Sheep or Goat – Personality and Characteristics

Personality and Characteristics of the 12 Chinese Astrology Signs – Sheep or Goat:

Personality and Characteristics of the Sheep or Goat

The Goat -羊

Those born under the sign of the Goat are kind, loving people who are enjoyed by all. Goats are generally the most creative of all the signs of the Chinese zodiac and are heavily in tune with nature. Because of their charms, gentle mannerisms and warm hearts Goat signs are well loved by those they meet.

The Goat is an insecure person, often needing extra re-affirmations of love and security to feel protected. Goat signs are incredibly shy and will do anything to avoid confrontation, including refusing to stand up for personal beliefs if they go against the grain in a social conflict situation.

Goats are known to be dreamers and are often indecisive and disorganized. They are drawn to the mysterious side of life such as tarot and fortune reading. While clever, business is not a strong suit for the Goat and they will typically choose to migrate their talents to more artistic endeavors instead.

The Female Goat

The female Goat must have all things revolve around her. She is capable of extending her universe to her family, but is generally incapable of remaining objective in life. Anything that does not agree with her or her thoughts must immediately be removed from her life. This is not an aggressive action but one of necessity for the female Goat. The Goat woman only hopes that negatives will simple go away instead of having to deal with them directly.

The female Goat is the most romantic and loving all the women of the Chinese zodiac. Love is the blood that courses her through her veins and while she demands a great deal of attention from her lovers, the Goat woman is more than capable of returning that same attention. Any discord in the home is often met with concession, as she will easily rather agree than disagree.

The Goat woman may seem carefree and gullible at times. Because of this, she may be easily tricked by those less than honest. The female Goat’s need for being the center of attention will fuel a need for constant praise, but her naturally wonderful qualities should make that a non-issue.

The Male Goat

The Goat man is incapable of one night stands. For him, love is required for lovemaking. Any act of passion that is not met with some sort of emotional commitment from your partner will likely be met with rejection from the male Goat. In bed, the Goat man will neither be outstanding or lack-luster, but instead a faithful and loving companion that you can count on for a lifetime.

The Goat man is a complete and devoted family man. He makes a great parent but may be a bit heavy on the irresponsible side. Spouses may often regard the male Goat as an extra son instead of an equal parent at times. Kids however, love these characteristics. They will form a wonderful bond with the father.

All around, the Goat man is a loving, kind-hearted individual with a gentle soul and ending charisma that makes him a great friend, family member or lover.