Compatibility Gemini and Pisces

Compatibility Gemini The match between a Gemini and Pisces is quite confusing for both at first. They seem to be polar opposites and other than having two symbols in their signs Gemini and Pisces seem to have nothing in common. When these two signs get together though, things can be quite rewarding for both of them. They are both matched intellectually even though they prefer to think about different things.
Pisces is a dreamer where Gemini is more of a mind playing character. Both have a tendency to manipulate the other and this can get in the way of their relationship if they let it.

Compatibility Pisces With Pisces visionary ideas and Gemini’s innovative thoughts the two make a perfect pair mentally. It is important for them to share their feelings though and this is very hard for the Gemini to do. The Gemini woman is unwilling to think about her emotions and is very easy to set off. She will rage and yell and this can scare her quiet Pisces man. He is unable to deal with her anger and can be quite hurt at the things the Gemini says to him. Dealing with this is the biggest part of their relationship issues. If the two can get past this part they have made it because their intellect is very well matched.

In the bedroom the Gemini is more of the adventurer. Gemini’s are not usually inhibited and can be very kinky at times. This can be a turn off for the sensitive Pisces who seeks emotional attachment and romantic soirees. As long as these two signs can keep honest and communicate their intentions with each other the relationship can grow and develop. But don’t expect too much, Gemini and Pisces are generally incompatible astrological signs.