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Rooster and Tiger

Rooster and Tiger – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Rooster The match between the Chinese zodiac signs the Tiger and the Rooster is a very hard match to solidify. The male Tiger is brave and outgoing. He is one who is used to getting his way. The female Rooster is set in her ways. She is used to sticking her foot in her mouth because she tends to think she is always right. This can put quite the wedge between the Tiger and the Rooster from the start of the relationship. The Tiger woman is used to being the center of attention and she will fight with the Rooster man to stay in the limelight. All hope is not lost between these two though.

Chinese Compatibility Tiger The Tiger is very interesting and even a bit stimulating to the Rooster. They are a lot alike with being bold and used to attention so they understand each other well. The hard part is for the Rooster to learn how to not be so emotional when it comes to compromising. Learning to give and take between these two Chinese signs is not easy but will be rewarding when they succeed.

In the bedroom, the Tiger and the Rooster are absolutely explosive. Fireworks and sirens ring when these two are together. The Tiger and Rooster are both very inventive and smart. They know what they want and how to please their lover. Many nights of passionate, physical lovemaking and exploring are in this pairs’ future if they can work past their faults.

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