Rat – Personality and Characteristics

Personality and Characteristics of the 12 Chinese Astrology Signs – Rat:

Personality and Characteristics of the Rat

The Rat -ιΌ 

Individuals who are born under the sign of the Rat show traits of aggressive behavior and outward charm. They are usually quite social people, and while they are known to have many acquaintances, very few friends are truly considered close. Once you have entered the Rat’s inner ring of closeness, you will be treated as if you are family. Although the Rat may seem quite verbal and may talk openly, they actually have a tendency to withhold personal and confidential information. This is generally because Rats tend to keep their problems to themselves and choose to handle problems on their own.

Generally, the Rat is a hardworking and honest individual, focused on earning success in their lives and refusing to accept anything less than perfection. In this regard, the Rat can be very difficult to work with. Chinese Rat signs are known to be perfectionists and work much harder to accomplish their goals than most individuals.

The Female Rat

Women who are born under the sign of the Rat are often less romantic than others. What may be missing in romance is more than made up for in passion however. The female Rat is terrified of being alone, amplifying the Rat’s traditional need for social connections. The Rat woman seeks a strong intimate connection in a relationship and finds those of less substance to be meaningless.

The Chinese Rat woman may appear to be calm and all accepting on the outside, yet the Rat is known to calculate every input she receives before acting upon it. The female Rat is a shrewd businesswoman and uses her quick wit to find bargains and negotiate deals in her favor. Likewise, in social engagements she amplifies her outgoing personality, allowing her quickly to become the life of the party. The Rat woman is a remarkable hostess and finds herself popular not only among men, but also with members of her own sex.

The Male Rat

Men born under the Chinese astrology sign of the Rat are risk takers. They flourish in high-pressure situations and prefer high profile employment, but only if it furthers their opportunities for personal gain. Rat men delight in collecting the finer things in life and will often show off their acquired treasures to friends, family and guests alike.

Women interested in the Rat will be drawn to the gifts he will lavish upon them. There is no end to his generosity to those he holds close, few as they are. While the male Rat may control his finances tightly in business, he is much more likely to spend his fortune completely on the attention of a lover. For this reason, it is important for the Rat man to be on his guard among less than honest mates.

Like the general personality of the Rat, a man or boy of this symbol tend to have very few close friends. Most of their social network usually revolves around business relationships. The Ra man is known to mix pleasure with business and is often seen at clubs and parties. He is a great listener yet is never at a loss for words. This mix of traits allows the him to be an excellent conversationalist and assists the Rat in avoiding embarrassing situations with ease. His quick wit and clever mind allow him to be relevant in any situation.