Snake and Horse

Snake and Horse – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Snake The Snake and Horse couple in the Chinese zodiac is not an easy match to make. They can be a love match but this depends on how much they both want to put into the relationship.

The Snake woman is very smart and calm. She can be irritable a lot, though. The Horse man is keen and can see through a rouse easily. The Snake will never get anything over on him. The Snake man is usually wealthy and tends to overdo things at times. He may be a little strange as well. The Horse woman is a bit impatient and does not do well when finishing what she starts or when it comes to saving things.

Chinese Compatibility Horse The dating relationship between the Snake and the Horse can be fun but the two are just not compatible enough to make a lasting relationship without a lot of talking and listening to each others needs. When having sex, the Snake and the Horse are very good at pleasing the other and this is one way the two will stay together. Sexual fantasies, movies, games, and toys will be a part of their intimate relationship and may even help the communication process between the two. The Snake and the Horse can last a lifetime if they both want it bad enough.