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Monkey and Rat

Monkey and Rat – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Monkey The Chinese say that the Rat and Monkey zodiac signs are a very lively pair.

The Rat man is very quiet and will play into his Monkey woman’s antics. She will draw him into the limelight and share the attention with him. The Rat woman is apt to be the instigator in a relationship with a Monkey man. These two zodiac signs will liven up any party they attend. Rat and Monkey are accustomed to being the couple everyone adores and wants to be like. Although they get along very well, there are some differences between the two that need to be worked out in a lasting relationship. When dating, everything is carefree and simple; but when becoming a love match or marrying, the relationship between the Rat and the Monkey can get difficult.

Chinese Compatibility Rat The sexual relationship between the Rat and Monkey combination will be exciting and breathless, predicts Chinese horoscopes. These two are creative and clever. Playtime is all the time. The Monkey will lead the Rat into many sexual escapades and the Rat will follow and submit willingly. Hours and hours of sexual exploration is common between these two Chinese signs and nothing is taboo in their love and sex relationship. The Rat and the Monkey are very likely to get kinky in the bedroom on a regular basis.

4 thoughts on “Monkey and Rat

  1. Yeah.. I’m a monkey.. I had my rat man. A very aggressive type. We enjoy much about sex .. We explore more things new but in his attitude sometimes we srewed.. We are not in good terms. 3rd party involved!! But things to be patch up soon. Hoping he will be OK. I miss my rat man.. Nice partner to be…

  2. Totally agree with the above two comments, I am a monkey, and met my rat man on only a few months ago, he has turned my life upside down, we are so close and very together, we think the same and like doing the same things, its really exciting, I have never met anyone like him before, long may it continue, watch this space!!

  3. I’m a monkey and I’ve been with my rat for about 9 months now and I love him deeply. We are so similar it’s a little eerie, which means we can both be ourselves. He was still secretive early on and I convinced him that he’d never meet a more nonjudgmental person like me and opened up to him and now we’re each other’s best friend. We’re both so full of energy and we both love new things. He’s smarter than he allows other people to know so it’s fun for me to watch him mess around with people. Finally, we’re both devious and clever so there’s rarely a situation that we can’t get of or create.

    • I could have written the above comment myself. I adore my rat man. He’s fun, fun, and more fun and I love when he schemes new things up. A very entertaining a wonderful partner for me. He never bores me.

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