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Compatibility Capricorn and Taurus

Compatibility Capricorn The Taurus-Capricorn relationship can be a love match made in heaven. The two really are perfect for each other. Taurus has a need to make a happy home, fill her life with material things that are important to her, and to have a great marriage. The Capricorn man is interested in all the same things she is. He wants marriage, a happy home, and the finer things in life. He is however a bit more reserved than she is, tending to stay on the pessimistic side of things. This is where the Taurus woman can shine in her Capricorns’ life. She can teach him how to look for the positives and to have faith that everything will be alright.

Compatibility Taurus Quiet reassurance works wonders for the male Capricorn. The female Taurus can usually teach him things that he never understood such as how to be openly expressive about his feelings and showing her the devotion she craves when she is putting all of her energy into him and their family. She must learn to be patient with him and she cannot let her tongue fly off at the handle like she is used to doing.

The Taurus woman gets what she needs in a mate from her Capricorn. He will never wander, does not tend to have much to say, and is very practical. He will shower her with love when he has learned to open himself up to her. This may take a long time, even years but to the Taurus woman the Capricorn man is worth every bit of waiting. These two astrological signs are very compatible in love and sex relationships, go for it!

2 thoughts on “Compatibility Capricorn and Taurus

  1. In love with my best friend, he a Capricorn man and I a Taurus woman. We melt each others heart and understand one another. We make each other laugh and respect each other. Know him for going on 21 years, and been with him for 14. Omg , I am in love!

  2. I am a Capricorn female and I used to date a Taurus guy. When the Taurus was in a good mood he was very likable and left a very intelligent impression as well. The Taurus man was very good looking too. Unfortunately, when his bad side came to the surface the Taurus could be extremely selfish and egotistical. It was either the Taurus way or the highway. Capricorns can’t stand selfish people. So I chose the highway after only a few dates. I believe that a real love relationship is not possible with a guy who only thinks about himself. My best girlfriend is a Taurus as well, and we get along great, although she can be a bit egotistical too. I guess it’s not just a male Taurus thing, it’s a Taurus thing in general. With my Taurus girlfriend it just doesn’t bother me as much, since I don’t have to share my entire life with her on an everyday basis. So, overall, I think Capricorn and Taurus can get along, but a Capricorn woman and a Taurus man might be a different story. I give this relationship 3 stars.

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