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Dragon and Horse

Dragon and Horse – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility dragon Now here are two Chinese zodiac signs that love to have fun together. The Dragon and the Horse are comical and lively when they are out on a date. Everyone likes to be around them because they are just fun.

The Dragon woman is naturally life-loving and carefree. The Horse man is very talkative and clever. He is great at coming up with jokes and remarks on the fly. The Dragon man is the center of attention when he is around so everyone naturally follows him. The Horse woman is always talking everyone’s head off so the room knows how much fun she can be. Watching this relationship blossom is always enjoyable. Chinese horoscopes say that these two will never have a boring life.

Chinese Compatibility Horse When going out on a date the Dragon and the Horse can be seen at any social event, public sport, or political event in town. They love a party and will look for reasons to go out. They attend movies, theater, concerts, go to amusement parks, and look for fun and romantic places to explore together. In the bedroom, they still keep having fun. Sex for the Dragon and the Horse is exciting and explosive. Fireworks go off every time they are together. Physical competitions during sex are not uncommon with these two either.

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8 thoughts on “Dragon and Horse

  1. I’m a female horse and I’ve been with my Dragon male off and on since I was 15. There is no other. We argue, and sometimes its not easy, but almost 11 years later I couldn’t see myself doing it with anyone but him. The key is compromising. You have to really want to be with one another to make this work. I hated him prior to knowing him. I would see him walk around the school head held high and egotistic. The very first time we were introduced there was an obvious attraction. But from where? I hated him. His charm pissed me off, but maybe the hate was an underlying need to get to know more about him. The same day we met we stayed up late, up until the next day just talking. Admiring one another, disagreeing about any and everything and being ok with it. We woke up feeling like the hours we stayed up prior to was a dream. Everyone around us saw it, including our families.People approved of us being together like we were written in the stars. He was my first boyfriend, my first date, and now my first and last husband. As a horse female I love the attention he gets as well, because at the end of the day he’s coming home to me 🙂 Growing together, actually sticking through to the end will only make you guys stronger and unbreakable!
    The Mrs.

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  2. I am female Horse and my ex was a dragon and I agree with what the others said the, it was love at first sight , but sadly we dont agree on so many aspects and we always argue… we love each other but the constant fights are just too much its exhausting.. then he becomes overbearing and so hard to relate with finally we ended our relationship… it was a brutal break up on my part … now Im dating a dragon again i hope this will work

  3. It is truth! I’m a dragon female and my ex-boyfriend a male horse.Its been 3yrs since we met the first time at work.Ever since we met we feel this connection to one and the other (like a magnet).We been such great friends and then we started dating .But I have one problem I don’t like stable relationships and neither he did but I think we were both off being friends instead.
    A year ago I relocated to a different state.Stopped talking to him a whole entire year but all that time I never stopped thinking of him.i dated too many men but didn’t feel the
    Same way I did with him.Now after a whole entire year later we start talking to each other.He’s dating another girl but we still feel that same feelings as we did before.I missed him so much wish could date him again.

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  4. I met this Horse man reluctantly after one of my “admirers” (his mom) suggested we meet. In the first moment we looked at each other there was a pause and a smile. Almost as if to say welcome home. Music is the string that ties us together. We spend many hours playing music for and to each other. I have never met a man like this before. At first he just wanted me to accompany his audition piece but he has been so enthralled with my playing he decided to fill out an application for me to attend the same school! I don’t know what will come of this. All I know is he has captured my attention utterly. He is patience and gentle with me. He always makes me feel supported and makes me laugh. He is just a delight to be around. I get a warm feeling when he comes close to me. I hope that I can continue to be a part of his life. <3

  5. I am a Dragon female, and recently met a Horse male. The instant attraction was like I’ve never experienced before. I can’t even say that it was fully physical. It was just magnetic. Like I am drawn to the Horse male. He just “gets me”. Even though I really don’t know this Horse man that well, I feel like I’ve known him for years, like my soul knows him. Hard to explain…. I don’t know what will come of it, but hopefully something wonderful. I’ve never felt this way about anyone else before. It is strange, and beautiful, and calming… 🙂

  6. My girlfriend and I are same sex couple. We are both female. She is a Horse and I am a Dragon. She is 23 and I am 25. When we first met, there was a high physical attraction. We both have the same values. We both can agree to disagree and continue on disagreeing. Sometimes It can cause us to not talk to each other. But usually that’s me. I sometimes need a little space to cool. She’s a very spontaneous person and I am the opposite of that. I like things planned. I do enjoy surprises but I don’t live my everyday like a surprise. She in the other hand loves go by the day. So sometimes this can be a problem in making a final decision. We have a lot of differences yet It is true what this said above. It is never boring. She is very interesting to me. HAHA. I don’t just say that because of physical attraction or sexual chemistry. Everything is there, its just, she is interesting in her whole nature. I look at her as a whole person. So, I can say she is very very rare, unique, she can be discreet, and very very good at it. And she can be wild in a second and you would just be shocked and start to feel jumpy in a little bit. So her energy is very dragging. hahaha. Sometimes I feel like if I continue to ride on her i’ll eventually fall. I don’t mean that in sex. I mean that in life, in relationship, in communicating, in everything just not pertaining to sex. To me I don’t feel that I would have any success with any other sign if NOT a horse. For some odd reason, my rat friends and monkey friends and dragon friends ; I can’t see a future with. But with a horse…I have always seen a future. Only her ofcourse. We do tend to argue with our pride and ego’s. but, i have studied and always been cautious of when to give and take. So, mainly we both are fond of adjusting ourselves to each other. We adjust. We make it work. Only because we know between ourselves that we are the best couple that we can ever get. To me that is how I feel. This is our 3rd year together.

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  7. As a Dragon woman being with a Horse man for over 10 years now I have to say this is the perfect relationship for me. We are still having fun together like on our first date, our sexual life is still very good, maybe not as often as in the beginning, but I’m still very satisfied with our bedroom activities. The Horse man is funny and entertaining, optimistic, and always cheers me up when I’m in a not so good mood. Arguments are very rare, and if we do argue we usually make up pretty quick. We are both not very resentful people. It’s very true what it says above, the Dragon female is life loving and carefree, and my Horse man supports me fully with my free life style. He lets me do whatever I want and supports me with it. Dragon and Horse are made for each other! 5 stars

    Rating: 5

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