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Compatibility Capricorn and Scorpio

Compatibility Capricorn The Scorpio and Capricorn are usually a good love match for each other provided that they can be patient with each other. The Scorpio needs freedom at times and the Capricorn is just as happy to stay at home. Scorpio is spontaneous and likes to do different things and the Capricorn is consistent and stable. The Capricorn prefers quiet dinners at home and Scorpio likes to be out around people and friends.

Compatibility Scorpio The two are good for each other in more ways than one. The stable Capricorn man helps calm down his Scorpio woman. The Scorpio woman can get her Capricorn lover to open up and have a little more fun. She brings his attention to ways they can intimately socialize away from home. This keeps the group small and lets Capricorn be more comfortable while letting Scorpio get out of the house.

In the bedroom, Scorpio and Capricorn set off fireworks. The two signs are passionate, romantic, and different enough to bring out the best in the other. During sex, the Scorpio woman is bold and upfront but this changes quickly as Capricorn is too stubborn to be outdone. He takes the lead and dominates the sexual experience between them. He is after all, the man. These two can spend hours of passionate wrestling, playing, and love making. The Scorpio woman helps her Capricorn man open up to her and he allows her to be bold and dominate at times. This fuels their romantic passion and sparks a great romance between these two. Scorpio and Capricorn make a very potent love match!

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  1. I was with my ex 13 years, was called the first date queen for a year after simply because I wasn’t feeling it with any man , I saw no point in going further if we didnt click and I knew what I wanted. My cap man made in believe in love at first site. He is everything I wanted and more. I am very much a take my time, no rush if it’s right type person but I can’t wait to grow old with him. When we do clash it just makes our bond stronger. All I can say is scorpio women find you a cap man and be ready for the love of your life.

  2. I’m Reading all the Posts with big interest, because I’m a Capricorn male in love with a Scorpio woman( she doesn’t know it yet, or maybe she can sense it I don’t know) but the thing is in november 2016 I met this very sensual/beautiful woman just by looking at her she took my breath away but it wasn’t the right time and the right place to approche her, didn’t know her name accept for the fact that our sons playing Soccer in the same team. I just kept thinking about her and didn’t know what to do. January 4th the day before my birthday I put aside my shyness and contacted her (because the team has a Group app where parents and Players get information from their coach) of she would appreciate it if I could call her sometime, she replyed that she was surpised in a good way that I contacted her and didn’t mind if I called her, the next day I called or and we talked for 3 Hours straight on the phone. The next few days we texted like crazy and caught myself opening up to her we told each other about our past, our past relationships. She told me she wanted to get to know me better because the feeling she had about me felt good but told me in all honesty that she was seeing a man for a while but that there was no intimacy between them and realy wanted to see me in person and get to know me better as a person, so we went to a nice little restaurant we both were nervous (I think That’s normal) but it also felt very natural and good we had a good time. When the time came to say goodbye we didn’t kiss just hugged. Also she told me that for know she isn’t ready for a relationship because she wanted to Achieve the goals she has set for herself and take care of her 3 children because that was her first priority for this year and I respect that in her. I text her that same night that I had a good ltime with her and so did she, but here’s the thing I texted her the next day but the way she texted was different then before it was like very short answered almost as if she wanted to be left alone, it’s been 3 weeks since we heard from another also because she’s busey with work and study so I’m giving her her space to do so. The truth I miss our conversations and miss her voice I’m totally in love with this woman and the silence between us has made me take a good look at myself on the inside if I realy want to and am ready to commit and emotionaly connect with this Scorpio woman. The silence has given me the answers that I am. But out of respect for her disicion to focus on her goals I will keep it al inside for another day. It’s killing me because I know we could be a very strong couple and would be sexy as Hell together and the love and loyalty I would give her would be more then intense. Is there any Scorpio woman who would give this Capricorn man Some good advice? Thnx in advance and may caps and scorps both male and female find and keep their True Love

    • Hello Mr. Cap? I M a Scorpio woman and I can tell you that if you have not heard from her she may be waiting on you to call or text her. You did mention she said she is seeing someone right now? She is very busy also? With a Scorpio we do tend to keep busy as boredom is not our thing , but the best thing for you to do is to keep in touch with her,most her know you are still interested and be bold about it. We like confident men? Not arrogant but confident , your confidence has to come covered with humor and humility in order for us to view you as confident otherwise it will come off as arrogant and we hate that. She is loyal by nature so if in her mind she has made some sort of commitment to who ever she is seeing , she will put him first, but if you can show her that you are interested and slowly ease in her life by taking her out, be a gentleman every time without fail and funny, she will began to ease toward you. She will began to think twice about this other man if she likes you enough. Don’t try to have sex with her early as it will turn her off even if she wants to. Show her YOU want to wait, she will respect you for it and in her eyes it will be easier to follow you as you may know we are very strong willed, and independent. Good luck.

    • It’s simple love. As a Scorpio woman she may be feeling alot but scared that you may not feel the same. Be honest with her how you feel. I suggest you set up a time and place. Somewhere private and quiet. Let her know with sincerity and honesty how you feel.

    • Im a score women and she is afraid to be hurt so she is pulling away. Just send her good morning texts and let her no that u understand she is busy and that u support her. We bury ourselves in our work and family. Invite her out for a romantic dinner by telling her that u want to help her relax. Dont be too overbearing but don’t give up.

  3. I am a Scorpio woman and I am falling deeply for a Capricorn man. He’s so caring and caters to my every need. I believe he is my soulmate , I feel like I want to be with him forever .. Even with his deeply flawed ways .. He a man on all levels .. The sex is the best sex I ever had in my life .. Are conversations , are very intellectual, I can talk to him about any things. I’m in love with this man and I wouldn’t mind if it took his stubborn self years to see it I don’t wanna leave his side at all.

    • Wow Scorpio lady, you have described something very powerful. I am a Cap totally in love with a Scorpio woman, I offered her the most beautiful flowers on her birthday with a deep passion perfume wrapped up in. The best part was how I surprised, she was completely taken aback. Then I got my friend to paint the most beautiful painting of her, just gave it to her for Christmas , once again a total surprise. There was one magic moment when I held her in my arms for 30 seconds and the world just stopped. I badly want to kiss her, but she has a BF, 8 years, but does not live with him. I am going nuts, not knowing whether I shall just walk away for good, or just go for her !!! HELP

      • Go for her! My cap man is the best guy I’ve EVER met and I’ve dated many different signs. Give it a shot before walking away.
        – Scorpio Woman

      • Did you notice that out of all the signs compatibility Caps and Scorps got a 4.57 the highest rating out of all the signs, also almost every website says they are the very best sexually out of all the signs ……I have not been with a Scorpio since i was 13, now 42 and it is still one of my most memorable relationships, I consider it my first love…..wish I had that again

  4. I’m in big trouble fellow Scorpio’s!!!! I have allowed myself to become infatuated, enchanted, whatever you want to call it, with a handsome, dark haired, eyes like nothing I’ve ever seen, younger, pain in the butt! Capricorn!!! Move on??? I have already done that, sort of:) I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel, I am so friggin loyal like that and I know what I want and like…..may I please have it now!!! lol! I’m like a crack of sunlight for him, everything is a negotiation!!! LMAO!! I figure when it isn’t fun anymore I will change things, no worries, I will pull out before I get hurt! I’m in defense mode!!! can’t get me now!!! Wonderful, profound, feedback, all kidding aside, I am most grateful!!

  5. I’m a Scorpio girl dating a Capricorn man. It’s true, they are stubborn and take forever. We have been dating since last November and we still struggle with our emotions. I would tell him he’s too black and white; I feel like I am way too dynamic for him. What keeps me here is that I relate to his pains. I can understand the fears he has of trusting me with his entire heart. What I’ve learn so far is the patience and to love freely. I enjoy every moment with him and I know he loves me, and is trying.

    • OMG!!! This sounds just like my situation now…..I’m trying to be so patient because I love being around him! We have a connection but he wants to take it slow! I’m hanging in there!!

      • Cap men are stubborn …push him, turn up the heat that God knows Scorpios can do and he will not be able to resist, if he does, then maybe there is something broken, a bad experience from his past, if so try to reasure your trust and let him know that you won’t hurt him, because that really is the only thing that holds him back. If you get him to open up, it should be worth your while 🙂

  6. I’m a Scorpio female.I worked with a cap male and attraction was instant.I would catch him staring at me.We eventually hung out and fooled around on more than one occasion.He stopped contacting me,and was even working less.I showed up on one of my off days to ask him what was up.Well he had a gf and a baby on the way and I had a bf.But this Cap had my heart.Well he wound up leaving his gf and I broke up with my bf.Me and my Cap have been together 6 years now.He is amazing.This man truly loves me.It scares me a little.lol

  7. I am a Scorpio woman that fell super hard for a funny sexy Capricorn man. I swear to god that when we were together flowers looked more beautiful. I could actually see golden colors in his hair that shimmered in the sun. He shimmered to me. I have never been so stupidly in love with someone in my whole life. I loved him in a way I’ve never loved anyone else. It was a love without question that would span regardless if we even ended up together forever. I remember every moment I spent with him. Every word we ever said. I even knew we wouldn’t be together In the end. My love for him has never changed even to this day. I wish for him every happiness in life and wish for him love. He will always have a place in my heart.

    • I am in a VERY serious relationship with a capricorn man. As in willing to marry, when we want to.
      We’re both mature adults, divorcees with kids.
      My oh my…
      Hold on to your hats with this sign, girls.
      Intense, wise, intelligent, strong, shy, skittish, witty, stubborn (pot kettle black, I know), passion (do not let the coolness seduce you into he hasn’t got fire), gentleness, caring, very sure of himself (to a certain extent, I can make his earth tremble), discussions, arguments, lively debates, slow to make a decision, possessive (it is healthy to a certain degree) GOING SOME WHERE and willing to share and be with me.
      Oh boy is he ever a man to my woman.
      He gets me. He understands my temper, he understands why I am quiet at times and need my inner dialogue to stay sane, he understands my need to be ME and he respects my need for privacy so much better than any other sign I’ve dated or had a serious relationship with.
      No prying as such, no reading my journal, no need to explain my secrets or why I like my secrets. Which makes me want to share.
      In bed.. Fireworks. Need I say more? No, I didn’t think so.

      Yes, he can take his time about thinking things through. So do we. We’re just quicker to connect the dots. Either you wait or you talk.
      Communications is the key word here. Talk to/with the man and stop playing head games. Be honest with yourself first though. The Cap man will see right through your shenanigans. Trust me, head games is a surefire way to go the wrong way around the bend. Big no no!
      Other than that.
      If you landed yourself a Capricorn man or woman.
      Get ready for some serious loving. They do not do things by the halves and they are loyal. NOT puppy dog loyal, but really grown up loyal and willing to make things work.
      It takes a mature (not age wise, but wise-wise) scorpio to handle a Capricorn.
      I got mine. And he is MINE. You can’t have him! So there!
      Until death do us part is the promise we made.
      For once in my life the promise feels real and proper and good.
      No plagiarizing a ritual, mouthing the words, but not understanding why or give it proper consideration thus diluting it. But proper understanding, proper good solid love and fundament to create a life lived together.

  8. I am a Capricorn woman and had many encounters with Scorpio guys. Thought I chime in because most of the comments about Scorpion women-Capricorn guy.
    For me, the story usually goes this way: instant, attraction at first sight, the sexual chemistry is so strong you can cut it with a knife, sex is great. However, after a while relationship remains a great friendship (with benefits on the side sometimes). I have many female Scorpio friends too.
    A few years ago, I met a Scorp guy, again as per usual, the chemistry was there from day one, but it came to nothing. Grant you, he was divorced and I don’t think he was over his wife or marriage yet, because he was constantly talking about that (and trying to flirt with me at the same time, very confusing scenario) and from what I hear, he still talks about his ex-wife constantly (I don’t talk to him anymore).

  9. Like many of you I have my Capricorn crush also (I’m a Scorpio woman). We met online and have yet to meet in person. We’ve gotten close to meeting but just missed the opportunities due to our schedules. However, the conversations are so easy and they just flow! Not to mention the attraction is definitely there! The only issue I face with him is getting him comfortable enough to open up so we can take that next step with our conversations and get more personal. There are also methods I use with him to get him to admit things. We both enjoy humor and I use that to get him to give me the answers I want. It takes time, but I do hope we can make it to the next level. He isn’t the first Capricorn I’ve dealt with, but he most definitely has my mind consumed, lol. And I do not fall easily! -You Capricorn men are lethal to us Scorpio women lol.

  10. I do believe there is a physchic link between(Scorpio-Cap) it’s not all about material crap.My situation has been brewing for few short months with a Scorpio girl and it’s surely(physchic) it does happen and it will work it’s about love!!! Getting together knowing each other not all cap/Scorpios are the same,I believe if you’re intentions are true and the heart is Pure,Love will win over both Sings God Willing X

  11. I met a Capricorn man, a very unexpected way. (I am a Scorpio woman). One day I was bartending outside on the parking lot for a patriotic holiday, and late in the day after the celebration, I was hauling chairs in the bar. I was heading out to get more, and this stranger came up to kiss me, (I was in a complicated relationship at the time) I didn’t slap him, but I pushed him off me, he was very drunk. I felt surprised, I didn’t know what to think. I never seen him after that until he got a job where I was working. We fooled around once or twice. But we were both drunk so it wasn’t as memorable as I remember. But when we were together, it’s like my heart flutters, and my stomach gets in knots. I wanted more, but I wanted to emotionally get over the guy I was with for 4 years. Because this Capricorn guy just unexpectedly came into my life, and changed my perspective on everything. We remained friends, we argued about what couldn’t happened but didn’t. Because I moved away suddenly, and we didn’t get a chance to really be together. But remained in touch, and it’s 8 years later, we still are not together. We didn’t talk for a year one time, but when we did, it was always him contacting first. Everyday I think about how passionate out bond felt, it’s like those romance movies, pure passion and *sigh* we’ve never dated, but that’s passion between us has always been there. We ran Into each other a few years later at a night club, I walked by him and he stopped me, he stared at me like I was his long lost love, we said hello, hugged, and departed again. We then ran into each other on the dance floor, and it’s like our bodies were in sync, dancing to the music, like the passion in dirty dancing. That’s how it was. We didn’t end up leaving with each other that night, because I had to leave the city for work. Again, we are departed. He called me one time to ask me to marry him, but he was drunk. And he never talks like that. He said he was serious. But under or circumstances, we can’t be together. And it’s like I’ve met him from my past life, I don’t know we feel this way about each other, still, 8 years later. I think and dream about him all the time. It’s like he’s my eternal love from another life time. It’s tough to explain. Sorry for the long reply lol

  12. I am a Scorpio Woman and met a Capricorn Man online through a dating website. We hit it off immediately and spoke that night on the phone for almost two hours. We are both in our 40’s, divorced, have children and full time pretty demanding jobs, so we really had no business being on the phone until almost 3am, but the conversation just flowed. We messaged back and forth (texting) for weeks and had set up a time to meet twice. The first time I had to cancel and the second time he cancelled the night we were supposed to go out. The Capricorn man said there was something that happened with a girl he was dating…she had given him some “news” he was worried about. We talked for hours and he didn’t want to get into it. I didn’t press it either. We continued to text and talk occasionally, and he said things to reassure me about him and his situation. (He would tell me he is responsible, independent, takes care of his commitments, etc if I was discussing my ex with him who unfortunately does not do those things). I asked him over a week ago when we could meet and he said he needed to find out what his fate was with the person he was dating (I think she may be pregnant) and until then he couldn’t do anything. I said I respected his decision and we texted all night. The following day I messaged him but he didn’t respond. I left him alone. I finally messaged the Capricorn man five days later and he replied but was not very into it. I sent the Capricorn a funny message (a lot of our messages/texts/conversations revolve around joking around and being clever with each other) the next night and then a short serious one. He never responded. I sent him a short email just saying that I understood that he had a lot going on , but that I wasn’t going to keep bugging him. I was kind and understanding and to the point. I told him I liked him but understood he had a lot going on and that he knew how to reach me if he wanted to or needed. It was quick and very civil but again, to the point. This was a week ago and I haven’t heard anything from him at all. I feel like a teenager!! It’s amazing. I have not felt this way for someone in such a long time, if ever. I am really, really drawn to him and feel so compelled to contact the Capricorn again, but I think that would be borderline stalking him, or maybe just outright stalking him. If anyone sees this post and has any advice for me, please let me know! I am an adult and a mom and a professional, but I CANNOT GET THIS GUY OUT OF MY HEAD. I am worried that he’s having a hard time and I’m not around for him to talk to, which is insane because I haven’t even met him. I can be obsessive but with guys I’m usually turned off if they don’t like me. It doesn’t usually if ever feel like this. Thanks.

    • I’m noticing a ribbon running through some of these stories.
      It’s about the Scorpi waiting, being patient and sacrificing while the Capricorn hangs back and drives the Scorpio crazy.
      My story is the same as others. A spark, an instant understanding and an appreciation of each other’s humor (which is big). The problem is described in the compatibility readings. A female scorpio needs freedom (meaning a Scorpio is usually expansive, taking in lots of feelings and experiences.) While male Capricorns play everything so safe and close to the sleeve… it makes you crazy. They don’t make quick decisions and often they can’t let go of old relationships either because of their loyalty. Maybe there’s sparks in bed, but waiting, waiting, waiting. You think its passion until you realize it just anxiety waiting for him to make a move on ANYTHING. Personally, I think it’s not a good combo… Scorpio is passionate and they “say” Capricorn is too… If you are willing to wait around forever, wasting lots of time and maybe missing the one who treats you less as an option, and more as a priority!

    • The reason you can’t get this guy out of your head is because there is an undeniable attraction between this combo. This relationship is great “at first.” But as soon as “at first” is over, you will be so bored and frustrated. If you’re the type that has a high tolerance for mediocrity in a relationship, giving more than you’ll ever get back (except for loyalty… which is dull) and waiting, waiting, waiting on a highly stubborn Capricorn… Turn and run the other way. Don’t let first impressions fool you! I’m serious! Scorp and Caps are NOT a good combo… just read the other stories. All of the female scorps are frustrated and left wondering what the F is up with this guy. Scorpios are special we deserve life, freedom and just a little fun once in while.

      • I don’t know if gender makes a difference (I am a female Capricorn), but I encountered the same problem with Scorpio guys. Usually I am the one that waits, and been put on the back burner. So the signs might not be the issue, but the gender is maybe; as in women generally waiting on guys to make a move, that the guys never make.
        All I know is, I don’t wait around for any guy anymore (be it Scorpio, Capricorn, or whatever sign they are). I give them a chance but that’s about it, and I am much happier now not waiting around. Just my 2 cents.

    • If he felt the same, he would make it plain. He has someone else. Move on. It’s hard, I know. And yes, it is kind of stalkerish.

  13. I’m a Capricorn man and have been dating a Scorpio woman on and off for about 7 years, everything the horoscopes say about compatibility is true, she is bold, wild and dramatic and pisses me off constantly yet I find it wildly attractive, we are total opposites. However, she is intuitive and insightful and talks about my dreams and aspirations and provides solutions n possibilities, we talk about everything, argue over most, compromise then have great sex. I know I piss her off too but it can’t be helped, we are our own person and accept that and it works. Once u have balance this combination is amazing don’t give up!

  14. I met a wonderful Capricorn man last week (I’m a Scorpio) and the attraction was instant! We met in the street and he asked for my number, since then we have only spoken on the phone but find that we have so much in common – even the same surname! We can talk freely with each other, and the Capricorn said this is the first time in he has felt so comfortable with a woman! I think this is it!

    • Warning. That’s what it may seem like. That happens often with this combination. That initial meeting with a Cap man can be very special… But watch out, little by little you will find he can’t make a decision without YEARS of consideration. Be free Scorpio. Caps need someone like a cancer (home body) or a Taurus (family and home first). Scorpios are way too dynamic for this guy.

      • No, not really. Caps can be social and outgoing as well. It all depends on what constitutes a night out. If the Cap loves you and you love him, he won’t mind you being out dancing the night away. Of course it takes trust. From both sides. Just remember, you are just as possesive as he is. He craves freedom as much as you do.
        He will spoil you rotten with attention. Not gifts and trinkets as such. Forget about chocolate and flowers. He will figure out what kind of person you are and surprise you with his insight into your being. Scary because that is usually our demesne.
        He will fix things around the house/apartment to let you know he cares.
        Mine does.
        Go for it. Fall crazily in love. Be prepared for the worst, expect every thing good.
        Of course there are other things into play as well.
        He might be a player. He might just guard whom he is.
        Either way. Patience. And when you’ve had it upto here..
        Let him know that you want more. Logically, simply put and to the point. With men and Caps. Logic will get you far.

  15. I have a sexual relationship w a Capricorn man… He has started opening up.. Except I asked 4 us 2 be 2gether (he kept saying “we’d b good 2gether”) well he said “I got attached once, she left an ill never get attached again” I told the Capricorn.. I’m not her an I’m not going anywhere.. Will a Capricorn man change is mind or should I just 4get it… I know he likes me.. He shows it!

    • I need 2 also add that a few weeks ago he also said that I was his release from his stresses in life.. He thanked me 4 that… Now I feel like I ruined that.. Did I..in his Capricorn mind, ruin it.. (Btw.. I’m a Scorpio)

      • Read my other posts. He will not change his mind. Loyalty and stubborness. Sound exciting? He can’t switch gears quick enough for you dear Scorpio. You will enter a bad combination that will be contentious at the very least. Unbearable if you want to have some fun or travel. Take my advice, don’t let him waste your time.

      • Ima cap male(dec) in a relationship with a scorpio (oct) woman almost 10 years (keep calm I’m in my 20’s n we were high school sweethearts lol), so I know few things. Cap men aren’t big on being questioned, n we are more sensitive than we appear. Just as you thought you could have ruined being his stress reliever, he’s wandering if he was too harsh saying that. If he is a jan cap there is no way he will tell you this, a dec cap may tell you once he feels the conversation wont be threatening. Nonetheless, if he seemed a little awkward, more friendly, and/or timid these are signs of him feeling bad abt what he said n being so cold. Hopefully this helped in one way or another

  16. Ive been dating a Scorpio woman and I’m a Capricorn man. I’m telling you I will never forget this girl. we did so many wonderful things together that I myself will never forget. I gave her my 100% love. we almost dated for 3 years and I loved every second with the Scorpio. She broke us off because she said she couldn’t be with me forever because she is a muslim woman and I am a catholic guy. And because of that we cant be together. any advice? I’m totally 100% not ready to move on. Help please I would like that a lot..

    • Sometimes we meet people who’s purpose is to teach us to let go. Let go and find your happiness. It is there for you. Don’t give up. Try a cancer, cancers are very loyal too and will stay with you for the rest of your life.

      • Thank you!!! I don’t know you, but you just enlightened me immensenseley!!! I cannot even spell right now and I don’t care! lol! sometimes we meet people so we can learn to let go!!! No truer words have been spoken! I am humbled, filled with hope, and you have done me a great service!!!! I am forever filled with gratitude!!! I am going to practice this because I need this lesson!!!! and it was just…… here!!!! involved with a Capricorn, I know I will never be able to keep, but will be happy with just a little taste!!!! which I already got! lol! I think I may ultimately, be able to let him go without stinging us to badly!!!! Scorpio in Venus

      • Cancers are annoying to me. I find their wishy-washy nature abnormal and mistrustful. I find that they stay because they are too afraid to leave. It’s codependency that keeps them holding on. They can be smothering in their affecctions to the point of exhaustion. To the point where they accuse you of burdening them when they are the ones who take up that role in the first place. From my experience Cancers are selfish by nature to the point of childishness. They come to rely on you to make them feel good about themselves and not just that but they love to criticize and nag and then think they know what’s best for you. Personally as a November Scorpio I would never date a Cancer again. They are sweet until they hook you in and then treat you like crap. Scorpios have patience but we hate being blindsided. They will at some point take advantage of you Scorpio because you won’t cater to their every whim. Then when they sense you are on the way out they switch back to the person you first met. The thing about us Scorpios is that we are what you see. There is no fakeness in us, no games and no pretentious nature . We give our trust easily and we need someone who will offer that to us or we retreat. I’m a second deacon Scorpio and I know Cancers are not for me. I met a Capricorn who seems genuine and I hope that we really do connect the way we think we do because as a Scorpio my loyalty will last a lifetime of its given to me consistently. Be consistent in personality and you will be rewarded. Be authentic and you will be loved come hell or high water. However. Betray our trust and we will never look at you the same, ever. We most likely will leave and never come back. We require what we give.

  17. I really like this Capricorn guy who was crushing on me big time at school but never said anything.I chemistry between us was undeniable and incredible! Its been a few years now and I think I like and that I always sort of did. The last time we exchanged messages I surmounted enough courage and flirted a little with him. He wasn’t offended, I think, and finally said he was unavailable. I left him couple more flirty texts. I know, I know that’s just gross. Anyway, he cut me off completely. Ideas?

    • Run away. Before you become addicted to a Capricorn that might take 6 or 7 years to make up his mind. If he’s with someone, he’ll never break up. They have this loyalty thing that drags their relationships out forever. Just be GLAD he’s unavailable. Go look for a sweet musical libra full of sweet good cheer. Or a stabls Taurus that will romance you and doesn’t have problems figuring out if he likes you or not.

  18. I’m a Capricorn and I dated a Scorpio. The love making was glorious.
    We would spend hours in bed together just cuddling and making out.
    We clicked very well, the only thing was that she wasn’t very smart. So we were on different levels.
    I love speaking to Scorpio women, i feel like they are the only women that actually get me.
    We share a lot of understanding and i have not met any other sign that i feel like this with.
    Pisces- very stubborn and mind boggling
    Taurus- very dominating.
    Libra- too emotionally unstable
    Gemini- plays hard to get
    Cancer- extremely dramatic and draining
    Aries- blank
    Aquarius- very strange
    Leo- not on the same page
    Virgo- I’m not too sure about Virgos

    • Virgo might be the perfect match if you can’t find a Scorpio who wants to settle down. Virgos are often rated a very high match for you. They are earthy and practical like you, they are detailed and energetic, driven and goal oriented. Try virgo… Scorpios have a tendency to get very restless with your practical approach.

  19. I’m a Scorpio woman and I am totally crushing on a Capricorn guy! The thing is he is my co-worker as well as my step brothers gf’s younger brother! Ugh. I don’t exactly remember how we started talking, but when we do I feel flustered! He loves asking me my opinion on things. When work’s almost over he’ll come and sit next to me to talk. Almost every time the Capricorn guy does, he seems nervous and gets words mixed up. I think it’s so cute! His sis usually drops me off at home but the past couple of times he offered to give me a ride! The Capricorn played old love songs and tested my knowledge and when I got it right he smiled. I love when we laugh together! When we run into each other at work and make eye contact I smile at him and he does back then we laugh… I can’t get him out of my head! I look forward to the little time we have together, I’m just not sure if he likes me or sees me as a friend. hmm…

  20. I am a Scorpio and one of my colleagues is Capricorn. I think he is attracted by me but somehow he thinks I am unreachable for him. I try to be very friendly with him but there is an obstacle or I guess an ice that does not melt between us, I am very desperate don’t know what to do. I like the Capricorn a lot but still he is the man he has to do the first step.

    • Good luck. It may take a while. A long while. Capricorns and Scorpios are a combination of frustration. Don’t waste your time… unless of course you like waiting and waiting and waiting…for EVERYTHING.

  21. I have an relationship with Capricorn man..first time we just chat everyday for long times ..first I had no romantic feeling for him …but suddenly ..one day he just tell me to give number ..the Capricorn man likes me … I first time shock but day by day we call twice, thrice a day for 20_30 mins ..I feel something for him..I’m a Scorpio. The Capricorn man also said that he believe me, we intimately spend time talking about sex… after some days he tells that he is confused … I cannot understand what I have to do … now we msg each other if he ask something I ans it and he also …

    • Capricorn men like to take a very long time to think about things. Mostly they will say NO. They are not adventurous. Find someone better for you. Libra, Virgo, Cancer, Pieces, Taurus… Capricorn is just too stubborn.

        • I’m a Cap man and will say that some of the traits of stubbornness and pondering decisions too long are true but I’ve learned to let that all go to a much better extent as I’ve gotten older and a big influence on that was being madly in love with a Scorpio woman!

          • Scorpio woman happy to hear you are madly in love with your scorpio. I am two months in dating a cap man, I always feel like I am waiting and wanting, even tried to call it quits, but he is trying to make it right for me, I am afraid that he won’t be able to hold on to me, this makes me sad. How do I be more patient with my cappy? I need more attention!

  22. I am a Scorpio woman, with 80% Cancer as my rising sun. I dated a Capricorn man instantly there was physical attractions. But for some reason he seems so distance and lacking in communication but he said he likes me a lot and we actually I thought had a wonderful intimate time on our first date at his home. We cooked and watched movie together then had passionate kinky making love. I miss the Capricorn man but I respect whatever decision he makes. He cares for me I know that. I just want the Capricorn to know that I really do care for him and my intentions is very genuine. I asked him what went wrong since he told me we have nothing in common after we spent a wonderful day and the Capricorn said he was confused. I give him the distance we text every now and then and he said he wants to be more than just friends. I’m a little confuse but I’m patient. Should I talk to the Capricorn man first or just move on ???

    • @phrcd – give it time for the relationship to grow and for him to become adjusted to the feelings he has for you. Capricorn men aren’t so good at expressing their love verbally, and they often become reclusive just before opening up to you even more. My father, and also current boyfriend of 3 years are Capricorn men. They know how to show their love, though they might not do it often. Capricorn men can be hard to read, but even if they seem withdrawn, it’s usually because they’re taking time to sort their feelings out. Their stubborn & macho so they like to do things on their own. Your job is just to gently ease him along in the process by letting the Capricorn man know that you care and by simply being there for him. As he grows to trust you more, it’ll become easier for the Capricorn to show how much he cares. Be patient with him, and it’ll be fine!

      • Thank you Bee! In a right time in a right place. I’m a Scorpio who is also hard to trust and very well determine. As I told him, that all I want is a partner with everything. I’m independent woman and we both are career oriented and family are both precious to us. I feel like I’m the flame in the block of ice. My intentions is real genuine it’s either a lover or a friend. I really do hope and pray we will make thru. I’m a Scorpio with Cancer as my rising sun and numerology number 9 and so he is numerology number 9. According to numerology both nines in a relationship is match made in heaven. How we work or apply this realistically is I’m sure all up to us. He’s a Bachelor and I’m divorced with one child. You think there is chances?? He respect, care and honest with me. He’s just so distance and Is it normal that some days all of a sudden I feel his presence like his face, his smile and our intimacy just suddenly pop out in my head even I don’t even think of it. Does that mean that there’s a chance that he is thinking of me ?? (Like mental telepathy ) ??

    • Move on. You are like a business proposition in his mind. He probably has a list of what he wants in a woman. Sorry if you don’t fit that list… your out. Don’t take it personally. Actually your the winner here. Move on… don’t look back and don’t date anymore Capricorns. It’s a warning based on what every Scorpio woman has said on this site.

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