Compatibility Gemini and Libra

Compatibility Gemini Gemini and Libra make a very good love match between the signs of the zodiac. They both love to be around people, love to talk, and both understand the other even though they can be very different from one another. Their opposite qualities are what attract each to the other the most. They have no problem sharing a long evening with friends and family, going to parties, and having dinner with groups of friends.

Compatibility Libra The Gemini woman can tend to be very flirty and loves to go places. She rarely stays home and this can sometimes bother the Libra, although he rarely says much to her about it. She tends to be more carefree and spontaneous than he does. This can be a problem but usually does not ruin their relationship because they are so well matched. Gemini and Libra are very compatible astrological signs.

The Libra man will understand his beautiful Gemini’s wandering personality and in the end he will help her curb her sexual desires to play around. Even though he may not be exactly what she is looking for all the time, he offers her his undying love. A Gemini woman cannot resist a Libra man who loves her unconditionally. Sex between them is usually exciting even though there is no need in his eyes for such passion. He pleases her in every way he can to satisfy her need for different things at different times but what he admires most is how smart and witty she is. Her intellect and cunning mind is what really turns him on and also what captivates him. This is a very compatible astrological combination when it comes to love and sex.