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Dragon and Rat

Dragon and Rat – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Dragon The combination between the Chinese zodiac signs Rat and the Dragon is a good love match. The two are not perfectly suited for each other but with a lot of patience and better communication the two can make a match for life.

The Rat woman is one who prefers very clean and well manicured men. The Rat spends hours on her appearance and believes that her mate should as well. The Dragon man is not one for letting someone else tell him what to do. The Dragon does what he wants, when he wants to. This can create some animosity between the two when dating until they have learned to accept each others natural differences.

Chinese Compatibility Rat The Rat man is tender and kind to his fiery Dragon counterpart. He is very happy to stay in the shadows and let his woman blossom in all the glory and limelight. The Rat man is not the social type so being behind the scenes suits him well and this relationship is a better match than Rat woman and Dragon man. Chinese horoscopes predict that this pair has a great average of surviving and making a lasting relationship.

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