Rooster and Rat

Rooster and Rat – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Rooster Chinese horoscopes say that the Rat-Rooster relationship is one that takes a lot of work, sometimes too much work. The Rat man is very quiet and shy. He tends to stay to himself and spends time with just a few close friends and family members. The Rooster woman is just the opposite. She is a very social creature at heart and cannot stop talking.

Chinese Compatibility Rat The Rat woman is very tidy and spends many hours cleaning and grooming. She expects her man to view cleanliness the same way that she does. This is boring for the male Rooster and he gets very tired of being nagged about cleaning up. He can get very emotional and go off on a tirade that confuses his Rat woman. She eventually grows accustomed to the Roosters’ rants and ravings and they too lose their effect on her feelings.

Sexually, Chinese astrology has shown the Rat and Rooster to be an amicable pair. They are not going to have an explosive and passionate sexual relationship that other zodiac signs might, but they will not have a boring sex life either. The Rat and the Rooster complement each other in the bedroom and teach each other ways to satisfy each others needs well.