Rooster and Dragon

Rooster and Dragon – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Rooster The combination between the Chinese astrological signs Dragon and Rooster is a beautiful love match.

The Dragon man loves the fact that the Rooster woman is honest and open with him. He appreciates her candidness and friendship tremendously. The Rooster woman is independent and quick to think. She has no need to rely on the Dragon and he likes this about her too. The Dragon woman is a bit egotistical and can tend to be a perfectionist. The Rooster man is hot tempered but very smart. He can talk his way right out of hot water.

Chinese Compatibility dragon One can find the Dragon and the Rooster strutting around town together bouncing from club to club, dancing, drinking with friends, having dinner parties, or going to the beach together. They spark each others’ interest right away and sex happens usually soon after meeting. During sex, the Dragon and the Rooster spend hours finding ways to explore and touch each other. They are not opposed to kinky or taboo ideas and find many different ways to express sexual fantasies with each other. This is important because the Rooster has a bad tendency to get bored fast. The Dragon has that covered very easily.