Snake and Pig

Snake and Pig – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Snake Chinese horoscopes say that the Snake and Pig pair is not a very good love match. These two signs are so different that they cannot even attract each other that way.

The Snake man is one who is even-tempered and smart. He is also very perceptive. The Pig woman is honest but blunt and this can get her in trouble with the Snake. She sometimes talks without thinking and it angers the Snake man. The Snake woman is independent and wise; she usually has her own money as well. The Pig man is very trusting, naive, and loyal but it is not what the Snake is really looking for in a partner.

Chinese Compatibility Pig On the first date, the Snake and the Pig will realize that they are not good together. There really is no physical attraction between them and sex is usually out of the question. It is better if these two zodiac signs stay casual friends and look for love somewhere else. Entering into a relationship with each other will almost certainly break apart their friendship and the partnership. If these two zodiac do end up together it is not for very long and sex is usually just a fling between them and means little else.