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Compatibility Leo and Libra

Compatibility Leo The Leo woman has a regal quality about her. She loves to be the center of attention, loves to socialize, and is happiest when others are showering her with attention. She thrives in the limelight and is easy to be around. The Leo woman is also funny, smart, and sometimes a little on the lazy side. The Libra man is one who likes sophisticated things, he loves to control the situation, and he is a very analytical person. Libra loves to take situations and conversations apart to figure out their meanings. The Libra is very giving and has a stable personality and lifestyle. Libra does not like to make decisions and is good at getting others to do this for him or her.

Compatibility Libra The combination between Leo female and Libra male works quite well. Leo and Libra will make great conversations together, never boring or tiring while listening to the other. They both stimulate each other intellectually, fulfilling a deep down need for recognition on part of the Leo. In the bedroom, they are truly dynamic. Libra will shower Leo with the attention and doting that she craves and she will give him the appreciation and credit he feels he deserves from his Leo lioness.
The combination of a Libra woman and Leo man man works even better. The confident strength of the Leo makes the Libra feel protected, and the hesitant Libra woman will protect her Leo man from injudicious decisions.

They will teach each other new ways to explore sexually and their physical attributes usually complement the others good points. Each gives the other the attention, pleasure, and acknowledgment that they are looking for making this a lasting love match when it works. The fact that both signs were born for love and marriage only accentuates their romantic relationships. These two signs are very compatible and make a great love match.

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