Rooster and Ox

Rooster and Ox – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Rooster The relationship between these two Chinese zodiac signs the Ox and the Rooster is a good love match. Although these two are not perfect for each other, they do not need to be. The Ox and the Rooster both have trouble communicating and are honest people. Learning how to talk to each other is a key part of this relationship. Starting with the first date, the Ox and the Rooster need to learn to talk to each other and get their feelings across right away to make a lasting relationship.

Chinese Compatibility Ox The Rooster man looses interest fast so it is important for the Ox woman to learn how to come up with ways to peak his curiosity.
The Ox woman loves to spend time alone with her mate; she likes the simple things in life. A good home, happy kids and loving husband are what she wants. The Rooster man can give her these things if she finds a way to stroke his ego a little. He tends to think that he is always right. She can tame him through sex.

The Ox woman though simple in nature is very tender and this pleases the rooster. He loves to have his body caressed and they will spend hours cuddling together on cold, dark nights. Showing him her sensitive, love making side will melt the Roosters’ hard act every time.