Compatibility Gemini and Aquarius

Compatibility Gemini The relationship between a Gemini and an Aquarius is quite dynamic and a very good love match. Both are very intellectually connected in a relationship. They love to talk and Gemini’s idea of adventure suits the Aquarius perceptive mind. They both are quick-witted, clever, and can talk about anything under the sun. This gives a relationship between the two a lot to talk about. Conversation and idealization are a part of both the mental thinking of Gemini’s and Aquarius’s.

Compatibility Aquarius In the bedroom, Gemini will most certainly turn on the Aquarius’s kinky side and it suits him/her well. They will spend hours of time playing, exploring, and coming up with new ways to enjoy each other sexually. The chemistry between these two signs is magical in the bedroom and they are matched quite well when it comes to having sex. They each complement the strengths of the other and can be physically attracted almost immediately.

The only problem between the Gemini and Aquarius is that both seem to be detached from each other and their selves at times. They seem to prefer to independence from each other in social circles and that suits them both just fine. Gemini and Aquarius understand each others need for friendship and it does not matter if it is between the two of them or other people. The Gemini woman will find the Aquarius male soothing and calming to her erratic nature and he will find his beautiful Gemini exciting and exhilarating to say the least but they both enjoy the friendship of other people. Gemini and Aquarius are very compatible signs when it comes to love and sex relationships!