Compatibility Gemini and Scorpio

Compatibility Gemini The combination between Gemini and Scorpio can really go good or go badly. It really depends on how much they both are trying to make the relationship work. They are both matched very well for each other when it comes to love and sex, except for some big differences that can get in the way of marriage and love. It takes a lot of time and commitment from both the Gemini and the Scorpio to make this relationship work.

Compatibility Scorpio The Gemini woman loves to spend time with her friends, visiting family, and going out. She is very complex being ruled by the sign of the Twins. Her personality changes constantly and she looks for ways to keep from being bored. This is no easy task as her mind is always changing and so are the subjects she talks about. One minute the Gemini woman may talk about traveling and sightseeing and the next she is dreaming up plans to start a new business. This tends to annoy her Scorpio mate.

The Scorpio man loves to talk but only talks about one thing at a time. He does not change subjects frequently and chooses to be very thorough in his conversations. This distresses and bores his clever Gemini. The Scorpio man loves to spend quiet time alone at home reflecting on his problems or goodwill. He is very quick to hate or love and usually carries a grudge for long periods of time.
When the two work out her need for space and social freedom and his need for solitude and peace, they can create a dynamic pair. When the Scorpio falls in love with his Gemini woman, he will undoubtedly fall head over heels in love with her. These two are definitely a pretty good love match.