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Compatibility Capricorn and Virgo

Compatibility Capricorn The Virgo and Capricorn relationship can be a bit complicated at first. It takes a little while for these two to get used to each other. Once they are together for a long period of time, they must be able to tolerate each others habits. This is not an easy task as each is very set in the way they like to do things. Working together and communicating often is paramount to the Virgo and Capricorn working together. The Capricorn is both a perfectionist and a self-punisher.

Compatibility Virgo When he does not do something correctly, the Capricorn man will give and execute a punishment on himself. The bad thing is that the Virgo woman tends to do the same thing and being together can feed this habit causing deep-rooted anguish. The Virgo woman is a perfectionist and very critical. She is not only critical of herself but others. The Virgo happens to critique her lover over his hygienic habits and his housecleaning to the point of nagging. This can create a lot of tension between the Virgo and Capricorn.

From the beginning, the one thing that they both have in common is sex. They are attracted to each other immediately. It may take some time for Virgo and Capricorn to fall in love but they will be having sex almost immediately after meeting. Each feels the others needs on an emotional and physical level. They connect in an almost spiritualistic way. Giving and nurturing the other is natural to both of them and they invigorate the other. They spend hours peaking and climaxing just to do it all over again, until they are both spent. Virgo and Capricorn make a great love match.

3 thoughts on “Compatibility Capricorn and Virgo

  1. Omg Im a capricorn woman n Im In love with a virgo man. Im drawn to him. Like bees to honey. He is not an emotional man. He can be really mean. Im sexually very attracted to him. We always had that chemistry. He is self centered n builds a wall. We seperated but he n I cant be away. We are each others lifeline even though realistically we dont mesh mentally and emotionally. He has a lot of anxiety and then become egotistical. We just fi then not fit. I get him more than he gets me. He drives me nuts. Im not sure what to do. People said leave him n tell him to get lost. I want to but the n the other part wants him n never wants to ket go. This is the strangest relationship I have encountered. Im so drained and confused.

    • This is my situation almost exactly… it’s scary. I’ve never been more confused but infatuated, intrigued, curious and excited in all my life. There is just something about him that I can’t ignore. He’s definitely unemotional and has built up major walls throughout his life that its tough to break through. I just give him the space he needs and try not to pry. It’s a very strange situation.

  2. I’ve been having an affair with a life path 7, Virgo man, for 11 yrs. I am married life path 1, capicorn woman, overall content, no complaints (maybe 1really big one) good,solid marriage. We have 1 child together. He is in a relationship with a women Whos is the mother of his 2 kids. ( His story was he saw her for a few mths and was ending it and she told him she was pregnant. We met when she was 3 mths pregnant. They are a couple, they do not live together, and have had 2 kids over the 11 yrs. they have been to court over the kids, and he pays child support each mth and sees the kids whenever. )

    From the moment I met him, it was intense. Our chemistry will make anybody in our presence blush. Its undeniable, hot, raw, magically, steamy.It’s what Arthors and producers try to capture in books and movies, it is rare gift that we have over the years abused, took for granted, denied, surpressed, and made the most incredible memories that are etched in our mind,heart,and soul. Do you know that after 11 yrs, just thinking about him now I still melt like butter, weak in the knees, and butterflies in my belly.

    Emotional Roller coaster is an understatement, hot and cold for years, love hate, the tin man is His pet name. he has always had such a will power to keep me at arms length and built a huge wall up deflecting any or all emotion for me away. Physical he basked in us as often as I would let him, never once, I mean never once, told me no. Emotional, his wall is strong, on occasion a piece would fall, and he would give into the moment. The moment I was gone duck tape came out, glue, concert, extra rocks to fix and add to his wall. I couldn’t tell u how many times we were intimate and then,typically, I got a 3 day silence treatment. Over nights, a week, a weekend together 2 weeks. This has been consistent for years. I f***ing hated it, it drove me crazy. I gave and gave and he took and took and then ignored me over and over again. Basically, in a nut shell, when he wanted me he wanted me but when he didn’t, I did not exist. Every time we were together it was incredible, freeing. Just us being us, real, EASY, a perfect fit. It by far outwayed the bad. I made a choice to love him unconditionally and when I did the other stuff stopped bothering me, I stopped being angry and just realized that what he needs to do. And then I had this indescribable feeling wash over me, and I knew without a doubt that he loved me.

    Over the past year, right after I made my choice ( which I never told him or have shared to date) I remember the shift happened for him, can’t give u the exact time or place, but just remember him looking at me, like he was looking at ME. I started noticing everything he was doing, making effort to call me and talk to EVERYDAY, (I do not call him or contact him first anymore), I see his sweet attempt in COMMUNICATING better, ( are worst issue), doing and saying things just to make me smile. Our relationship now is crazy, amazing, blissfully happy, BUT……..

    We have no future together. We have talked about and agree that’s it what’s best for everybody. I have ended things literally a 1000 times, but I’m so weak when it comes to him. I broke down and I wrote him a email asking him begging him to walk away from me and never look back, his reaction was never what I could fathom. I can honestly say he will never leave me ever, EVER, with the exception of one thing, I know he is in love with me but if we got caught I don’t think his Loves is enough to fight for us (he hates any and all conflict) I believe he would do what he thinks is best for his kids. Logic out ways emotionally feelings.

    He is the greatest, most frustrating, smart, hard headed, successful, know-it-all, passionate, logical man I have ever met to date. Women, advise, RUN, RUN, RUN like hell!!!!!!!

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