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Rabbit and Tiger

Rabbit and Tiger – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Rabbit The Tiger and Rabbit combination in Chinese astrology is an iffy love match. These two are so different that they can either complement each other well or it will wreck the entire relationship.
The Tiger man is very bold and brash. This can upset the timid and gentle Rabbit woman. She is very shy and prefers to stay at home a lot. The Tiger woman is a social creature of habit. She has to be around friends and in the spotlight. This is not the place for the Rabbit man. If these two are to work out, communication and acceptance is a huge thing for the both of them.

Chinese Compatibility Tiger When going on a date the first time, the Tiger and Rabbit will notice their differences immediately. These two work best as friends at first, if they are compatible and work hard enough, love may find a way for them to work things out. Sexually, there are no problems. The Rabbit is soft and tender to the Tiger man, which settles his bold personality a bit. He is very hard to keep pinned down though. Tigers are ones who roam and do not stay loyal. This may be too difficult for the Rabbit to deal with. Only time will tell with these two signs of the Chinese zodiac.

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