Snake and Monkey

Snake and Monkey – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Snake While the Chinese zodiac signs Snake and Monkey do not seem a likely pair they are the real deal. The Snake and Monkey make a wonderful pair and will have a lasting relationship with their love match.

The Snake woman is very calm and very smart. She knows how to read people and is not fooled by outward approaches to act like someone else. The male Monkey is very athletic and loves to play around. He is likely to be on a sporting league or volunteer team. The male Snake is very perceptive as is the female Monkey; both see each other clearly and understand each other perfectly.

Chinese Compatibility Monkey From their first date, the Snake and the Monkey can see right away that they are going to have a lot of fun together. They may even feel like love at first sight. The Snake and Monkey can be found walking through a moonlit park, wading through ocean waves at sunset, or having a long picnic lunch in a garden. During sex, the Snake and the Monkey heat everything up. These two are a steamy pair. Hours of sensual touching, talking dirty to each other, role-playing, and lots of physical contact are a part of the every night agenda with these two.