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Sheep and Monkey

Sheep (Goat) and Monkey – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Sheep or Goat The pairing of the Sheep and the Monkey in Chinese astrology is a decent love match. The Sheep woman is quiet and a little on the shy side. She stays at home and does not like to spend a lot of time socializing. The male Monkey lives in the spotlight and has plenty of fun doing it.

Chinese Compatibility Monkey The male Sheep is very soft-spoken and well-mannered. He treats his Monkey woman with all the respect she deserves. These two signs are not a perfect pair but they do make a good couple when in love.
Sheep spend a lot of time romancing their Monkey mates when all the Monkey really wants to do is play. Sheep are very weak and indecisive. They are often moody as well. Monkey men and women are selfish and egotistical. They think of themselves mostly. This can be hard to get past in their relationship and it does take a lot of dedication and patience to work.

Communication, good feedback, and plenty of biting tongues is needed. In the bed, they are explosive with back and forth displays of fantasy and tender touches. The sex may be the glue that holds these two together.

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