I was there his mission was to get me pregnant without me knowing so that I would not leave again, but I feel as if that’s wrong. The next day he took me around his family to tell them that I’m back for good this time and I feel some type of way for that, but I don’t know I love him, but he’s hot than cold, wishy washy temper drives me nuts and he confuses me. I love him, well I think I love him, but I’m not sure about an us now in today’s time…..

  3. I’m a Capricorn woman with a Pisces man. He is 4years older than me. We were best friends for about 8 years (long distance) before we even considered a relationship. We finally decided to meet, and we haven’t really been able to too seeing each other since! We’ve be together nearly 6 years now. The Pisces is amazing, intelligent and Loyal person I have ever met. He’s really changed me and has been a great influence in my life. Although we have our differences, we get along great and I love him very much, the Pisces doesn’t really share his feelings so much but his actions speak more to me. πŸ™‚

    Rating: 5
  4. Well meet my fish man a few weeks ago. We will go days without speaking ,thus is why I tell him I’m his Tuesday girl
    I find this strange and not sure what he does during his pvt time thinking he may like to drink his bud 90% of the time and be alone not sure kinda odd for me I am 8 yrs his jr
    I run my buss of 10’yrs and requires a lot of time spent at my shop ( animals) So to have time lime this is really good for me and works although I would like to talk to him more
    When we are together it is hot mentally & physically This is my first dating a Pisces and not sure if this is a trait of theirs or not to have “Alone” time more then other signs
    Relationship is pretty new and will see if I will be moved up to a sat girl lol
    Maybe better not to see him more as I to need and like my space to tend to my animals

    Rating: 5
  5. um I’m a Capricorn female who is currently with a Pisces male and I’ve got to say it is the best relationship ever!!! we are extremely sexually attracted towards one another however we do have a strong spiritual and emotional connection. and those are the only reasons why we stay together…we met under religious circumstances and the Pisces loves me a lot ….i didn’t really expect that but…i guess its because I’m really into any sort of art including music…yea i sing and the Pisces loves that plus I’m an artist ….and I’m into politics which is my career path…. he has a lot of friends including females and I’m a jealous person which pisses him off cause he blindly trusts me but i don’t return it, i get a lot of “feedback” from people and question the Pisces about it and even though he gets it too he has never once questioned me about it and this used to happen even before we were in a relationship….the thing is most of my “friends” fall for the Pisces male and it pisses me off…he is a people person….but i love him oh yea and i have issues expressing my feelings and sometimes it turns him off…. but now I’ve learned to express myself with him smh the things i do for him…. the Pisces kinda became distant now though cause of the whole me not trusting him thing and that forces me to lie to him and pretend that i do cause i don’t want to lose him but the thing is i don’t trust anyone i know better that to do such a dangerous thing since many lovers tend to take advantage of given trust…we are both young but i have a kind of old soul ….. it’s magical the way we connect…and we’re kind of opposites lol .. texting doesn’t really work with us we end up fighting and the Pisces gets pissed and a whole controversy occurs… we have this whole weird i love-hate u thing going on we cant stand each other but when in each others presence we just transform…. yea and he is emotionally dependent he likes to hide it but i know he likes the attention…lol…we broke up many times but cant leave one another…..

  6. I am a Pisces man,…I am a blind person,…and an accomplished musician,…I recently met, and started dating a Capricorn woman 7 years my jonior…
    Well,…I prayed for someone who would love me for who I am, and love me just as much as I love her,…My prayer was answered in a big way…
    As I was tired of being single, and alone at the end of the day…
    I must say that the Capricorn woman who I have found, is a true Blessing…
    Yes, I can see that we have some differences, but, nothing that can’t be worked out with time…
    I am looking for many days, and years of friendship, partnership, companionship, and passion…

    Rating: 5
  7. I’m with a Pisces and at fist he was extremely sweet. But he’s still hung up on his baby mama that he was with for a few yrs and sometimes he still thinks about her so openly its offensive to me…but i guess its because of his extreme loyalty and his baby mama is a whore…anyways the Pisces claims i always get him mad. But in the end of the day he sweet talks me and i just have to take him back <3

    Rating: 3
  8. Well I’m a Capricorn woman with a Pisces man, and our relationship is one of a love hate relationship. He’s stubborn, a follower, a.charmer, as.well as a very hardheaded person. The Pisces reminds me of myself, but.all the bad attributes. He’s extremely attractive, and.a charmer.but can have.a totally different side of him. He has.a temper like me.

    Rating: 3
  9. Well I’m A 16 Year old Capricorn who is currently dating a Pisces boy who is one year younger then me. I don’t usually date guys younger me,But because of the fact that he’s like really tall and Muscular for his age..It kinda makes me feel younger then him and its a major turn on ;),gosh and I’m like really short tho and small body structured,and I think likes it that way…oh and I length the Pisces boy by his Shoulder. But anyway..He’s Really sweet and Romantic,but REAAAALLLY sensitive!!!
    Like,I can’t even raise my voice at him…or say something un harsh way..then he becomes very emotional and sorrowed. And we’ve been in fights allot of times!. Then u know…I’m a Cap..we tend to get Rely Mad!,so I told him that I wanna break up with him and stuff…next thing u know…the Pisces boy just became silent..and river of TEARS was streaming down his face. And sure enough it touched my heart,and I told him that I didn’t really wanna break up with him..its just that,when I get mad..I tend to say things I don’t really mean,and sure enough he’s tears cleared up.
    Okay..now going to our sexual sides,well both of us are virgins and never when that far before,but we do kiss allot and sometimes touch allot…oh and did I mention that I’m He’s very FIRST girlfriend and FIRST kiss! So yeah…touching him really turns him on as in REALLY turns him on,so he has this tendency to become really hard on me and rough when he’s turn on..like sometimes my Lips become really numb! And he likes pushing me into walls and squeezing up against me! …and once..we had dry sex..and he got turned on so badly, that the Pisces actually become really hard on me and it kinda hurt me..because he was Humping real roughly and fast..I moaned giving him a sign that it was hurting me..but he simply ignored it and continued humping.
    So there u have it..Pisces man can be real sexual when with their Capricorn girls.
    So my question is…is it a good thing that he becomes this sexually towards me? Or should I be scared?

    Rating: 4
  10. I was married to a Pisces man and he was awesome!! We were so good together. He was just a drunk and mean when he drank and lied about his drinking.

  11. I’m a Capricorn women and the father of my children is a Pisces we have been together for 6 years … He’s amazing father very hands on with everything house kids work and love… we do have some lil issues nothing big simple things like where to go for dinner or a misplaced items… but pretty peaceful loving relationship. ( HE IS VERY ATTRACTIVE ) green eyes Italian clean cut well dressed look you in the eyes holds your attention type of guy slight bad boy!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ love him !!! I give my Pisces a 4.5 there is no such thing as perfect so good luck on finding a 5 star connection anywhere !!!

  12. I am a Capricorn woman and dated this Pisces man a while ago. He was wearing these Jesus sandals. Big turn off! The Pisces man was rather boring for my taste and didn’t really fit my picture of the perfect boyfriend. After a while however I started liking his calm attitude. Most Capricorn women I know are not into this type of guy, to me however the Pisces man seemed very attractive. We went on a few more dates but that was it, pretty much. The Pisces man seemed to be too much into himself and his esoteric stuff. The Pisces man was too boring for this Capricorn woman, that’s all I have to say. I still give you 3 stars, Pisces! And 3 out of 5 ain’t bad!

    Rating: 3

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