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Compatibility Leo and Aries

Compatibility Leo The Aries man and Leo woman make a great love match and are very compatible. They are both fire signs and have dominant personalities. The need to compete and winning is prevalent in both signs. The Leo woman are easily capable of dominating the Aries man. In the Leo’s arms, the Aries will yield for the most part but will still desire control and to lead the relationship. Keeping him from becoming bored and feeling suffocated when she needs more from the relationship can be difficult but not impossible with this pair. They both hate to lose just as much as the other, and this applies to their love and sex relationships as well.

Compatibility Aries Contributing equally to the relationship neither sex will be bored except when it comes to the Leo’s need for attention. Leo’s craving for petting and cuddling can smother the Aries man causing him to look elsewhere for attention that is not so clingy. When it comes to arguing the Leo will always win unless she chooses to stop the argument before then. Learning to do so is a vital part of maintaining an equal relationship between the two, especially when it comes to love and sex.

Aries and Leo are a great love match for each other and can both be very satisfied with the relationship in most circumstances. Independent control, dominance, excitement, and extroversion are all qualities that both hold. It is very easy for the two to find things in common in love and life. This astrological combination works well together and finds enjoyment in each others company especially in the bedroom. Life with these two will never be boring and will always be adventuresome. Dating comes easily between these two and they enjoy spending time together.

19 thoughts on “Compatibility Leo and Aries

  1. I’m an unhappy married Aries male. There are some special reasons that I cannot get divorced. But one day it will happen. Just not now. I am not a cheater but I deeply need love. Recently I met a lovely Leo woman at an online dating platform. We had a great, long conversation. I haven’t had such a good conversation for ages. And we have many common things. She’s on a business travel now and I miss her so much. I know it sounds crazy but this is how I feel. We talked about dating one day. I am 100% sure, when we meet, there will be fire and we’ll want to be more and more close to each other. She’s so precious. I deeply care about her. And don’t want to hurt her. She’s someone that I want to keep whole my life. I love and care about her so much, so deeply, even at the risk/cost of loosing her. Because I am planning to tell her the truth, that I am married. It’s so hard for me. Even now.. when writing these.. my heart pains. First, I thought to tell her truth after we get intimate. Because I want her to experience me, my love and passion. Then maybe she’d accept my situation because she will fall for me. But this is selfish, right? Should I tell her the truth after or during our casual date? Because if I tell now, I mean from online platorm, there’s a possibility that she might not want to date me and would not talk to me anymore. I want to see her, look into her eyes, hear her voice, feel her smell, talk to face to face at least once in my life. That’s why I want to tell the truth after our date. I am sure we are meant for each other. I don’t want to loose her. I want to be friends and stay friends till the day I get divorced. And even ready to see or hear that she’s dating other men because she has a life. Just want to keep in touch with her. Love her so much..

    • Thats so unfair and unfortunate for the women involved. Im a single leo woman dating an aires man who I met online. I would be so disappointed in my friend if i found out he deceived me like this. You should be honest & give her a choice in this situation at least.

      Furthermore, as an online dating single you need to be up front on your dating page and say that your’re married. You have to give people a choice to be in an adultours affair. You are correct when you identify your behavior as selfish.

  2. I agree with this post 100%. My Aries man and I were friends for 4 years before we started dating and at first it felt awkward when we started becoming romantically involved because I didn’t think of him as a potential mate. One night we became frisky and the sexual chemistry was so FIRE …. We became addicted to one another … We’ve been through so much as that was 2 years ago. We broke up for 6 months but we were so miserable without one another we got back together and he proposed to me! He told me I am his queen and he can not be with anyone else. Of course a lioness like myself likes to hear things like this but would much rather see for herself …. Well the giant ring and his actions have validated everything he has told me. I love my Aries man and we are perfect for each other!!!!

    • That is so SO VARY COOL!! I too am Leo w/ Aries man. We’ve been together just over a year now, but WOW what a rollercoaster ride!! Putting it mildly, BUT MY GAWD, IVKNOW I WOULDN’T HAVE DONE IT W ANYBODY else, for anybody else. . .an yes, THE BEDROOM IS OFF THE SCALES, HOLY CV WOW

  3. I have to agree with this post. Although, my Aries man and I are no longer together, we struggle more being apart then we did while we were together. Us Leo women are truly always needing a little extra love and attention, we will also go to the extreme to get it at times. Long story short, I have never loved a man like I love this Aries man. The key to happiness in this relationship is being friends first.

  4. I’m an Aries male with a Leo woman…I have had my share of Leo women and they either were over demanding shysters or just plain psycho not to mention selfish liars so I never cared for a relationship with one…until I met the one..known of her for years since teenagers..we finally became official a few months ago and I love it..I would do anything in the world for her..she’s so beautiful bright brown eyes independent carries herself like a lioness goddess type..loves kids extremely fun social like me cool laid back I’m more raunchier than her but she loves it. We respect each other and the sex of course I’m an Aries she’s a Leo so nuff said lol….passionate effectionate etc…funny because neither of us planned on being in no kind of relationship but our energy is insane…can’t deny how you feel ..and I have no problem being faithful to the one that’s for me and I feel that’s her…we have had arguments about things I don’t like how certain stories of hers don’t add up but in the end who cares..we right back at it making up cracking jokes awesome sex etc.. I don’t care about her flaws because she is more good than bad…glad we found each other

  5. Never Ever Ever Ever had such a connection on so many levels.Mentally,emotionally and Omg……Sexually! He is a dupery sexy Aries man and I’m a fiery Leo woman.He appreciates instead of resents my strong personality.I can relax and feel proud to be myself.I enjoy his intelligence his athletic abilities and his masculine chivalry. I have always wanted someone strong enough to trust,and I found it here.Soulmates!Undeniably!There is truth to this Aries man/Leo woman chemistry!!!! Never have I been so excited to be in a relationship in Everyway!!!!!

  6. I’m in a new relationship with an Aries man, I’m a Leo. Right away we had physical chemistry and the sex is really good. He is loyal and makes a good boyfriend. He treats me well and I don’t doubt or question if he likes me or not, he’s pretty genuine and makes it clear that what you see is what you get. As a Leo woman who values loyalty above most things, its comforting to know he wouldn’t cheat even if he flirts. He has a great personality and is definitely the most manly compared to other signs I’ve been with. I’m still getting to know him but even if we don’t work out I would consider dating another Aries again. Its overall a compatible couple but he does drink and smoke more than I would like him to and I’m worried since he may be stubborn in his ways that this will be a deal breaker overtime. Only time will tell so I’m enjoying my Aries man right now.

  7. Hi there!! I’m a Leo woman, who just end up a relationship with her beloved Aries( my sweet little ram) even though we’re not together anymore we had a great connection, and a great love in our relationship!! I feel like I never, loved this way before, cause I loved this men in all different ways!! With all my heart!! The problem with these fire signs is they’re both very intense, passionate, and impulsive, and when the things are good , everything is GREAT!! But when things get bad, believe me they can be very UGLY!! Cause Aries are very straightforward, and blunt, and t always speak their mind!! This men is my forever love!! And I’m going to respect that he decided to end up our relationship this time!! Cause I.know we’re going to get older together!!! Beautiful day to everyone!! And my last advice for all lioness!! Give space to your Ram!! They always come back if they REALLY are in love!!!

  8. I am a Leo woman and my last relationship was with an Aries man , for 7 years. I must say, it was an instant connection… the sex was always great…and seemed to be the key to our relationship…we got along great, talked about everything…and arguments would blow up really bad but the make sex was always the glue…. Aries men, do not show or wear their heart on their sleeves…but are very jealous once the focus is not on them…Aries men are very bold and impulsive and unpredictable at times…but for the most part..this is a good match…bcuz Leo women and Aries men share a bond like no other and can become an addictive relationship….. however some Aries men will run when committing is an ultimatum…and trust …it will be hard to rid of an Aries man , Leo ladies…


      • I am an Aries man seeing Leo woman for four year what turns me on is her strong personality, that’s sexy and she is my soul mate it’s like we were born for each other, as an example we think like each other sometime she says something and i say same think at the same time, i told her “are you a mind reader” which is amassing and physically very attractive too got humanitarian, compassionate, passionate and sunny side personality as well, sex with the Leo woman is super good, on the less positive side she is married and lies which I don’t mind got more positive side then negative.
        My birth is on April 3 1963, hers August 9 1975 .

  9. I am a Leo dating a Capricorn, gosh! Its awkward don’t understand him, like he is THE worst partner ever, like would there be any astrological sign that could really understand them?

  10. I’m a Leo woman with a Aries man. I find that he is controlling and jealous. Same qualities of a Leo. But we match great. Just sometimes to much of the same things. Can cause friction but gets worked out.

  11. I’m an Aries man and my girl is a Leo and I agree the two signs get along very well..very magnetic attraction to each other…she’s so much like me sometimes, and that makes it easy to talk to her because she’s sweet and understanding underneath the bad-girl image she has..the Leo is like the leader of her pack kinda girl so all her friends love her and love being around her…and did I mention the Leo girl is very beautiful…takes very long time getting dressed sometimes because she has to look perfect..but that’s ok with me only because I know the Leo girl wants to look her best anywhere she goes…we’ve been friends 8yrs and have only been dating 1 month but I just know that this Leo girl is the one for me..I just want everything to fall into place in its on perfect timing because if the Leo girl is gonna be mine forever then there’s no need to rush or pressure our relationship

    • Why does it take you guys so long to pull the trigger? We’ve been friends, soul mates for almost 4 years. I’m involved with my third Aries but this one is very different. I’m in love with him. The others couldn’t satisfy me in many areas. Actually they bored me. But this one has blown my mind. And that’s very hard to do. If he doesn’t settle in and close the deal soon I’m moving on. What do you think. By the way we have not consummated the relationship just keep breathing hard and saying we want it but…

  12. I am a Leo woman and that’s true, we are ” high maintenance ” women, my partner is an Aries, the impulsive, dominant, and passionate ram, I can tell that I never had such a great relationship like this before!!! Both fires it’s true but, they’re both so communicative, and we’re great friends, this is what I think works between us: we are very honest, loyal, open to communicate, and we trust each other! Leo’s and Aries are so alike!! They are very sociable, friendly, and flirty people with high confidence on themselves! So fancy and very sexy, and very faithful indeed!!! What else do we need? we are each other with the best!!! Beautiful day to everyone!!! Araanza

  13. Me and my husband are the perfect example for a Leo and Aries relationship. I am a Leo woman and he’s an Aries man. We complement each other in so many ways and we get along great most of the time. As a Leo female I am aware of my “high maintenance” personality and my Aries male is able to handle it perfectly. We do argue, however, we mostly argue in a constructive way. The Aries man does not hold back and speaks his mind, which helps me, the Leo woman; to understand him better and prevent misunderstandings. We have been in a relationship now for almost 11 years and we haven’t gotten bored on each other so far, our sex life is still functioning very well and I certainly believe it will stay that way for a long time to come. Leo and Aries are very compatible signs, especially a Leo female and an Aries male have the potential to make a great love match. Compatibility Rating 5 Stars

    • That’s good to hear. Did you guys ever have trouble trusting each other? I’m a Leo woman and my boyfriend is a Aries man. We’ve only been together six months. I just wonder would trust build eventually…

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