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Compatibility Gemini and Virgo

Compatibility Gemini The Gemini woman loves excitement, talking, and traveling. She is very experienced and skilled in many areas. Like the Virgo man she is very smart and loves to experiment. She however is a flighty spirit, being controlled by the two twins, Gemini women tend to seem like they are completely different from one day to the next. She craves social attention and makes friends easily.
The Virgo man also loves excitement, talking, and adventure but he is more methodical. He likes to make plans and does not leave much to chance. He will provide for his mate and give her everything he feels she needs. He will also resent her flirty personality and at times may become quite withdrawn from her.

Compatibility Virgo These two signs are very compatible when they can work together, but typically Gemini and Virgo are incompatible signs. The Gemini woman will enter into many conversations changing the subject frequently while the Virgo man would rather talk about topics in order, finishing with one before moving on to another subject. Conversation is a strong point for the two but understanding the different ways each communicates is vital to maintaining a good connection to each other, especially if this relationship is supposed to lead to a long term love relationship.

In the bedroom the Gemini woman satisfies her Virgo partner completely offering both excitement and new ways to have sex. He is satisfied easily and does not get overly romantic or mushy. The Virgo man does move a little too slowly for Gemini’s adventurous nature. She turns him on the most by keeping her body in good shape and health. Cleanliness, strength, and physical condition all appeal to his idea of a loving partner. Gemini and Virgo might make a good one-night-stand, but that’s about it.

45 thoughts on “Compatibility Gemini and Virgo

  1. Virgos are too boring for us gems. No offense theyre ok but the sense of humor is blahhh. Just not enough umph. Virgo men are persistent..but too much to say that is critical.

    • It sounds like you were dumped by a Virgo. Astrology only reveals a small portion about a person. There are Geminis who don’t have an ounce of a sense of humor and are extremely jealous. Just like there areVirgos who tell great jokes

    • lol the only problem i see is the flirting but not in our faces just not in our faces i a virgo do not care if my girl goes out but i can’t stand when she has to flirt like logic i am good enough or i will think your insecure. You want to see romantic sexual fun etc you have to earn and also ask for it or get it out from us we are people pleaser so we will do what it take to makes you happy dont take us for granted. lol if you don’t want him to go anywhere just have a kid with him :/ family first thats why

  2. I am a Virgo woman in love with a Gemini man. We are middle aged. We met on a dating website almost a year ago. He is what I have been searching for all of my life and could not be any happier. We are compatible intellectually, emotionally, and sexually. He is witty, passionate, spontaneous, talented and creative. I could not love him more if I tried. I only hope he truly loves me as much as I do him. I will be devastated if something happens and I lose him. The happiest day of my life will be if and when he asks me to marry him. A Virgo and Gemini can be very happy together.

    • Yes indeed. I am gemini woman and have been in a happy loving relationship with a virgo man. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my children. We’ve been together 6 months and he has already proposed to me. He is a great provider, he pursues me daily, and he protects me and our family. He is charming, funny, passionate, and he handles his business. What more can you ask for. I’m so glad I so not base my relationships off of astrology. If I did, I would have truly missed out on a great man.

      • congrats . a person is so much more than a zodiac sign! it’s how people work together in two life that matters

  3. I am a Gemini woman, & met a Virgo Man online..it wasn’t even a dating site, but a game site!..(Lol)…we would just make comments , pretty much talking trash when one of us would make a move that set the other back..then we started talking in general( still chatting )..he finally chatted one day that he wanted to hear my voice..we have been communicating for almost 3 months, & he is like no one I have ever met..what’s sad is I was in the same city as him, but was in the process of relocating(sadfaced).. I am only 4 hours away..we plan to meet..but both have expressed to one another to uncontrollable connection that is present..I don’t know how things will turn out..but he has excited me in such a way, I would never regret the time we have shared thus far!!

  4. Gemini woman who just started casually conversing with a Virgo man. He seems very sweet but I’m suspicious of him and his intentions. Tonight is the first time we will go out. pray for me because I am afraid of being hurt and I’m feeling very vulnerable

  5. Met Gemini woman in August and by the end of the month she was asking me what my intentions were with her. I told her I felt pressured with that question and that we should go with the flow. Our communication has been a disaster, she tells me I misunderstand her, while I feel she doesn’t pay attention to what I say because she is busy trying to be right. Within two months I explained to her that I wasn’t feeling her and that we should remain friends. I lacked intellectual as well as physical stimulation.

    • @october 6,2014 12:53 am ….maybe the virgo man is misunderstanding her. Maybe the Gemini has the same mutual feelings you do for her..I’m a Gemini woman… We sometimes fight ourselves..ever considered the fact that she may be dealing with battles of her own outside what you guys have..? We’re fragile people you know..you shouldn’t give up..a lot of people including her lovers misunderstand her..try to cope just like she does with you. And she’ll make your Life what worth living.

      • I agree with the reply above. I’m a Gemini gal and I can vouch that I’ve gone through many inner conflicts with myself. This has sometimes make me outwardly project negative emotions towards my Virgo boyfriend, (partly because I didn’t feel as close to him as I wanted in the beginning) but I have always been very conscious of my behavior, so I did everything I could to contain any damage and in doing that, I ended up holding constructive conversations with him and we often came to mutual understandings even if our talks started out unpleasant (when I was at my lowest) and we had to trudge through difficult topics or cringe as we step on some of our feelings. And even if he didn’t exactly get what was going through my mind in those moments, I gave him time to get to know me so that he can understand me little by little and we can slowly work towards a harmonious relationship. Patience and effort pays. Our relationship has improved remarkably. It’s only been a little over 3 years between us now but I feel that there’s no one I’d rather be with. Despite us having different personalities, interests, and lives outside of our relationship, we’ve learned to appreciate all the good things we have, accept each other’s shortcomings, and encourage ourselves to do better. I don’t think there’re really many better ways than that to overcome difficulties in a relationship.

        Of course, not every relationship is meant to be, but if you feel that the one you’re attracted to is a good person to be with, give it your all, show sincere appreciation for each other in subtle (or more transparent) ways and be willing to work out any problems. Once the trust between you reaches that point, you’ll know then that you’re with the right person.

        Regarding your situation, both Gemini and Virgo partners can be pretty stubborn because both signs are intelligent but in different ways, so remember to give each other some leeway and listen to everything that is being said. Don’t be hasty to judge and assume. I can say this because it has been an obstacle between my boyfriend and me in the past. It took us 30-45 minutes to figure out that we’ve been miscommunicating through several consecutive messages over online texts. What we tried to convey to each other passed us by without us knowing and it caused a lot of confusion as well as poked at our tempers. Although we’ve never actually fought, when either one of us becomes upset, the other will become just as upset or worse and the cycle sort of continues.

        We’re never going to be perfect as human beings, but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve. So even if you blame yourself for lacking intellectual and physical stimulation, don’t limit yourself to that and try to outgrow your expectations. Doesn’t matter what any woman might say about you, it only matters if you get better from what you see in yourself.

        I don’t know about other Gemini men/women, but personally I think (not trying to show off here) that I’ve brought sparks into my boyfriend’s life. When I saw him looking dull and uncheerful (he didn’t smile much) even while in his previous relationship, I thought that I really wanted to make him smile and become happier, so that’s what I ended up making as one of my goals. Make others happy and let others make you happy in return. I think everyone has the ability to do that, so who knows, maybe “L” is right and the Gemini woman you talked about could have made your life worth living, and maybe you guys split only over temporary miscommunication/misunderstanding, or maybe not. Either way, I hope you know the right things to look for in a relationship that you wish to pursue and how to get and keep it when you see it right in front of you.

        Best of luck, and if you’ve already found the one for you, I hope you guys are as happy and content as can be.

        – Liviana

  6. I m Virgo man ,working unmarried ,started one professional class where i fallen in love with Gemini girl approx 10 years younger than me .i fallen in her love just by her voice without seen her .her first voice hit my heart and started beating for her later i seen her. I approached her through sms but she was puzzled to know i love her .and asked not to disturb later. in class she always look at me ,i feel she remains silent ,peep me ,some times our eyes catches .but we don’t have conversations . i started ignore her in class but she notices all my conversations with others . what should i do. ?

    • That’s just the way with Gemini girls! Actually there’s not one person in this planet that there is not a chance of their being attracted to them, especially knowing that you like her gives you an extra charm! if you notice her noticing you then that’s a sign that she’s not uninterested in you. I guess you should just take it slow. Don’t push yourself on to her, but move slowly. Keep having subtle eye contacts to show her you’re still interested. if you can don’t even show up for a while, go somewhere far, I don’t know, and one other thing, show your brains, Geminis are generally attracted to brains and good conversation. Good Luck
      Gemini Girl

      • Im a gemini lady having a virgo guy lover for almost two months now in online.i live in different country and same with him, infact our time has big difference coz the time my place im asleep thats his time he still awake.yet we manage to continue our communication.time is precious for both of us.we both happy together.thanks to the high tech genre we still able to get close though were 100 miles away
        im hoping for next level in our relationship..i found him as good life time partner..almost perfect for me.i wish God can give us both more strenght,faith and blooming love.

    • Dude, you’re scarring me.

      What do you mean by she asked you not to bother her and you’re still chasing her? What’s wrong with you?


    • she told you to leave her alone
      you feel you already love her

      she’s not interested. respect others, as you’d want to be respected.

      How would you like it if a strange person who you’re not attracted to, wouldn’t leave you alone?

      You could end up in jail and there you’ll have lots of unwanted attention from people you’re not attracted to.

      if you’re unstable mentally seek help from a professional.

      no one has to put up with your crazy s***

    • I think u should tell her anout ur feelings its vil b good for u that u tell her ur true feelings because i m a gemini women n my boyfriend is a virgo man who is 3 yrs yonger than me

  7. I’m a Gemini female & I loovee my Virgo man. The first time I saw him I fell in love! I was walking past the pool in my apartments and he was with his family in the water. We made eye contact and I got butterflies (mainly because his eyes are grey/green hehe). Before I was going to walk past the pool again I told my self to wave or something. So I was walking passed and I just smiled and waved. He stopped me and we began talking. An instant connection But there was one problem – I was under age and he was older :/ We still exchanged numbers though. I think I desire older ppl because my parents are ten years apart and my sister and her husband are 7 years apart. its in my blood. Anyways! We have been talking since then. (three years later) However there were times when we stopped for long periods of times. But somehow we always came back to each other. Oh and I’m legal now πŸ™‚ He’s the perfect gentleman, very passionate and loves hard. He always encourages me and push me to reach my full potential. Plus we share a love for fitness !! With me being a Gemini and younger, he understands my want to be social and party etc.. but he knows I’m not going anywhere.. I crave his desire for wanting a stable relationship and being a provider as a man should be πŸ™‚ I haven’t witness his “jealous” side that everyone says a Virgo man has. But all in all I think the two signs compliment each other for the better <3

    • damn girl! you were only 15?

      maybe this older man is into minors. You were passing by and he was staring at you. You think you’re the only girl he was staring at? Watch out, you sound awfully naive.

      Where were your parents when you were 15 and socializing with an old dude?

      I’d lock my kids in the rooms if they ever tried to pull that on me. That wouldn’t be necesary as my kids are happy being kids and not looking for older men or women

      You also sound like you enjoy a bit much that he provides for you financially. I teach my kids that they can study and make their own money. You don’t need a sugar daddy hon.

  8. yes i am a Gemini woman and ok, so far I’ve dated 2 Virgos. the 1st was a blast!! l lived this guy to pieces bc we was a great intellectual BUT then turned into an emotionally unstable exclusive nightmare!! yikes lol then to make matters worse this creep ended up being married and habitually jealous.. he was promiscuous and reckless with his trifles so I just had to cut him off.. started doing drugs horribly.. losing body parts and just telling lies left and right stealing money all kinds of junky shit lol… on me, ab himself behaving shallow and immoral.. dealing with him personally was not a good idea.. like wtf was i thinking smdh lol epic fail going back down that dark creepy alley again.. The Virgo male that I am currently seeing – on the surface appears to be ok.. we have some things in common.. this Virgo is younger than me and the sex is GREAT πŸ™‚ the more I get to know him the more I understand him and the more I like him.. I’ve learned a lot ab Virgos from the trifflin one I mentioned earlier so I won’t make the same mistake 2wice.. i enjoy talking to the Virgo and we talk for hrs on the phone hahah too cute.. my new Virgo is COMPLETELY the opposite from the 1st one.. The first nite we had sex he was exceptionally well but also sincere.. we have been inseparable since!! this Virgo male definitely is mature for his age however I have never dated a guy 6 yrs younger than me.. his age slightly bothers me tho.. so we’ll see where this goes however I am already prepared for the long run if he can keep up with me

    • I too am dating a Virgo male who is 6 years younger than I am. The age difference doesn’t bother me at all. He’s very kind, intelligent, funny, affectionate and a passionate lover. We Gems do have quite a sexual appetite and I’m glad he’s young enough to keep up. Our conversations are varied and long. We stay up all night talking, laughing and having great sex. I’ve known him for four years and we’ve always gotten along very well. In so glad that we’ve taken our friendship to the next level. We’re taking things slowly but I enjoy the in between stage of the relationship. I don’t know where we’re going but we’re gonna have a great time getting there.

  9. In high school a cute Virgo liked me and I ignored it until 3 years or so later. 20 years ago b4 sign compatibility mattered to me. I ended up dating him for a torrid summer. He made me feel everything more vividly in life but we both were young and I went away to school. Life happened to us and somehow I never ran into for 20 years until recently. As 40 something’s we are mature and true about our approach but like magnets we pulled to one another. He had been having erectile dysfunction issues and kept telling me not to expect what I was accustom to with him. I will admit he did have some issues at first, but like we started as kids, fumbling, we ended like lovers locked in heat all night long. We both live our lives but he is a force in my mine, he balances me. He makes me feel like we have lost no time and I enjoy every minute of our time together even when he gets to talking about his projects at work. He makes me feel loved, I forgot what that felt like.

  10. I am a Gemini female, dating a Virgo for the past 7 & 1/2 years!! I can honestly say, that I have never felt love this way before, & I also know that if it were to end today, that I would never find this same love again!! It all started with a strong sexual attraction, a “one night stand” that has lasted all these years. πŸ™‚ lol We did have trouble in the beginning, understanding how we each communicate…but we understand one another now. The Virgo always thought that I was yelling at him, or being mean, when that is just the way I speak. I have to say, that we are perfect for each other! We just “get” one another. Its just so weird seeing what this article says, because all of the others I have read, say that a Gemini & Virgo are very compatible, they just have to learn how each other communicate & respond to situations.
    I grew up taking care of myself…I lived in foster care, I helped to raise 5 siblings, we moved around from place to place, & my family is split & not close at all. I have always tried dating people that have a strong family & someone to help give me that sense of stability, but it never worked out with any of the others. My Virgo bf has everything I have always been searching for & we love each other more today than the first day! I thank God for leading us to each other. β™‘β™₯β™‘

  11. I’m a Gemini woman and I am deeply in love with a Virgo man. We were never in a relationship together, but I have known him for two years and he swept me off my feet the moment I saw him. The Virgo man was actually the one who approached me first, which I’m generally not used to. But he was very sweet and respectful, EXTREMELY eloquent and intelligence, and me as a Gemini woman, I’m a complete sucker for a guy with a brain and a good head on his shoulders. I’m completely mesmerized by the Virgo’s deep intellectual thought and I feel there is so much I can learn from him about life. I can’t exactly talk about the chemistry on a relationship level, but I know if we were to be together, each of us would have something to offer the other person. My Virgo man would be the type to make me humble myself, want to be a better woman and to keep me grounded in a relationship.

  12. I am a twice divorced Gemini female from the “Baby Boomer” generation. I was single for nearly 16 years by choice because most of the men I met were not compatible even when according to our signs we were. Then one day I met this amazing Virgo man who entered my life and swept me off my feet. I have never been so fulfilled in all my life by a mate. The Virgo is loving and romantic and we have a way of keeping each other on our toes. He gives me a sense of balance I did not even realize I needed. The Virgo man says I bring the best out in him.
    We fell in love (or lust) very quickly and had a whirlwind courtship. We have been married for 5 years now and are wonderful friends, amazing lovers and very successful business partners. We have traveled the world together and I appreciate his eye for detail. If not for his precision in planning my flightiness would land us in Bangkok when we should be in London.
    All signs have certain character flaws and I think the most glaring of the Virgo male is their need to be a bit critical at times. I have learned he is not being cutting but merely honest. Virgo men tend to see a Gemini woman’s need to socialize as a bit too flirty at times so I try to watch this. But all in all I wish I had met this amazing man much earlier in my life.

    • I am a Baby boomer too. In the process of divorce from my Gemini husband, so a bit raw from the experience and bruised but ever the optimist.

      I am gemini and have met a Virgo man. We are similar ages, he is divorced with a teenage son. I have a son in his early 30’s. Virgo man and I get on intellectually and sexually, but I do find him cold at times and cynical. Mis trusting as if what we are experiencing can’t be real. He pulls away and retreats to his cave or is very matter of fact and I find I retort in a equally cutting manner and we spiral down into a place where we seem to not understand one another. Invariably I say STOP and recover the situation and we continue on again but it is like a roller coaster, great highs and terrible lows. I think I am falling for him and then I don’t. Maybe other influences such as my mistrust of men due to my divorce and his fear of being let down again is what is stopping us from
      committing. Maybe it’s just too soon and we need more time?

  13. Gemini woman. Never, ever dated my Virgo man. We started as friends and just clicked. It was great. He’d give me signals one day that he may like me and then the next, signals that he didn’t like me. I told him I liked him twice and got no reaction. The Virgo was the same as we had been. Finally, he told me he just wanted to stay as friends. I was cool with that but now I see him more frequently and he is always talking to me. Targets me and then talks to me or flirts or teases me. It’s weird. These games are too frustrating.. I still have feelings for that Virgo man though. If we ever become official, it’ll be great. But I rate this Gemini x Virgo Relationship…

  14. I’m currently dating a Virgo guy and he’s amazing! We have a great relationship. He is always complimenting me and making me feel as though I’m the only woman in the world. We have many of the same views on life and love. The Virgo guy is, however, critical at times. He will make a comment about maybe something I cooked being to dry or “maybe you should use such and such next time”. I have the type of personality though to just brush it under the mat because I understand he is honestly only trying to help. I have learned that the person he is most critical with is himself. The Virgo guy doesn’t make a decision in haste. Every detail is thought through. The upside to this is that things almost 100% of the time go according to plan! The Virgo is very appreciative of everything I do for him, even the smallest things, thank-you’s come often. He is a very deep person. I have had more deep and intellectual conversations with him than I have with some of my best friends and family. We get along very well and laugh all the time. We go on “weekend vacations” often and the Virgo guy is always showing love and affection in some way. I’ve seen and done things with him that I would’ve never dreamed to do. It’s honestly the best relationship I’ve been in. I would’ve given 5 stars but we’ve only been together for a year πŸ™‚

  15. OMG!!! I love Virgo men! I want one so bad! i don’t mean to make it sound like the latest handbag or no shit like that at all, but I think they are absolutely brilliant! I’m a Gemini lady who always seems to get into relationships with guys who are supposedly “compatible”. Leos, Aquarians, Aries. However, none of them has ever had the mental capacity of my Virgin crush. Virgos seem to be better at doing without having to be told. Intellectual masters, those who are conscious, that turns me on! WHEW!! A man with insight, depth, and experimental?! OMG put a leash on me baby ’cause I’m owned! lol Seriously, I really need a Virgo, I just love how hard they love… <3

    • I’m a Virgo guy and I tell you what. It’s really hard to find a girl that matches me and the way I think. My ex wife was a Leo. And let me tell you what. I should have know better from the start.

  16. I am a Gemini woman seeing a Virgo man and I must say it’s the best relationship I’ve ever had. He keeps me on my toes that’s for sure, but it keeps the excitement going. The Virgo man loves making sure I’m taken care of in the bedroom before he is. When we go places he makes sure everyone knows we ate together. The Virgo man is the best thing that’s ever happened me even though he does make remarks to see what reaction he gets out of me, it doesn’t make me love him any less

  17. I’m currently have a relationship with a Virgo man and he do not talk a lot very much and sometimes is make me think he really don’t want to have anything with me because the way she act but at the same time he say he don’t want separate. I am Gemini by the way and very confuse me when the Virgo act like that. I do not know how Virgos normally act…I like receive long text because i think is cute but he does do that at all.. it that good? by the way the Virgo say he want a serious SERIOUS relationship with me but the way the Virgo man normally act is make me think he don’t and yes i am Gemini and i over-think everything -_- that the only think i do not like about my zodiac sign.

    • It’s okay to over-think, but remember to take breaks sometimes and relax. Put aside the concerns for a short period (like a day or two), observe things for what they are, go with the flow, then come back to reflect on how things are going and repeat the process. This might help. I’m the type to over-think too. Lol.

      Anyway, I’m also a Gemini and my first and current boyfriend is a Virgo. In the beginning he was never the type to text very much. He only ever sent short responses like “Yes”, “No”, “Idk”, “Okay”, etc. It frustrated me so much that I was about to go out of my mind. xD But what you ultimately would need to do is to get your guy to open up. Some say that you can’t get people to open up to you unless you open yourself up to them first. It’s probably not safe to do that with random strangers, lol, but this is someone that you’re in a relationship with. If you want this relationship to go further, take initiative and pay attention to him. Show him that you want to get involved in his life and would like to know what he truly thinks about the relationship. If you warm up to him and treat him well, chances are he’ll eventually come around to feel the same, although it might take some time for “cold, distant” Virgos to reciprocate a Gemini’s bursts of energy. It’s tempting to just leave things as they are while thinking endlessly on the situation, but you should change up the way you go about the problem sometimes. You’ll be able to see it from a different angle and understand something you haven’t really been able to grasp just by thinking.

      This is probably just because I’m a mischievous Gemini but I used to “spam” my Virgo guy’s inbox a lot with text messages expressing my day, asking about his, asking many other questions, and coming up with random topics to talk about. A competent person shouldn’t have problems playing around with conceptual thoughts, especially Geminis or Virgos, so I thought “Why not give him things to think about? That way when he thinks over something, we can come back later and still have things to talk about.”

      Eventually, we’ve become a very close couple and now we can pretty much talk about anything with little to no embarrassment, shyness, feelings of insecurity, etc. towards each other. In the beginning, my Virgo didn’t know what to do in a relationship. Well, it was more as if he was unaware that I needed more support as a partner from him as well as the fact that I’m here to support him in anything he needs. Once you cross that barrier, it’ll become easier to communicate, no matter who it is.

      (P.S. I just noticed your msg was posted 3 years ago, so whether you’ve made progress in this relationship or moved on to another relationship, I wish you the best of luck in finding a promising long-term relationship.)

      – Liviana

  18. I need a help coz ever since two years i am dating a Virgo man. In the beginning he was very loving and caring but now he acts different..totally to what he was ..can any 1 suggest me how to get him bk the way he was with me

    • Then something must be bothering him, or maybe u indirectly hurt him without knowing, probably something u did or said. On the outside virgos might be unemotional, but are very sensitive on the inside. Just call his notice to ur latest observations and see what happens. Virgos like direct confrontations. Goodluck. Frm virgo boi (frm west africa-Nigeria)… πŸ™‚

  19. I’m currently dating a Virgo man. It was like something great at first sight. He saw me one time & wanted to talk to me, but couldn’t. (he was in a car driving, i was walking lol) the second time the Virgo saw me , he damn near wrecked his car to get my attention. I was beyond flattered. He has taken me to places I never thought I would see. He opens up to me . I do agree that Virgos are quite but once you kinda get them to talk & engage in conversation, its worth the extra effort (: he is a gentleman, and respects me. The Virgo makes me feel comfortable & I’m slowly but surely starting to trust him since its hard for a Gemini woman to let her guard down sometimes. All in all, take things slow with a Virgo man. They fall quickly when they feel they’ve found someone worth their time. Do not hurt a Virgo man , when they love, they love hard. (:

  20. I am a Gemini woman. I met my Virgo man and once I laid eyes on him he was mine. Five months into our relationship we were engaged. The man swept me up off my feet. He done things I never thought I would ever get to see. At that time we were young and he constantly cheated, me being me kept taking him back. My attitude wasn’t as flighty because I knew what I wanted and who I wanted it with. At the Gemini and Virgo relationship last for 6 years.

  21. I’m a Gemini woman w. a Virgo man. Wen we first met it was a connection instantly. We bump heads but that’s what relationships are all about. He may be a lil jealous which drives me wild but he’s the best thing that’s happened in my life and i love him. not all Virgos are the same. Love – Gemini’s finest

  22. Figured I’d comment from a Geminis perspective in dealing with a Virgo guy. At first, wasn’t really attracted to him. Blew him off and ignored him many times, (which I’ve noticed makes the Virgo guy attracted more to a person? Or makes them try harder it seems) anyways, when I finally had a full conversation with him was blown away. Instant connection. He made me laugh, and honestly gave me butterflies. I started having strong feelings towards him, but right when that happened he pulled “not ready for a relationship” but yet he still makes sure he’s in contact with me, one way or another. So, Gemini can be very flirty, and hard to pin down, this I know, but Virgo is also very good at playing head games, knows what to say and when to say it to get a reaction out of you, etc. Honestly I thought this relationship would go far, but after all the head games and what I thought were signals, which turned out to be just dead ends, it’s just too much of a headache to deal with. Virgos are frustrating!
    Gemini female.

    • I totally have to agree with you. Was in some sort of relationship (still not exactly sure what it was – more than sex, less than a relationship – friends for sure – truly connected) with a Virgo man for about 3-4 months. Was really intense to begin with. The Virgo man couldn’t wait to see me then seems like he’d draw back. Was in constant contact with me but never wanted ‘to label our relationship’. Was definitely not monogamous. But the head games. He’d say he loved me (and I’m sure in his own way he did) but like you mentioned, the head games were just too much for me to handle. I’m a mature Gemini woman and know what I want and what I need and can/can’t handle. That Virgo man was sexual dynamite and his mind brilliant but his faithfulness and stability was zilch. Too much drama for me. Just had to end that mess and move on.

  23. My Gemini woman was definitely controlled by the two twins. She basically had two personalities living inside her head. One day she was the sweetest most fantastic woman you could imagine, and the very next day she turned into this crazy psycho. As a Virgo male I prefer some kind of stability in a person. Even in the bedroom she was like that too. One night red hot sex, the next night not even a kiss goodnight, if you know what I mean. A Virgo man and a Gemini woman might not make a love match after all. I give this relationship 2 stars.

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