Rooster – Personality and Characteristics

Personality and Characteristics of the 12 Chinese Astrology Signs – Rooster:

Personality and Characteristics of the Rooster

The Rooster -雞

Cautious and skeptical, the Rooster is the most observant sign on the Chinese Zodiac. They will carefully watch the world around them and make intelligent, well-informed decision with their observations. Some people even go so far as to say that those born under this sign have a ‘sixth sense’.

The Rooster loves to appear well dressed and put together on the outside, while remaining conservative, cool and collected on the inside. Roosters are social people and love to be showered with flattery and attention. They can spend long lengths of time looking at themselves in the mirror, perfecting their image for others.

The Rooster loves to entertain and rather than attend social gatherings and parties, you will often find them being the ones to throw them instead. Rooster signs are well known for their loyalty to those they hold close, and you can always take them at their word, as they are a very honest people.

The Female Rooster

The female Rooster is somewhat of a hunter in bed, a fact that many will find surprising. She loves to be skillful and use her talents to ensure her prey or partner never declines her charms. The Rooster woman views the act of sex as a challenge and appreciates the chase and sport in the play leading up to the final act.

The Rooster woman is extremely devoted to loved ones, be they friends or family. This same internal devotion can make them seemingly completely unsympathetic in times of emotional crisis, as they are too preoccupied with the well being of those close to them, giving little care to others.

While they may seem cold an uncaring the female Rooster is not a malicious being by any stretch of the imagination. She can be rather friendly and generous even with complete strangers. Rooster women are very truthful and feel uncomfortable around even the smallest of lies, let alone telling them.

While female Roosters are socialites and often seen in various social situations, they hold deep within themselves a secret passion. This secret passion does not lend itself well to expression. Understanding this secret and unlocking it is the key to bonding with a Rooster woman.

The Male Rooster

Known for his confidence and egoistical presence in the bedroom, the male Rooster is adept at seduction and lovemaking. He will have little to no problem finding partners in his escapades and will usually only concentrate his attention on the top contenders his lovers.

Male Roosters are highly adverse to monogamy and believe that they should experience all the opposite sex has to offer. If someone challenges this belief, he will often believe her to be inadequate and making excuses for herself.

The Rooster man will often let everyone around him know his own self-worth. He craves recognition and has no problem telling others what he has done to deserve it. Both entertaining and charming, the male Rooster will crave most of his attention from women, finding men a threat to his interests.