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Dragon and Pig

Dragon and Pig – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility dragon The relationship between the Chinese astrology signs Dragon and Pig have a long road to haul if they want to pursue a lasting relationship.

The Dragon is very bold and brash. The male Dragon will always take the lead. A female Pig will be honest and speak her mind. This can anger the Dragon right away but he will like the fact that she is at least being honest with him. The female Dragon is a perfectionist and does not like to ruin anything; the male pigs’ tendency to be impulsive is very hard for the Dragon to deal with. The Pig will have to learn to communicate with the Dragon in order to make any headway in a relationship.
This is not an easy task for the Pig and the Dragon will have to be a little more patient.

Chinese Compatibility Pig When dating, the Dragon and the Pig look like a good couple but they hide their problems well. The Pig is very apt to curse at the Dragon at home and may even throw things as well. This does not sit well with the Dragon and they can only take so much verbal abuse. The Pig is quick to forgive but sometimes the damage may already be too severe to overcome. In the bedroom, they have a normal sex life that is not the mushy romantic type or the steamy, fireworks after sex either.

Rating: 3

3 thoughts on “Dragon and Pig

  1. Stupid and untrue. I’m a female pig and meet many dragons and get on VERY well with them. I’m deeply in love with a dragon and he with me – there is serious emotion, laughter and mushy as well as very intimate emotional and physical moments. Sec is intense and on fire and especially emotional and unique. He leads. I submit. I shower him with praise and he supports me endlessly, devoting all his free time to me and I fixing all. We have had one argument in 7 months. I conceded and he did too and rather quickly.

    This man has a courageously fiercely kind heart and my compassion for him and his us endless.

    This report is foolish and untrue, and obviously not written from an unbiased view.

    • i agree with you marina.. been with a dragon man and we rarely fight with each other and when it comes to s it surely is magical..

  2. As a typical female Chinese dragon I like to take the lead in a relationship. My Pig ex-boyfriend was definitely not a leader type personality but he wanted to take the lead anyway. So I let him think that he’s the one who’s making the decisions and not me, but in reality it was usually the Dragon female who decided what to do. The Pig man seemed a little week and undependable. In the bedroom things worked out pretty well, especially in the beginning of our relationship. Although the Pig man was not a very sexual person, sex was still good. Overall, I would say that there wasn’t enough attraction between the two of us which eventually just ended the relationship. The Dragon and the Pig need to really work on their relationship if they want it to work, if both Chinese signs don’t want it bad enough the relationship is probably not going to work out. From my experience I would rate this compatibility with 3 stars. It’s all up to the Dragon and the Pig.

    Rating: 3

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