Compatibility Capricorn and Scorpio

Compatibility Capricorn The Scorpio and Capricorn are usually a good love match for each other provided that they can be patient with each other. The Scorpio needs freedom at times and the Capricorn is just as happy to stay at home. Scorpio is spontaneous and likes to do different things and the Capricorn is consistent and stable. The Capricorn prefers quiet dinners at home and Scorpio likes to be out around people and friends.

Compatibility Scorpio The two are good for each other in more ways than one. The stable Capricorn man helps calm down his Scorpio woman. The Scorpio woman can get her Capricorn lover to open up and have a little more fun. She brings his attention to ways they can intimately socialize away from home. This keeps the group small and lets Capricorn be more comfortable while letting Scorpio get out of the house.

In the bedroom, Scorpio and Capricorn set off fireworks. The two signs are passionate, romantic, and different enough to bring out the best in the other. During sex, the Scorpio woman is bold and upfront but this changes quickly as Capricorn is too stubborn to be outdone. He takes the lead and dominates the sexual experience between them. He is after all, the man. These two can spend hours of passionate wrestling, playing, and love making. The Scorpio woman helps her Capricorn man open up to her and he allows her to be bold and dominate at times. This fuels their romantic passion and sparks a great romance between these two. Scorpio and Capricorn make a very potent love match!