Compatibility Gemini and Cancer

Compatibility Gemini The compatibility between Gemini and Cancer is difficult at best. Cancers are homebodies who enjoy being alone, do not talk a lot, and are very good at being supportive to their mates. Gemini on the other hand are very social creatures, they are super intelligent, and great at communicating. Staying home, being alone, and supporting others is not their idea of fun and it is hard to find interest in Cancer who epitomizes the homebody.

Compatibility Cancer Gemini’s are very flirtatious, social people. They love to travel, meet new people, and try new things. This is difficult for the Cancer who loves to stay at home, entertain quietly, and tends to bottle everything up inside. The two work best as business partners and great friends. Anything beyond work or friendship is not going to be easy for either of these signs and they may end up resenting each other for trying. Both have completely opposing views and needs, which confuses the other. It also makes them feel as if they cannot please their mate. This adds to the confusion and creates resentment. Over time this tends to rip apart Gemini’s and Cancer’s.

Working together on projects at the workplace, joining teams together, or being good friends is the best relationships for Gemini’s and Cancer’s. Going beyond this requires a lot of strength, communication, and hard work to keep the relationship alive. This is probably not suited well to the Gemini no matter how hard Cancer tries to please his Gemini mate. Remaining friends or business partners is the best bet for these two. Dating should be out of the question.