Compatibility Gemini and Taurus

Compatibility Gemini The Taurus woman is very possessive and demanding of her mate. The compatibility between Taurus and Gemini is complicated at best. The Taurus will have to learn to accept the Gemini’s flirty nature and outgoing personality. This is not an easy task for the Taurus since she is expecting total devotion and attention from her mate. This can cause huge arguments and create irreconcilable differences between these two signs.
The Gemini is a very carefree spirit and does not take well to being held back from his desires.

Compatibility Taurus The Taurus woman likes the finer things in life and longs for a partner to shower her with his devotion, money, time, and attention. Gemini men are not able to handle these tasks very easily and letting down the Taurus woman happens entirely too often in her eyes.
In the bedroom the Taurus seeks a strong and passionate man who can keep her from getting bored and can show her physical ways to make love. The Gemini man tends to overlook the importance of sex and love and just keeps a carefree attitude. This can turn off the female Taurus. The Gemini man can be turned off by the Taurus need to own the Gemini in the bedroom and during sex. The Taurus longs to own the Gemini in sex and love, devoting herself to him forever. This can turn off a Gemini man when she comes across too quickly or too fervently.

They both need to proceed slowly and learn to accept the differences in their signs if a relationship is to work out between the two. The love horoscope for these two is to take it slow and see what progresses. Do not jump in head first.