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Rooster and Dog

Rooster and Dog – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Rooster The combination between these two Chinese zodiac signs, the Rooster and the Dog, are not a very good match. The Rooster woman is very independent and smart. She likes to talk a lot and this bothers the Dog man. The male Dog is a leader; he is very stubborn and good with his hands. The male Rooster is one who is very outspoken and energetic. He is clever and can think on his feet quite easily. The female Dog is courageous and loyal to her mate. She is a faithful friend and lover who cannot deal with the Roosters’ tendency to always be the one in the right.

Chinese Compatibility Dog The Rooster and the Dog can be found on a date visiting historical ruins, hiking, or taking in a movie. They are not unhappy people but are very unhappy together. This shows up before the two enter into a sexual relationship but that does not always matter.

The sex between these two Chinese signs is not beautiful but it does serve their physical needs. The Dog is very cold emotionally and the Rooster is emotional under the surface. The feelings that each has during sex will only come between them because they cannot see each others point of view on things. Chinese horoscopes recommend that the Rooster and the Dog stay friends if they can and do not enter into a romantic relationship together.

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